Renegade Roundtable: Kyle, Nick, Chris, David (12-10-16)

This roundtable focuses on military psyops, “magical” attacks, ritual abuse, vampirism, Satanism, censorship, submission, politics, and many more important topics.

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Honestly though, what the fuck place have I been born into?… I often ask, if there wasn’t this fucking bullshit, what would there be?

(((They))) have studied us like rats in a maze. The Frankfurt school was nothing other than a method of analysing us and finding out what buttons to push. These kikes are from the incomprehensible depths. Our fault has been to bow down for whatever reason to these fuckers. Great show, another classic, some very point on topics.

It would be great to have a full house Yuletide Fireside roundtable. Really like to have CG live with everyone.

I am from Iceland and I want to donate. How do I do it. I am thinking 100$.

Just click on the hosts name, in the top left, and on each of their pages, there is a donation link below their name.

Benni the champion lifter?!!!

If you have the duel voices in your head depicted as a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other you got problems and a gateway into your mind.

You will feel 50lbs lighter and realize the real you is quite sure and instinctively able to act speak think etc without the demon in your voice playing in your mind.

Also there are covens that attack you through social media as you can feel the forces plural negative and physically sickly penetrating your being. Again if you clear yourself of those forces it’s much easier to resist in confidence and authority.

The official explanation for the skeletons under Benjamin Franklin’s house is that Franklin lived with a medical student and the dead bodies were grave-robbed for the student to experiment on.

Franklin also joined the Hellfire Club as a spook for the Society of Cincinnati trying to meet that infamous guy who ran it (forgot his name!). He wasn’t in it as a follower. I don’t think there is any evidence Franklin was working for the other side, outside of speculation. His autobiography is free online and quite interesting, though it omits what he has to.

It stands to reason that since the ‘enemy’ uses actual magick against us, that there must also exist a ‘counter magick’…So where are our magicians, our magickal orders ?

Hitler and Himmler tried that approach- apparently it tends to backfire…

Look at the video of Goering doing the hidden hand of Freemasonry. Those cunts are everywhere.

Backfire, how? Why does it work for the jew then?

Yuri Bezmenov is one to check out on (((youtube))). The spy stories were just holywood misdirection (i.e. 007 james bond) to provide a glammy false perception of what spies did to the public. According to him about 85% of Russian efforts were out into feeding (((commie))) propaganda to USA over the years and all it takes is one to two generations of constant exposure to change a worldview. Much the same thing in terms of misdirection of perception has been done with regards to serial killers, which are either or both assassins and stooges for the (((demons))). This is why we cannot wait for this and that to happen. Time is not on our side. They are playing the waiting game because they are relying… Read more »

Speaking of energy/power, Wewelsburg castle was to me the European attempt to use this energy. I think WE the White Europeans have always had a natural PROPER connection through Henges and Dolmens to channel this energy for our uses.

I was in the ToS back in 2000 I remember reading Aquino go into how they would out the demonic scream loud speakers on helicopters, etc. He wrote the diabolicon in battle an it had a bullet whole it compares the Promethean rebel god in all kinds of cultures. I did not like the ToS overlty middle class approach to development.

Oh yea, more bullshit buzzwords of: “fake news” (the so called real news IS fake news ironically, LeL)

a man called chris dorsey connnects the dots between the mysterious killing of Senior National Security Council/State Department official Elizabeth B. Pryor, The Monarch Mind Control Program, and The domestic military offensive Jade Helm. Jade Helm’s Motto is to master the Human Domain the acts of asymmetric warfare in the video defines those words.
Sun Trust Bank VP Brian Szabo was allegedly murdered by family friend Nigel Walker in Richmond Virginia on 4-2-16 a block away from the killing of National Security Council’s Elizabeth Pryor April of 2015