Renegade Roundtable: Kyle and Rainer (4-29-17)

Kyle speaks with Rainer of Aryan Skynet for the whole show and takes calls from Sean and Bill. They cover a lot of ground, such as the importance of certain hand gestures associated with Donald Trump, jews, and secret societies, the shrouded past of our people and how it is manipulated, the heathen people of Europe, the movie Imperium, Trump’s 100 days of Neuro-Linguistic Presidency, and more.

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Anthony Roberts

Talking of lower class portrayal, we had a story of two 60yr old women drunk and fighting at a (((UKIP))) demo, in the last few days. Leader Paul Nuttall had to cancel.

We also had a (((UKIP))) rabbi running for the mayor of Manchester position lol. He has been “outed” as being involved with a bondage site. Well i never!

All of these groups: ukip, edl, and bnp are controlled opp. It’s all pure hollywood to reinforce that trailer trash image. We even have the fake “falling out” with Trump & Farage over the Syrian missile attack.

PS Great discussion gentlemen – thank you. Renegade are the only people who give us the whole picture on this jew-controlled plane.

Anthony Roberts

Looking forward to listening to another great roundtable.

Just read that (((Elon))) Muskrat is launching his spaceX reusable rocket today (Sunday 30/04/17) from cape canaveral Florida at 7:00am. There is a slot tomorrow (May day) if there are difficulties.

What’s interesting is that it is the 1st military launch for the US gov & contains a secret payload. A way to strike either coast and carry out a hoax/ff attack to blame Kim? The #HappyGoy will be non-the-wiser. We will have to see.

Anthony Roberts

UPDATE: “Spaceship” launch stopped at t-minus 52secs. They will try again at 7:00am EST tomorrow – May day. The live stream host gave the v-sign as he said goodbye – hmmm.


I wonder if it will go far enough to hit the firmament?

Harry Mack

Got the Sonic Boom this morning on the Space Coast from the re-entry vehicle

Anthony Roberts

The actual rocket, although larger, didn’t look much different from most amateur ones. Could they fake the sonic boom sound with a normal jet fighter?

Also, that fall back and re-entry of the reusable part looked total cgi. Why no actual close positioned camera shots of it touching down on the landing pad? It all seems very dubious to me Harry.


Amazing show! By the way, lots of good breatharian (breath+aryan) information how to become better human being without destroying animal or plant life for sake of so called “survival”. It is essential for our spiritual well being.

Anders Dahl

They also say that the viking sacrificed humans, but can that be true?


100% propagandist horseshit. Every chance the filthy juden get, they do their best to paint Germanics as unsophisticated, savage cavemen bent on theft rape and murder. The Norsemen were far more into agriculture than meat-eating, but you’ll rarely (if ever) hear this from kike-sponsored academia.
Is it any wonder that the Norsemen rampaged out of the north into England, France, Italy, Sicily, etc and back into Germany as that kike/vatican hood ornament Charlemagne was too old to lead his armies into Burgundy? I’d say they were thoroughly tired of being fucked with.


When we look at the massagers by the Christians and Jews in at the close of the Helenistic Period, there seems to have been an ongoing war for about 300 years against Gentiles and ancient knowledge. 2 part series on youtube:

Alexander from Flanders

Evalion is no longer NS… nooooooooooooooooo!

Please tell me it ain’t true.


Hey Kyle/Sinead, just curious if there’s any ETA for part 2 of your Beyond Pizzagate docu? Part 1 was probably the best I’d seen, mainly coz it wasn’t shy about talking about the JP.


Kyle – Would you mind sharing a link or 2 on the theory that chunks of history have been entirely fabricated? That talking point really jumped out at me, because I’ve instinctively thought for years that sections of our history are pure fiction; not just (relatively) little events like WWII, but entire ‘ages’. Thanks.


So, you say, “I cant buy the idea’… of centuries of changed or made up history. ‘And you would discourage… Well, you do not have any qualifications for sure nor do you have any ability to see the “control system” has been twice as effective in the past as it is today. True slaves were quite the norm and serfs of all stripes were kept ignorant to the point of death for trying to learn how to read. Again a guest would seem to have a degree of intelligence which is actually nothing more than a display of the meely mouth internet crowd. 99% of everything we have ever been told is complete bs, and if any discouragement is in order it is to take… Read more »

u wot mate?

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Great show as always! Might as well refer to Pepe Frogs as Boiling P. Frogs. Link to a great website..