Renegade Roundtable: Kyle & Shaun Host (5-21-16)


Kyle and Shaun begin the night talking about controlled opposition, Trump, Jared “jews look h’wite to me” Taylor, the need to expose the whole truth, network improvements, and also talk to Tony, Dan, Andrew, and Nick about other related topics such as the USS Liberty and Macklemore’s fashy haircut.

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8 years ago

Dunno why the first link didn’t work – hopefully this one will 😡

8 years ago

Re Weber/IHR, consider inviting Jim Rizoli on one of your shows. He interviewed Weber a few months ago and held his feet to the fire re the gas chamber myth. Weber could only keep repeating how he’s aligned with Irving & Cole… name dropping 2 formerly esteemed hollowhoax researchers who subsequently sold out. Jim & his brother Joe Rizoli’s channels:

Reply to  SammySang
8 years ago

Check past Renegade shows for Rizoli interviews.

8 years ago

Point on Shaun. I think ALL countries need to do an Iceland back in 2008, the revolution that was NOT televised (sorry Gil Scot), not this one. Because it WORKED. This article explains the scenario

Ultimately they took it to a street level.

8 years ago


8 years ago

Hi Kyle and Shaun

I did have a suggestion for you both, that would be to give the hosts an option to turn the ad breaks on or off from their computer screen. Shaun tends to turn them on or off when it suits but the others seem to be “stuck” with them.

Hope this suggestion is helpful for the improvement of the station.

8 years ago

Hey Renegade,

the only reason why these old fogies are still alive (kissinger, soros and brzezinski), is because they have drank blood from a human with a beating heart. they need to be stabbed in the heart with wooden stake.


Reply to  renegade
8 years ago

Yes, I have come across that too, I think they call it kundalini (or at least one term) about some kind of rape/trauma scenario where the energy is given off by the victim and they somehow take it. It could be something to do with the 33 number regarding the child rape club (33 being the number of vertebrae) which creates (supposedly) intense energy up the spine (electrical) that they then harvest, and the rainbow (chakra) thing. Basically they are somehow draining life force through their abuses, not unlike old fantasy vampire legends about the old count in the castle that would hypnotise and take virgins back to his gaff for a bit of a ‘suck’. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also had anything… Read more »

Reply to  Skylgaryr
8 years ago

It’s dangerous for people to get involved with new age things like kundalini / tantra. It’s a parasitical system they use to steal peoples energy to distract, control and hurt them. A common type of energy vampirism that people often don’t realize is effecting them negatively. They also use it against people who aren’t into new age stuff. Getting and staying centred can protect against these sorts of attacks –

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