Renegade Roundtable: Kyle and Sinead Host (6-24-17)

Kyle, Sinead, John Smith and a few friends talk about Sinead’s recent ordeal, how freedom of speech is a joke, the ridiculous double standards White people tolerant, how we can not cooperate with genocidal maniacs, and much more.


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I just initiated a monthly recurring donation through the old paypal.

The jews have made it so that any speech that exposes the true nature of their creed is perceived as genocidal by the majority. This is why pro-european speech (which requires anti-judaism speech) results in such draconian repression. Pro-whites should be suing and pushing back as hard as they can. when they get fired for expressing their 1st Amendment right. Unfortunately the power is with the anti-white employers, so lies by co-workers can probably be expected, either by managers or lower level types looking for advancement. That doesn’t mean their lies can be verified in court, however. The average ‘normie’ person becomes more radical every day so there is territory that can be recovered. Sinead’s field is particularly vulnerable to this racial/ethnic politicization of the… Read more »

They are using tactics similar to the cult of scientology…
Then there’s this..
Along with many others.
They are flat out terrorising good people, when they consistanly prove themselves to be the most vindictive manipulating group throughout history, and manage to place themselves in positions to carry on this abusive behavior legally. They are out of control. The hipocracy is astounding!

1:26:00 – a good rule to live by is to NOT even trust a cop/soldier/firefighter to sit straight on a toilet seat much less realize the jews are the lynch pin in the system.
^They WILL be against us because they’re dumb enough to think their masters have reserved a seat for them in Cheyenne Mountain when the shit hits the fan.

Listened live and watched the sun come around. Even in your darkest hours you produce a great show for us all. You are true Aryans – so thank you and your guests for this fine conversation. Keep positive, you are no longer a jew slave! SINEAD’S HOME EMPLOYMENT ‘White Agency’ – A database for White people looking for skilled pro-White workers. ‘Kinder White’ – A pro-White child minding or baby sitting service. ‘Oil Vey’ – Grow small amounts of cannabis, and learn how to turn to oil. ( put me down for first batch, i could also help with equip set-up costs if req ). ‘White Hempathy’ – Buy hemp t-shirts and natural organic fabric paints. Hand paint original slogans & designs. ‘Love White’ –… Read more »

Eh… I too was unceremoniously shit-canned from my previous career about 5 years ago… but that’s what I got for building a human trafficking case against a filthy kike running BS business fronts.
While I DO NOT regret standing up for myself (on that odyssey of getting my self esteem battered from every angle), I underestimated how the whole ordeal would effect me even to this day.
My suggestions are to stay strong, keep fighting and do your best not to doubt yourself because only you know your intentions are noble and Aryan.

Sign up for unemployment insurance and spend time with the family…. Don’t listen to the “tough it out” crowd you paid into the system just follow the rules and settle for a specific narrow job parameter that benefits you

It’s economic war and they run the cash that makes it tick. Everything else past banking is a distraction

Im giving you earned advice take the money owed to you by insurance you paid for… It is not a handout As far as cops having worked with plenty and knowing history they always and I mean always side with the aperatus paying there wage and letting them brutalize the public care free… State slaves only care about retirement and that goes for corporate slaves as well It’s why the killed the family farm in the U.S. After the last attempt through the Great Depression did not work… Only a few percent of the public are creators artists etc and those are targeted starved to death and stamped out as early as possible. The CIA etc ran programs including architects that left no space for… Read more »
What we figured out after awhile was that they give certain people backdoors to all Google venues. Lenny pozner, “sandy hook parent” is one of these people. We confirmed this when he posted the contents of our groups private Google drive folder we had put together for “life of Adam”. Picciolini would definitely be one of these people. I looked into this man and his background is utter bullshit. He was not the first person to import rac music into the states for one, among many other lies. Although I have had my disagreements with you guys in the past, I am very sorry this happened to you Sinead. Very unfair, but remember that EVERYTHING is upside down in this era. That’s why they are… Read more »
It is astonishing how Americans who are not even living in the homeland are talking shit like this! I am white german with blue eyes and brown hair! @ Guinevere you talk smack like a typical kike shill! Divide and conquer as usual, it gets really old now! Italians are our brothers and sisters and are loving people! You hate on your own family! Nobody likes people like this! Go and built your country and start inbreedig, cause you dont like the other white people! wtf??? I bet your upvotes come from bots and kikes in Israel! your bots and agents are hard at work to contain the waking up that is happening! you are nothing but mongrels with no pride and just hatred in… Read more »
Ja Ja Ja Okay Where are you from in Germania?! Have been to Napoli? AKA Naples? Shit and garbage everywhere, the mafia running all social services, etc. Do you really see everyone in the part of Italy that just caved in and welcomed the Allies as our brothers and sisters? are you aware Italians do not consider each other Italian depending on where you are from in Italy?! Of course you must be because you call Italians your brothers and sisters. I am not saying I don’t think that the majority of Southern Italians aren’t White BUT what I am saying is it is not exactly an insane or totally unjustifiable viewpoint. Now look I don’t want to fight or argue with a fellow German,… Read more »

I didn’t know stell bell was “15” I thought she was 20. She doesn’t seem real and I don’t think any of these youtubers are real. I got her channel suggested to me. They always push the shills.

You should be able to file complaints with the federal labor relations board an get them into trouble for unfair labor practices.

Here is a helpful book:

Antifa sent hate mail to my neighbors, etc after I did white man march in Centralia an supported #FreeGaryYarbough in St. Louis.

The feds called members of the Order employers an got them fired for their pro white community organizing an they where forced to declare war back.

@4’41 Congrats on yr exam success! @54m yep “Society” is troubling entertainment, “They Live” with much more spaced out graphic creations. Civil Rights for Whites! In Europe termination is generally on notice in most cases iirc. Presumably employment in USA is still at will then? If so, handy for covering up interferences with constitutional rights which I thought was a criminal offence. Employment via White networking looking increasingly necessary. Kevin MacDonald? “I have not been happy with the comments on Alethia’s articles and worry that he won’t write for TOO if they continue. We have to get over the “all Jews are bad” idea. Some are on our side.” Also (live page seems unreachable at present) pub. 2016 claiming MacDonald and TOO are… Read more »

Nanking was a communist pr stunt if you look into it communist mixing in with general population to create hate with on site western fellow travelers to feed it to the world

Jewish book and media promotion in the 90’s created the big lie for Chinese and American consumption also to pressure Japan to pay the Jew

Coincidentally Joe Sigur just featured this image of you —
comment image

I wonder if he was behind it. It seems he works alongside all of these agents.

Don’t know source of image. Odd concurrence, anyway.

Not sure if he’s admitting it, or trying to cover up. Weird guy.

comment image

They didn’t want Sinead to be able to rack up positive reviews, etc., among her clients. They had to strike at her right out of the gate. I racked up overwhelmingly positive stats for dealing with blacks in a job in a jew-run county in the jewiest state, but it did me no good when two extremist black women decided to accuse me of ‘disrespect,’ which of course they knew they can fabricate when the jews are in the majority. I had unimpeachable evidence, but a lawyer refused to argue the case for me. I don’t know if it would have mattered anyway, as my ethnic group is a minority in the county. Sinead’s area might not be as non-white so they couldn’t give her… Read more »

Oh I didn’t get fired just totally denied a key promotion.

For those who don’t like my anti-mediterranean stance, a less accomplished southern european (spanish) woman was give the job, even though her stats weren’t as good as mine.

She looked like the jews and italians. Blacks and others wouldn’t have attacked her.

No offense, perhaps she was better looking, LOL,
I tell this to all white nationalists when they whine about their lot in life;
“It’s the jews sandbox don’t play in it!” Start a business & don’t give me the “I can’t get jew capial……..sacrifice & save, set a goal have a plan.

Says the mediterranean. Stats are stats, poseur.

Perhaps our people are superior, or is there some other reason your people stalk mine everywhere we go.

Exhibit A to aryans: when ((they and their colored minions))) come for us completely, remember there is mediterranean and there is aryan. And the jews, the spics, and the blacks, all know it.

I didn’t realize stats were that critical working in the corner laundry mat. LOL
By the way however you define yourself Aryian or otherwise & feel you’re superior to me you must have Jew blood running through your veins ………..

The longest running empire in history was the eastern Roman Empire was in the Mediterranian nearly 1200 years, keeping the Jews at bay, not permitting them in Gov’t, Law, medicine, education all the whilst the Jews were plotting in Northern Europe with their sell-out stooges. please take the time to look in a mirror & not a magic mirror.

Please deal in reality.

Nose jobs to make anglo noses look like jewish and italian schnozes were somehow never the most popular (or even existing) cosmetic procedure in the western world, just as natural blondes and redheads have never been known to dye their hair dark brown, nor to use colored contact lenses, etc. etc. to try to look mediterranean.

The notion that the Romans didn’t permit the jews in law, medicine and government is just as untenable.

You people still follow us everywhere we go, into nations we and we alone built. Trying to maintain some facade of superiority while you desperately trail us and our societies in search of a better life doesn’t work.

The Byzantine’s (Eastern Romans) did ban them or at least try which is more than this ridiculous shit nation of hypocrites and disgusting scum cowards, all under the star of judeo freemasonry, has ever or will ever attempt. You’re not very intelligent are ya (((Gwen))).

So I guess you’re admitting ‘the romans’ were closer to semites? We do not consider Turkey ‘Europe’ (((Titus))), nor even Greek Byzantia. If what would be modern day Istanbul is your version of Europe or some european capital, you can keep it. The fact is, most aryan historians do not regard the Byzantine Empire as ‘the Roman Empire,’ or even much of a continuation of what it was in the west. Romans never got east of the Danube in our lands, and were contained so far south and east to be irrelevant to we peoples of ‘the west’ = EUROPE. Take it up with the PhD’s in history at my high ranking alma mater. They were all white, though, so perhaps they were just ‘dumb… Read more »

only if you admit the brits who settled Australia are closer to aboriginal people or the French in the Algiers or the Belgium Congo or Rhodesia, I can go on & on, your ridiculous))) logic precedes you.

btw now your accepting jewish academia as fact, you’re not to keen are ya?.

York & Scottish Rite Judeo-freemasonry to be more precise.

And btw, it’s your anglo untermensch and sell outs that allowed jews to advance to this state. Did you know that (((gwen)))?

What I know, Guiseppe, is that Tony just allied himself with the jews of Livingston, NJ, where Jared Kushner’s family has lived for generations, along with their jewish and italian cronies.

This goes out to the anglo (and germanic)- celtic people everywhere – italians all over with ally with their co-racialists, the jews. More meds will than not, probably, but for sure the italians will no matter where they live.

Let this thread stand as a lesson.

*…italians all over WILL ally…*

I know you’re using german words to cast aspersions upon germanic people.

We built your civilization, The Jews corrupted it, prior to Roman & Greeks you were in loin cloths, & that’s fine perhaps those were great times, if that’s what you want to reminice, there’s plenty of forest in the world simply gather your clan, I promise you my people won’t follow you.

The Romans lifted most of their military innovations (and others) from the Greeks.

The rest of your babbling doesn’t require clarification.

Keep following me, though. It only makes my job easier.

Oh I get it, A big nose italian dumped you for a real. woman, get over it!

((((Keep following me, though. It only makes my job easier.))))

Sounds like something straight out of the mouth of JC as he leads his flock of happy goy to slaughter..

I’m sure Abraham, Yagoda, Stalin, Castro, Mao, et cetera, used a similar tried and true line.

Not very original or well thought out there (((Guinever)))

I just realized you said ‘eastern roman empire’ in tacit admission that the Romans most definitely ushered (forced) jews into european lands and polities. Last I checked, though, the Romans didn’t get east of the Danube so I’m not sure what exact boundaries you’re referencing or imagining.

Byzantine Empire stablished by Constantine, Please educate yourself. You do no service to your “superior” people or anyone else with your divisive tactics that is a tactic of the jew who should be the common advesarty, your lack of knowledge is the reason for your own demise.

Having a huge nose doesn’t make you arbiter of reality. I’ve never worked in a laundromat but if I had, I would have taken it up with the same amount of industriousness and discipline I did the job I refer to.

That’s one of the things that separates my people from yours, lazy parasite.

((((((This goes out to the anglo (and germanic)- celtic people everywhere – italians all over with ally with their co-racialists, the jews. More meds will than not, probably, but for sure the italians will no matter where they live. ))))))

((((((Let this thread stand as a lesson.))))))

Two Questions :

Do you really think you speak for all Italians?
Do you listen to this network?

You’ve just outed yourself ((((Guinevere)))).
It’ll be interesting to hear your recovery…

I’ve outed myself as native european/aryan which means germanic/celtic.


native european/aryan AKA (((Crypto)))

PS- King Arthur was a Goombah as was St Patrick.

6,000,000 thumbs down want stifle the truth.

Man you are fucked in the head. Okay sure i lied he does have kinky hair and hazel eye’s, whatever makes you feel better. You are so pure. I will be happy to allow you to have your celtic aryan ethno state without my mud blood any where near you. White nationalism attracts the biggest psychos.

Don’t let (((Gwenny))) get under your skin she /he is obviously a jew hasbera the outrageous ignorant comments are meant to be devisive it’s a standard jew ploy they have been at it for millenia. I can sniff one out a mile away with my big italian shnazola lol.

Then again if she is a pure bred pedigree then she is a piss poor representation for her

Either way I’m out.

Here is a video with people who have 90% and above Irish ancestry. They are just as dark as Italians. You live in a delusional world where “white” and “aryan” people fit into a tiny box of only blonde and red hair features.

Like I said before you are devisive!

Unlikely those two men are as high as 90% irish ancestry, but even if so, their physiognomy clearly expresses most of the spanish in them, with their black hair. Beyond that neither one is really that mediterranean looking. It’s no secret that there are streaks of spanish DNA running through some irish people. I happen to think black hair with white celtic skin and features can be striking on the right person. You won’t find many olive-skinned irish people, however. These streaks of spanish were absorbed into the celtic/irish nation and not vice versa. To merely survive in the northern latitude much of the admixture of spanish (like darker skin) died out fairly quickly as olive skin couldn’t absorb Vitamin D well. Both physical and… Read more »

I should add that plenty of native Spanish didn’t even have black hair or stereotypical mediterranean features, and some irish simply absorbed what was still european and often celtic DNA from these immigrants. Black hair may ultimately derive from the Moors or Romans, neither of whom were native to Spain. Brunette hair existed in both regions’ indigenous peoples.

I am done with white nationalism, Good luck I hope all of the niggers and spics eat you dumb fucks alive, you fucking deserve it for your stupidity.

It appears 90% of Jews absorb Vitamin D quite well, perhaps you are distant cousins?

Avoid the questions, and resort to ”Duh” …

Who taught you how to argue or persuade? JDL, IDF, ACLU, SPLC…?

@42:56 Kyle says “people don’t like obnoxious supremacists” . You really do sound jewish. Renegade is an American radio station and their are a lot of American’s with Italian ancestry. You are being very divisive, please spread your division tactics on Thulean Prospective, your nordic supremacy will be appreciated there.

Asteria, your paisan came onto this thread as I was commiserating with Sinead and comparing tactics that the jews and their allies use to attack white women and people. A man going by Tony decided to barge in and literally ally with the jews against me as an aryan woman without any provocation. So you’re basically saying that for me to recount a similar type of experience to Sinead’s on a site run by two people who are germanic/celtic is ‘spreading division.’ No, Tony just wants to attack aryan women and probably people. It’s that simple and it’s a lesson for my people. The jew’s brother cries out in pain as he strikes you. Keep on demonstrating the truth about your intentions, paisans. There is… Read more »

Or is the problem that your italian culture doesn’t even allow for freedoms that mine champions? I think that’s part of the problem, but that would be for you and yours to solve. It’s incredible that you claim some kind of authority in a country founded by my people in reaction against yours.


“a country founded by my people in reaction against yours”.

Built on the backs of the hard working italians & Irish with WASP money supplied by the jEWS.

Southerners remember this is the delusional attitude of the italians towards you.

BTW, Tony, I’m not a ‘WASP.’


I have one Italian grandparent and you said some offensive shit about my family and that man was born in America he had blonde hair and blue eyes. The rest of my family is Nordic and anglo saxon. You attacked all Italians and I take what you said about me and my family personally!

Dearie, you are defending Tony who BEGAN the outrageous attacks against me and my people.

Like I said, there is plenty of room in America for mixed peoples of european and mediterranean descent to forge a nation of their own.

Why are you so obsessed with having to live with my people?

Odd that someone supposedly ‘anglo’ would so quickly side with an italian person attacking one…

Very odd but irrelevant to my people’s right to live independently. Only parasites would consider a Southern homeland for the angloceltic people some sort of threat.

And to add for the true ‘anglos’ or germanics lurking, if I had a dime for every jew or italian claiming ‘blue eyes and blonde hair’ I’d be wealthy. The italian/jewish version of ‘blue eyed blonde’ is dark hazel eyes with tight kinky brown curls or thereabouts.

Aaaaaaand the award for “Jewiest State” goes to…
Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood a tad.

I think that Joseph Sigur is the father of that she-male who calls itself “Melissa”. Listen to their voices side-by-side. It’s a perfect match. Here’s an idea to show this truth. (I just tried it myself). Play a youtube video of Joe Sigur with the sound up. Next to it, simultaneously, play a video of youtube video of Melissa (“New Femininity”) on mute. And then reverse the mute. It’s uncanny how much they sound like each other.

Put you in debt through “schooling” and then take away the means to pay them back…. Not surprising as they start kids off in severe debt akin to buying a house

Hope you guys find better means of survival outside there system

On weird PedoTube vids, good show here:

Our Interesting Times With Timothy Kelly 2017.06.25

Andy Nowicki on Creepy Kidvids and Mind Control

Andy Nowicki returns to Our Interesting Times to share his thoughts on the numerous creepy Youtube videos that appear to be directed at young children but are weird, perverse and inappropriate. We talk about how these videos are part of a disturbing pattern in children’s programming and how they may be part of a corporate agenda to assault innocence.


Don’t Brittany Pettibone & Tara McCarthy claim to be “identical twin sisters”, or just twins? Coz I could believe the latter, but not identical… Brittany’s got a differently shaped jaw, pointier chin. I’d note their eyebrows, but Tara obviously primps hers meticulously, while Brittany’s au natural.

I got through the first ~50 mins so far, but what was all that knocking around sound during at least the 40-50 min range? You’d said you were in the kitchen, but was there also a chef in there preparing an 8 course meal?! Was hard to hear anyone speaking! Was the noise injected from some (((outside 3rd party source)))? Coz I know if you were aware if it, you’d’ve shut it up.

Re the noise thing again; I just re-sampled to make sure, and find it was really at ~50:00 that it started getting really bad… through the 50-60 mins; and I haven’t gotten to hour 2 yet. But that 50s range was bad enough that I decided to turn it off & go to sleep! 🙂

Lol, it’s called being alive and human K-lamp. It was all the rage back in my day. Five intelligent White adults, talking around a kitchen table.

Drinking, gesturing, body language, joining dots, concern, laughter, solutions and friendship. Sowwy if your snowflake electronic ears are not used to all that clatter.

Best leave the White struggle to the grown ups. We are all fighting for those precious sounds. Sleep tight, don’t let the jew-bugs bite!

I’m quite sure the noise in question wasn’t the “sounds of good times” you suggest! And what was that frequent “paper tearing” sound, so odd!

I know how aspiring podcaster/vloggers often spend well north of $100 for a “pro mic”; & I see these football sized stainless steel monstrosities in YT vid after vid, sometimes accessorized with a spit guard or whatever it’s called… all in the name of delivering a high quality, “right there in person with you” voice reproduction. That’s normally the sound quality of Renegade’s show hosts (but not callers of course). The noise-afflicted parts of this show, by contrast, were almost unlistenable.

yeah; its crazy. I have a simple Shure SM-57;been around forever for a reason