Renegade Roundtable: Kyle, Tony, Scarlett – Accomplishing the Mission (4-14-18)

Kyle speaks with Tony and Scarlett about recent current events – including the bombing of Syria, the terrorist state of Israel, the chabad mafia – and how we need to checkmate our opponent by making unexpected moves.

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Anthony Roberts

jews are panicking about the Gen. Shaw interview on Sky. He’s in this morning’s daily fail online saying much the same thing, but follows up with “we must trust May,” she obviously has “unequivocal evidence,” lol. I think they call it damage limitation hasbara.

PS Great show all, but we need more American folk calling in. Where are all you brave listeners? A 5min call wouldn’t harm you, your family or livelihood. It’s not fair on Kyle or Sinead who provide the only genuine proWhite platform against jew supremacy.


As an American I love to hear from Europeans! It blesses my soul to connect with the “Mother Land”. I know in German it’s actually the “Father Land”; but I don’t want to get any shit started. Ha, Ha, Ha. However, you are absolutely correct. Our risk in America is so small compared to yours that it’s down right embarrassing that more of our people don’t speak out. For those who fear losing their jobs my advice is this: be such a valuable employee that your employer can’t or doesn’t want to replace you. For those who are nervous to speak, just tell the host you are nervous and he or she will work with you. And if you feel you don’t know enough about… Read more »


You should be ashamed of yourself Kyle for criticizing Israel when you live in the Israeli States of America. Have you no shame putting down the capital of your own country? Especially when it’s under constant siege by rock throwing Palestinians.

vanilla guerilla

You should get tex Marrs to agree to come on and expose all things Jewish Kyle

It would go a long way to bring in an awake Christian anyways
Wake them up with a Christian that sees

Norwegian NS

Great show. This may be a bit off topic, but I wat to tell anyway: being a Christian, I sometimes get angry at people in the WN movement (as well as Jews) who, in my opinoin, take Biblical quotes out of contest and diss Christ for their own benefit. I see Jesus as a fighter against the Jewish bankers and the first pholosopher who was directly communicating with God while teaching peoples how to avoid corruption, lies and evil in their own societies/nations. He has influenced me on a deep emotional level. HOWEVER, I am, in a continually higher degree, realising that much of the critizism that neo-pagans (or whatever you label yourselves) have for the modern day Christians AND Christians of the past, is… Read more »


As someone who went to Catholic schools but wasn’t a believer I suggest you read the OT. Read it with a clear mind. The god described in that book is the same god that is the father of Jesus. Part of the trinity.


Don’t preach national socialism to non-Whites. They are not our friends and can never be our allies. Give them inspiration and advice, and they will just turn it against us. You are just indulging another kind of White Man’s Burden bleeding heart progressivism by preaching NS to muds instead of Liberal dumbocracy or Christianity. Don’t give away your/our power to the unworthy and strengthen our enemies! You are as bad as any race mixer if you do.

Foster XL

The internet can be a great tool for disseminating good information BUT it also allows pond scum like this to throw out any old retard-level uneducated opinion from the middle of nowheresville giving them the delusion that their miserable little whimper in a relatively hidden corner of the net somehow had an impact on the world. OR… paid troll. I mean you have to be pretty dumb or paid to spend so much time regularly posting negative comments with so many downvotes here (and probably elsewhere) right?


NS will always be attacked by liberal dumbocracy and Christianity. What you are suggesting will create more enemies for NS and Whites.


Really? You mean like what did Blacks do with AAAAAAALL the infrastructure and development that Whites had left them when colonialism ended? NOTHING! ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING! They let it all fall to SHIT. Watch the documentary “Empire Of Dust”. A Chinaman went to Africa to pump life into a business and even he noticed that thenigs have NO capacity to even MAINTAIN what they have been given. LET FUCKING ALONE develop, innovate,, CREATE. If this place is not Hell then the only people here good enough are Whites.


Whether they fail or succeed is up to them. That’s exactly what Nationalism teaches! It’s not a “White Mans Burden Bleeding Heart Progressivism”; but just the opposite. When a black man complains to me about police brutality or BLM; I don’t argue that point. Instead I tell him I don’t think there should be white police in his neighborhood in the first place. I tell him that he’s a black man who should live under black law and be judged and ruled over by black men. I explain that Jews are not Europeans and thus by definition are not White. So what he sees as White Privilege is actually Jewish Privilege. I use Holly Wood as an example. To this day I have never had… Read more »


Very well put Tony. Exactly my sentiments though I couldn’t have said it better!


Well put Tony I like your commentary.

Heathen vegan

Good comment and one I am sure all of us could with reminding ourselves from time to time. It is easy to let our emotions get the better of us.


Yes presisely ! Being a woman and a Pisces at that, I tend to be a very emotional creature. If I don’t keep it in check, I can be very easily led through my emotions. But, being a racial realist and learning and applying Wotanism and that worldview to my life, I’ve learned (am learning) to set those aside. I feel the emotions yes, and recognize them, but then am able to move on with the task at hand: securing a future for our folk and our white children. And this while knowing it may require sacrifice of self, my own self or even children of mine. Not on some altar of a psychopathic deity or system, but on the altar of nature and Her… Read more »