Renegade Roundtable: Kyle and Urban (9-2-17)

Kyle talks about some of the ways we are being attacked and how we need to destroy our enemies ASAP then takes a call from Urban Jungle Girl about kehilla and how recent technological advances have been weaponized against us.

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I am an English teacher, and Browning is my favorite poet. My favorite of his Poems is Porphyria’s lover. If you look in earnest, trying to understand porphyria, the “king’s disease”, then you will find a disease called “Tay-Sachs” syndrome which only affects Ashkenazi Jews. The only place that it can cured is in Israel, and no one says how. I found out… It’s blood, and marrow.. The Jews are a dead race; their very DNA seeks to destroy them. Within 5 generations, if not interbred with constituents of the races around them, Ashkenazi Jews will begin to degrade, with disorders and defects pertaining to hume and DNA. Essentially, their bodies refuse to hold them together. I am not a religious man, but if I… Read more »

Robert Browning was an absolute piece of filth. Anyone who doubts that should read Porphyria’s Lover. There is supposedly a genealogical record that proves Browning was not a jew, but I have my doubts about that. Browning not only looked fairly jewy, he also spoke Hebrew and throughout his life maintained a deep interest in all things tribal. I’m sure that vile creature got off big time writing about strangling a beautiful woman with her own blond hair. When you start investigating, it is amazing how many poets in literature anthologies are fucking jews. I do my best to avoid any and all of their writings.

Just when I thought I understood the jews well enough via their bible, Talmud, protocols, Freemasonry, secret societies, Zionism, communism, vs capitalism , name changing to infiltrate societies, lying, cheating murdering, pornographers, race mixers & baiters, organ traffickers, etc, etc…… now comes this cahilla….wow! Thanks UJG for exposing another facet of the jews. Their scheming know no bounds.

The jews/agents will always be one step ahead of us, if we continue to use their communication channels. The two “beings” infiltrating the chat proves that.

I think the Aryan love of nature/outdoors is being used against us. This RV living/campervan/stealth van boom on jewtube is a psy-op, and a way to desensitize us to squatter camp living. “That’s right Whitey, into the camping cattle pen.” (((Walmart))) shanty towns are so accomodating to struggling destitute campers – shop ‘n die, shop ‘n die.

PS Thank you Kyle, Sinead, Urban, John and (genuine) people at Renegade. We can all only do our best to wake our folk up. The tipping-point is fast approaching.

Urban is always top notch. Thank You!

Yes she is!

We all know what will need to be done when we are victorious. Of course it can’t be openly discussed, but I can’t imagine not having a consensus, given everything THEY have done to us, and everything they would do if given the opportunity. They like it when we are talking . We’ve been talking for 100 years and lost untold ground doing it. I get it if my comment needs to be removed, just saying.

When we win we will inherit a society where Jews have dictated for a century the right moral position on race and nation issues and past historical imbalances which is enforced by all supposedly right-thinking, decent people. So we can ourselves adopt their policies regarding future race and nation issues and more recent past historical imbalances therefore and any opposition will only seem strange. We will say that Jewish history has proven to the world that every people deserves its homeland. And we will say that every people deserves a homeland like the Jews have in Israel. And we will say that the Jews had every right to boot everyone else out of their homeland and so everyone else has the right to boot Jews… Read more »

You’re right that the enemy is formidable. In fact, you can’t beat them until Babylon falls. Telling guys to throw themselves out there to get bludgeoned by niggers and locked up by ZOG isn’t a good move. Thanks for your work.

I must admit that David Duke (as well as Renegade) was a key figure in waking me up to the JQ. From my youth I thought he wanted to lynch innocent blacks and hated Jews for no reason. I believed this because of the media’s coverage of him. Imagine my shock when I found him decades later on YouTube. When I heard him in his own words with irrefutable evidence demonstrate that Jews were not a persecuted minority but rather a criminal minority that control our Media, Banking, and Politics. This is why I’m hesitant to be critical of him for whatever character flaws he may have. So far the only evidence I’ve seen against him is that he tends to be self serving; to… Read more »

By the way, this is the way the general public sees us. The media has convinced them that we are Supremacist and Haters of all others for no reason. When I talk to “normies” (I don’t like this term I prefer lemmings) about Charlottesville; I ask, do you really believe the protesters went there to say we’re White, we’re Supreme, and we hate everyone? The media gets away with this because they label us (name calling) and redefine the meanings of the terms we use. That’s why I call myself a “White Preservationist”. It’s hard to redefine this. It’s pretty self evident. If you noticed they got Trump to denounce White Supremacist initially and then eventually White Nationalists. As if these were synonymous terms.

Volumes of credible indictments have been written about David puke. Sorry you missed the memo. Cville was completely staged featuring Hollywood white supremacists. All actors playing roles in a Jewish play written to set its all up for a big fall. You may as well be endorsing anglin or even hall turner. I’m sure you missed the memo on those characters as well.

i swear, half the time and 3/4 of the effort by people in this movement is spent attacking other people who are espousing almost completely the same ideas.

i think anglin and weev and spencer are assholes too, but after the 200th time you’ve heard this it gets pretty old.

and another thing, a lot of people were woken up by david duke before they ever arrived at a place like this. so if /every single person but your favorite guy/ are all controlled opposition, the zogs aren’t spending their money very wisely.

I very much appreciate that Renegade calls people out. That’s why I come here first. I call in and comment because I want to be called out if I’m in error. Alex Jones is an obvious gatekeeper. He will never name who the Globalist are. I finally broke through to my father when I explained that the Bolsheviks and Communism was a Jewish movement. I explained that I don’t have to say Arab, Arab, Arab when referring to Islam; because you already know this is an Arabic movement. Though all Arabs aren’t Muslims and all Muslims aren’t Arabs. So it is with Jews and Communism (Globalism). This was a major breakthrough. Before his knee jerk reaction was to shut me down whenever I would say… Read more »

By the way this was Commander George Lincoln Rocwell’s technique that I used. Only he used the Mafia and Sicilians instead of Islam and Arabs. Thank you Commander!

i support the work you’re doing, but the truth is that partially waking people up is actually helpful. in fact, it’s probably more helpful than promoting flat-earthism and other mystical nonsense. if you develop a sound epistemology, the truth will become clear: the enemy rules our governments and we should distrust those governments. people who point out the former or the latter are helpful. if the individual is intelligent and motivated, they can take it the rest of the way themselves. a fucked up epistemology leads you discount everything the mainstream media says and then turn around and accept information from other sources that are even less transparent and have and an equally shitty provenance. case in point: the only person you KNOW isn’t an… Read more »
“…promoting flat-earthism and other mystical nonsense.” I’ve never seen anyone from Renegade actively “promoting” these things. The subjects, along with a myriad of others, have been VERY BRIEFLY touched on in the overall scheme of things. It is actually an inconvenient (for dolts like you) truth that amongst the 5 years of podcasts that Renegade has ammassed these topics are completely lost as tiny specks in an ocean of good information. To say those things are “promoted” here is OTT gross exaggeration by someone who is either completely ignorant of the history of this network (both past & recent) or is setting out to establish their own agenda using false information (lies). Many useful anonymous tools do this in comments all over the place of… Read more »
you’re reading my post as an attack on the people who run this website, which it isn’t. but i don’t believe in echo chambers. if you think flat-earthism and every other breed of whack conspiracy theory isn’t running rampant in this movement, you’re fooling yourself. it’s coming from the extreme paranoia that results from us being (rightly) unable to trust basically anything we hear from all the traditional sources of information. the answer to this situation is not to believe everything that appears which is counter-narrative. that sets the stage for every outlandish bag of nonsense to come in, which appears to me to be what’s happening. instead, simply try to be agnostic and suspicious about the issues that cannot be reasonably confirmed. the incontrovertible… Read more »

No. Not legit. However, we can use them to a degree. I think we have to take care with newcomers who are still wet behind the ears, still bewildered at all of the things they once believed but which have been exposed as lies. They are disoriented, not knowing which way to turn. They are like a drowning person and when we start berating them for getting information from this what we know to be questionable sources, we may have just as well thrown them an anchor instead of a life preserver. We can’t afford to be chasing newly questioning brethren back into our enemies arms. We must find effective ways to tutor them.

Do you have some sort of problem conveying the evidence that apex Jones is a jew plant? Is there some reason you’re incapable of providing evidence of CIA operation mockingbird and the evid3once that he covers for Israel? You do comprehend that these are basic things that bridge the gap between newbies who fall for Jones types and those who get what Jones is doing? Why would you not act to see to it that these people learn these truths that must be known to move further down the path to knowledge of the totality of what is going on? If you’re worried about how they will respond to the word new then frame your arguments around the things they are associated with such as… Read more »

Not surprised you don’t understand how pervasive controlled opposition is. Anglin, duke, etc. aren’t just assholes. They are hall turner personified. They all mislead so that idiots like you continue to be misled. News flash – chills was faked and they are planning more of that shit so that dummies like you can continue to be caught up in that narrative. You’re best to simply shut up and learn something. Unlighted your just promoting duke the known FBI asset. I’m that case just fuck off.

David Duke is a fucking crypto jew.

Please forgive me. But I’m ignorant of what evidence you have to support your statement. If this is true I would certainly like to know. Even if this is true it won’t change the way I deal with people that are familiar with his videos and podcasts. I want to make sure they’re fully grounded in fighting White Genocide and Jewish over representation in media, financing, and government. Then we can discuss the sincerity of Duke. Let’s reel them all the way into the boat before we take out the hook.

Solid show Kyle I totally agree with you on the fisher plan seems like the only solution to save any future generations the possibility or recurrence.
I had never heard of the kahilla that urban spoke of but there is a guy in nz who goes by the media whores label and he constantly talks about the sayanim.
Not sure if he’d be any good to interview or might be slightly too loose.

lol Weev attacking Spencer…

as the stomach turns…

fyi. Synagogues are for agenda setting.

This was your best show ever Kyle, the only topic you didn’t touch was the flat earth.

Where can I find the section Urban was reading from about Kehilla? If you would please respond to me on Twitter (@RogueWolf_AMNA) I am not getting reply notifications from Renegade for some reason.