Renegade Roundtable: Live Free, Vote Hard! (11-5-18)

Sinead and Kyle talk to each other for the most part, but also take calls from Sean and Drew. They discuss the political pressure building up for election day, fake shooting psyops over the years, daylight savings time screwing with us, the importance of physical and psychological health, spiritual matters, materialism vs idealism, and more.

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I handed out pamphlets today to people showing up to vote, offering alternatives to voting and giving a bit of an explanation of as to why voting doesn’t matter and giving people an idea of who the people are who really control the government. At one of the precincts I went to, other pamphleteers threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave bc they said I was “illegally interfering with an election”, and at least implied that they might resort to physical force if I didn’t get moving. I ended up leaving bc I didn’t think it’d be effective to end up fighting or in jail or something, and the next precinct was pretty calm. Most of the voters I talked with were way… Read more »

Foster XL

That’s good to hear Paige! What a great example of someone actually doing something rather than sitting at a computer telling everyone else “What we need to do is… blah, blah, blah…” like so many arseholes out there! I’m sure you’re aware how careful you need to be when interacting with the public so I won’t say that. Well done! 😉 There are a lot of ways we can get the message & info out there people. If you’re not comfortable with confronting strangers on the street there are many other ways to do it. Just use your imagination but make sure the approach is nuanced intelligently for the target audience. The main thing is to do something regularly like every week, if not daily!… Read more »


Thanks! I will say to anyone who is uncomfortable dealing with strangers, I have quite a bit of social anxiety and found myself on the verge of a panic attack at least once, and if you need something to motivate you just think about how what you are doing could possibly help a lot of other people. Plus, I sort of thought back to how during the war my grandfather was getting shot at and he still stuck with it, so if he did that I can tolerate some anxiety for a few hours. I was only out there for about four and a half hours, not including the time driving between precincts, but any amount of time is going to have a greater chance… Read more »

Foster XL

Well said! 😉 Right now is the best time to do something because most people are at least aware that something’s not quite right with all this mass immigration & free speech issues in ALL white countries. Give them that little nudge with small truth bombs about WHO is responsible from the wealth of info & history of facts in whatever way you can & feel is effective. Every little bit counts in ALL our respective countries across the world. Get active NOW!

Agreed, Foster!

I tell people what we need to do, but I have been working on my small family in educating them concerning the German side of WWl and WWll, and how multiculturalism is working against our interests, and how voting is not helping us, and other relevant topics! I probably sound “bossy” sometimes, but that may be due to the fact that I am the eldest of six children, lol!

I remember reading your recent comment concerning that! I am glad that you were able to pass those pamphlets out! Good for you!

Anthony Roberts

You could both at least made an effort on ‘All Voters Eve’ to dress as your Marvel Comic alter egos: Kyloe Bull and his trusty sidekick Herbal Woman! Humble homemaker homeopaths by day; jew-thanking, vote-urging duo by night! Hollyweird won’t come a knockin’ if you don’t splash the cash like H&L at fed ice. Just saying. Only joshing guys! Your actions defo fall into the superhero category. To fit in all you do takes some kind of stamina. I agree, our masters know exactly what they are doing by messing with the clocks. Heck, they’ve even built the “SAD” disorder ( lol, to annoy Sinead), around this deception to fleece more dosh out of everyone. Btw, i was too tired to listen live lol, but… Read more »

Thanks Anthony! Yes, I hope to do shampoos one day.

Sinny, I am hoping to find a shampoo specifically for oily hair – I even tried organic shampoo, but my hair gets oily, and my face, too! I am older than most folks on here, and I still get acne once in a while – gee, I feel like a teen sometimes!


In the beginning of every year I buy quite a bit of witch hazel. Throughout the spring and summer I pick flowers as they bloom from my garden and let them sit, covered in the distilled witch hazel for a few months. My favorite flowers to add for the skin are Calendula, different Rose’s, Lavender, and Self-Heal. Aloe is good to! It makes such a lovely color, and the smell is quite nice. This on an organic cotton ball is the only thing I use to ”wash” my face with. I don’t have particularly oily skin, so I don’t use it everyday, but Lotti you might like it.. and Sinead, something like this might sell on Heathen Herbs.. My husband likes to use it too… Read more »

Thank you, Amber


That Trump speech is definitely a point of no return for them. Now we can reference this speech whenever someone wants proof that we’re being attacked (and the attack happens to include our and anyone else’s free speech in general(!) since you can only implement their goal of “extracting anti-semites” by destroying the first amendment – as was pointed out during the show). I feel like I could use this in a discussion with my uncle who works for Bloomberg News (no blood relative of mine thank yaweh!), he would have to accept how undeniably clear Trumps words are here.. Especially if you add in the historical fact that in Bolshevik Russia “anti-semitism” was punishable by death (as Renegade already pointed out when posting Trump’s… Read more »


Darn this comment was meant for the Solar Storm. I had to switch browsers cause I couldn’t post my comment, that’s how the mix-up happened..


Outlawing the Thanking of jews is pretty dam genius.
Up until hearing this, I was not into it, but once again – Kyle and Sinead have revealed the method to the madness.
#ThanksRenegade and #Thanksjews

If our system was honest, the signs would say, “Vote for the best Jew”! I have been studying names and faces for years, and I am pretty sure that most of these politicians are cryptos, of course they use their brown Shabbos goyim too!