Renegade Roundtable: Nick and Chris Host (11-19-16)


Nick, chris, Tony, and Greg discuss important issues in the news, how to take lawful action and take back our country, the 2nd amendment, the importance of agrarian independence, enemy promotion of controlled opposition like Alex Jones and the Alt Right, and much more.

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This show was hard to listen to with Chris interrupting everyone. The callers couldn’t even complete one sentence. Beattie is the real deal, everyone has not researched every angle of this shit storm. There are some of us out here who are at different levels of understanding, and are not moles.

After listening, I agree. Let someone finish a thought. The first part of the show was decent. The end was just painstaking. Minutia disrupted this ‘show’. Just as it has disrupted ‘movement’ among the entire ‘patriot community’ (floabw) mindset invariably, to some degree, on every level.

Great Show

excellent program, maintaining clear high standards and not backing down from them, that’s what this was for me, these callers weren’t interrupted as much as them unable to embody these facts while painting themselves into a troll like corner…this is the kind of uncompromised backbone which will dismantle the current barbaric jew run system…Hitler started out with many tough WW1 vets himself included who had a vision and would not take shit from anyone, period…who are these govt people anyway? a bunch of well organized chumps, and like mentioned in the program, mano a mano are unable to defend their stance

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) – They’re Trying To Shut Us Down & Holocaust Us (MUST WATCH! WATCH NOW! ALL OF THE ALT RIGHT !MUST SEE THIS!)

Family Counseling for De-Radicalization Programs/Home Base, Germany? Daniel Koehler (Princeton/Free University Berlin) has a Grreat new Market Niche and References, courtesy 2015-formed “Center for Cyber and Homeland Security” (post published 8-1-2016)

Sinead McCarthy interviews Evalion – Special Emergency Broadcast – Oct. 27, 2016

How many joined-up-dots do “awake” people need? Our children are being sacrificially murdered, and soon “truth speech” will be outlawed everywhere. Time to get active folks.

PS John deserves respect. He, by his own admission, is a motivator not researcher. Although i don’t agree with him on certain issues: fed, royals, airing dirty laundry in public is not the way. Perhaps Kyle could send a friendly private email, outlining basic Renegade guidelines?

I think it is more of sorting the ones who accept the reality of the situation and want to retain White heritage, and those who refuse to want to change the Simulator and emancipate themselves from it. They are so fundamentally dependent, in love with and mind controlled, they are beyond salvation. They will actively oppose you to tell them otherwise and find any excuse to defend their paradigm.

I agree Robert, you have such a compassionate way of stating the obvious.

If he “motivates” you so much, perhaps you will listen to him on Shaun’s network forming in January; praising stooges like Stephen Harper, Ezra Levant, the Royal family, Donald Trump, London Forum (UK version of Alt Right) etc and listen to him proclaim the Federal Reserve is not jewish controlled and read (((news))) articles that promote the “official” narrative of staged State sponsored psyops that the others hosts on Renegade debunk. Enjoy!

Actually a pretty good summation right there Nick. I’m sure when the others reads this & let it sink in they’ll agree.

Triggered Nick? Unlike yourself, i don’t consider this a hobby. I certainly have better things to do then research jew filth, in my spare time.
John is wrong on a few issues, but he is a decent man. He has chosen to join Surplus’s new network, that’s up to him. I won’t be listening.
Perhaps you should do some “research” on manners; you appear to have a very bad attitude to any person not at your “superior” level.

I haven’t listened to the broadcast yet, but the comment by Nick wasn’t the slightest bit petty. All Nick did was point out how outrageous John’s stances were. There’s a point where someone covering for the biggest threats against us, even if unintentionally malignant, becomes too much. I personally have no opinion of John Beattie whatsoever, so since I haven’t listened to him I can’t comment on how accurate Nick’s appraisal of his stances is. If true, however, it doesn’t seem so ill-mannered to me. I suggest that everyone refrain from becoming too vitriolic about all this. Anti-Renegade hot air seems like the only topic that draws much traffic at Surplus’s blog, and it’s just negative energy. It’s probably unhealthy for those who are so… Read more »

I’ll add that since ‘drama’ is subjective and vague, the blackballing of its instigation should be measured by holding the people who start with personal invective, ad hominem, etc. fully responsible. Ideological conflicts and differences of opinion will still arise, but anyone going into mere personal insult and attacks should be branded and cast out.

I guess there are times when this isn’t a realistic standard, considering that there is intersection between ideology and personal attributes. But ‘drama’ is at the least when former comrades turn things ugly and personal, like we saw in the last few weeks (I think most on here know who I blame for starting).

Me triggered? Nope. Was ridiculing your original post. Plus, nobody ever stated that John Beattie is not a decent man. You were triggered by what was said during the broadcast 🙂 My mannerisms fluctuate depending on who I am dealing with. If you feel that I have a superiority complex, that is your opinion. I do consider myself superior than most when it comes to the level of research capabilities I have compared to most people because I take this serious and want to deliver the highest quality service to those that appreciate knowledge that will benefit them. I would prefer that our current situation was all hunky dory and that I could just go all to get along but we’re not even close to… Read more »

Lol, you proved your character to me when dealing with your ‘besty’ Shaun. I now only listen to people i trust: Kyle, Sinead, Chris and certain other individuals.
Your weak deflection is obvious. Still having a hissy about Ms Roth. Just like that other great ‘researcher’ Charles, you are ‘surplus’ to my requirements.

Now why on Earth did you have to bring Charles Giuliani into the conversation? As my “besty” Shaun would say, “You’re a pussy bitch.”

Pretty low blow dude. Correct me if I’m wrong but didn’t you yourself get bamboosiled into sending Surplus money? Didn’t you yourself praise Hart before he left on numerous occasions and on his way out after throwing the white race under the bus?? I agree with you that some guests, including Roth, were not the best of choices (to put it mildly) but a little reason here. I don’t agree with all Charles says but both he and Nick are doing a great job. Don’t drag them under by directing anger resulting from your own poor judgements of the past.

I might have read this wrong, but did you just say John B is promoting the Fed Res as NOT jewish run?

The other hosts on Renegade claim to be National Socialists, yet Charlie Guiliani has repeatedly condemned NS, Hitler, the Third Reich and “racism”. Why is he still on Renegade?

Please just go away & grow up a bit more before making further comments.

Chris handled those Feds in a very effective manner. There only purpose for calling into the show was to subvert and derail the show. Renegade doesn’t attract dumb asses. So I am very suspicious of callers who ask what Chrises plan is, having laid it out many times in past shows, and then saying I haven’t listened to many of Chris Dorseys past shows. Whats your purpose of calling in if you are blind to whats going on.. Ignorance is a key tactic of these trolling FEDs. I am calling both of you out Toney from Northern Virginia and Shaun from Cali.. Keep in mind, the opinions of lesser men mean nothing to me. Even if your not FEDs, you are doing an outstanding job… Read more »

So all regular listeners and callers were planted ahead of time to derail Chris master plan to save us. Our questions were legitimate. He still hasn’t answered the question: who’s going to try, convict, and execute these criminals he plans to arrest? Also if he wants to get back to the Constitution but he’s against voting; how does he reconcile the two? Please bring an argument instead of resorting to name calling tactics. Why don’t you just call me a racist when you can’t defend your position?

chris “he’s a shill” dorsey is a 100 percent BLOWHARD. With those stupid fucking suspenders. Making a fool of himself and those who he coaxes to surround him is all he serves to do.

chris “they stole my gun and abducted me” dorsey

chris “my brother’s a pentagon lawyer” dorsey

chris “i might have a HALF a beer” dorsey

chris “they’re all operatives” dorsey

chris “i make movies” dorsey

chris “i’m on TV” dorsey

Chris “I smoke a lot of weed” Dorsey

The trolls, shills, kikes and retards sure come out for Dorsey. Chris, you are a good man. Hang in there. You only get flak when you’re over the target.

It amazes me that so many people would thumbs down me for defending myself from name calling accusations; even though I haven’t attacked anyone, without giving a reason.

Yeah. He really “handled” those “feds”. YOU, sir, are shady as I’ve ever come across. Let me clue you in on something, Einstein: The only time FEDS are listening to you is when you call them for a debriefing.

It’s very dangerous my friend to accuse everyone you don’t see eye to eye with as a “Fed.” It is a typical jew divide and conquer strategy that appeals to ignorance emotion and fear. Kind of reminds one of the Salem witch trials.

This video displays why there are so many attacking those advocating law enforcement, European Common law, and lawfully restoring the power in the hands of we the people.

Interesting show… very entertaining to say the least.

Also, does Chris Dorsey own furniture or live in a cave? There is a strange muffled, yet cavernous quality to all of his connections. Nick and Kyle always have perfect audio. Perhaps, Kyle can give Christopher tips on adding a little pep to his unplucky audio connection (or buy some furniture).

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Good, but awkward show tonight. Poor Beattie, got much needed but constructive criticism. C’mon John you get with it. Overall this is going to take both a Militia and multi tiered approach.

Hart….., Surplus……, Dorsey! Later.

I would like to know why Chris Dorsey wants people to wear guns in front of the Federal Reserve and at a Bilderberg protest? Does he want someone to do something stupid, so that they can call all of us “terrorists”….

Chris: You are a great guy but please try not to f’ing SHOUT SO LOUD, you give me a headache!

I got a terrible headache too , and It’s not just his volume.
Who knows, he may mature…

On the Bundy ranch issue, the “in-car footage” from one of the mobile phones, there was a moment where the red dot laser was pointed in a weird direction as though it was from an angle that could have only been inside the car.

Bundy is one of the thirteen rude family’s.

If somebody builds a militia I will have 12 babies. as it is I’m honestly wandering if I should take a shot that removes my ability to create life. their are pedophiles in the pentagon, the CIA, the FBI, the office of the presidency (yea trump is on the Lolita express flight list) and every other echelon of government. why should I birth babies so they can be stolen and raped to death by elites? why? whats the point? the amount of cucks in the comments telling me to do my womanly duty and create white children for soldiers and a future war are disgusting. white men disgust me. they have become weak and I’m loosing hope for the future.

I just wanted to specify these comments are on my youtube channel not renegade comments sections.

White men are not the problem. The problem lies in the women who think they are men and run their mouths off without any logical basis for their opinions, which end up being projections onto men. The problem is in your own mind. White women have been given the highest standards of living in humans history, by the work ethic and creativity of white men. In the past 70 years white women have become the most pampered spoilt females in human history, yet you are so dumb you can’t see past your own nose to realise that this standard of living requires women to produce children. That is all it requires of you, yet you would rather try and compete with men and fuck everything… Read more »

How about we just focus on the Jew and the Shabbos goy slave, who makes many of both our men AND women into their own enemy?

All what you have said, is the trifling of the jew. They have been creating recursive divisions among ALL people not just ours. Even Japan is on the shitberg list as there are not enough new people to replace the now dwindling old ones. I highly doubt, ANY race is against itself. That very manifestation should be suspect there is a Schemeberg draining bone marrow unseen from some usurped head office position. Male and Female, SHOULD NOT BE AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER, that is not normal and a definite symptom of (((parasite))) possession.

As a figurative example, Male vs Female = someone rolling around on the floor punching themselves in the face.

What kind of people frequent this place who can’t even call a spade a fucking spade. Dorsey is self aggrandizing douchebag . <—- period.

What kind of people frequent this place wasting time spamming up the comments with abuse day after day?

1. People with mental problems.
2. People who can’t get a real job.
3. People who are actually weak, don’t actually DO anything AND hide behind pseudonyms.
4. People who sit at home masturbating A LOT.
5. Time wasting trolls.
6. Poofter Dick Munchers.
7. People who are all of the above.

I think Chis has to back down a bit. He sounds like he is mentaly ill sometimes. But I apreciate most of his work.

1:40 on is quit sickening ! What an arrogant ass!

Between dorsey’s constant interrupting, frequent disfluencies and hairtrigger paranoid behavior, together, they could ‘ruin a nigger’s picnic’ as my grandpappy used to say. That aside, I’m looking forward to hearing a good show!

It might be better if the up votes and the down votes didn’t negate each other . What can’t we see the total of both?

Why would so many thumb down this comment? I smell a troll!

Or maybe people just don’t like the guy & his terrible grammar 😉

HAHAHA! Really? You’re THAT paranoid? One simple rule that works in every situation – “Don’t like it? Move on.” (“douchebag status” can never be confirmed that way!)

Non-Binary Anonymous Pseudonym

I just voted that shit down, just so you know 🙂

A man called, UHH, RED FAG!
Jesus Christ, and I thought Sirpuss was a psychotic, narsasist!
Dude grates on my last nerve…

Dorsey is going to run his mouth/talk over/insult/accuse the wrong man one day, in real life, and catch a bad one.

Sean Daly: LOTS of chaos since dorsey arrived.

Yeah. Now STFU christine.

Nice way to use me out of context. I’m disappointed in you. I find it absolutely precious that people claim to abhor “rapefugees” and “mudpeople”, yet incessantly bash someone with the balls to call for a halt on their immigration/ their deportation.

“Save the white race”? Are YOU looking for someone to do that? I sure don’t think trump is out to “save the white race”, Nick.

Shame on you people.

You people should be ECSTATIC with the wave of indignation Trump has sparked. You will surely benefit from it. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth.


GET the fuck outta here.

What’s PDM stand for? Poofter dick muncher?

Hey look! It’s one of the dozen + renegade sycophants. At least you had the courage to say something. No, it stands for “Pummeling Deluded Morons”, moron.

While it certainly sounds like you’ve been munching on way too much dick lately I prefer to call you Probably Does Meth – you’re pretty obviously the most deluded moron here!

Ok “999”. That’s “pretty obvious”. Riiight. Why don’t you come out of hiding, fagot. “I’ll smash your face in whore.” Bwahahahahaaaa

You piece of shit sycophantic two-bit lackey cocksucker

You mad bro? “Obviously” got nothing better to do with your “life” than hang around in here abusing others so are you any better? No. Sad…

“abusing”? Aaaawwww, poor baby. You sense “abuse” of one of your fellow sycophants? Need a safe space?

Non-Binary Anonymous Pseudonym

Kyle, what’s the record for most down-votes on the site? Just wondering 🙂