Renegade Roundtable: Nick Hosts (1-7-17)

Nick hosts the show and takes calls from Sean, David, and chris. They discuss the #BLMkidnapping story, the many strange aspects of the Ft. Lauderdale shooting psyop, the disappearance of serial killers and the rise of terrorist mass shootings, closing Gitmo, Trump’s coming crowning, and much more.

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4 years ago

“Signal 88”

88, the 8th letter of the alphabet is H. 88 is often used in WN communities as acronym for Heil Hitler. It’s part of the 14/88 salute signifying the 14 words of David Lane and Heil Hitler.

Signal additionally, was a publication of the German NS regime distributed throughout Europe. Signal was meant for countries outside of Germany itself, and was printed in multiple languages.

4 years ago

Chechen Terrorist work for Putin….

4 years ago

Schizophrenia isn’t inherently related to ADHD. Neither does it exhibit in someone’s face the way this kid’s eyes or expression look sort of ‘retarded.’ The only way someone having schizophrenia would be visually obvious might be in highly disorganized grooming, not in minor facial oddnesses that often go along with some types of retardation. If you talk to a schizophrenic and listen to them try to explain their delusions (those that aren’t obvious since schizophrenics have obvious ones that are materially impossible, i.e. I’m a prophet, the anti-christ, etc.) they won’t be able to. One might claim to be a real estate agent who owns a house, but if you ask them where the title is they won’t respond, and will just roll their eyes… Read more »

4 years ago

More observations on the BLM kidnapping… Manic depression and especially schizophrenia more often manifest in males especially in the early mid twenties, than in the late teens. This is truest of schizophrenia. It might be a bit more complex genetically than manic depression. The victim is 18. He also is reported by his family to be repeatedly asking ‘why did they do that to me’ in a way typical of a retarded person. A schizophrenic who was able to process the incident outside of their psychosis (many have very discreet psychoses) would have NO problem understanding the power dynamics involved. The lucid part of their thinking isn’t the slightest bit challenged in these ways. If anything schizophrenics are highly aware of how stigmatized their psychoses… Read more »

4 years ago

All of the “supposed” terrorists killing people in random events in this country all seem to have a Military connection in their history. The mind control freaks of our government science technology are no doubt behind all the pre-programmed actions of the poor people used to carry out the agenda of creating false fear and terror to push the anti-Islam agenda.

David Marshal
4 years ago

Video of the gunman as he opens fire….

4 years ago

All over there is this sense that whites somehow scored a victory with the coverage of the Chicago abduction. Yet no one bothers to note that the jews own the internet platforms through which we supposedly pushed the issue into the MSM. Even if the abduction was real it was almost certainly edited and highlighted to achieve the effect of dislodging coverage of Carrie Fisher’s funeral. If people don’t realize from out of the country or the younger generations, Debbie Reynolds was even more iconic than Fisher so the double funeral would have drawn maximum attention to the problem of Fisher’s diagnosis and cause of death. In these poorer states where the white lower working class youth are being plied with opiates, the fake bipolar… Read more »

4 years ago

Great roundtable Nick

4 years ago

Another point I should make is that schizophrenia isn’t genetic damage; it’s just a bad rogue gene/major mutation, or small group. Most retardation is due to some form of genetic damage, which might account for the other visual signs of it.

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