Renegade Roundtable: Nick Hosts – 9/11 Special (9-10-16)


Nick Spero starts off the show talking with Chris Dorsey about 9/11 and some of the characters involved. They are quickly joined by Shield Maiden and Sean. The show covers a lot of important topics related to the situation we face and how we can effectively free ourselves. Other call in later.

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7 years ago

Christopher Bollyn is excellent. Because he doesn’t come across as a zealot he’s ideal for sharing with everyone you encounter, and all your friends and family. His content and delivery is irrefutable and game-changing.

7 years ago

Excellent show, Nick, great guests too !
I loved Shaun’s Antisemitox take and the Australian Nationalist clip, I would love a copy of that to play to some friends, it was so on the money.
Btw, i’ve coined a new name “BISrael” to amalgamate things (Bank for International Settlements + Israel). Many thanks !

Reply to  Roj Blake
7 years ago

Remember Building 7, check out this footage of Demolition:

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

” I saw this plane come out of nowhere and just rammed right into the side of the twin tower, exploding through the other side, and then witnessed both towers collapse – one first and then the second MOSTLY DUE TO STRUCTUAL FAILURE BECAUSE THE FIRE WAS TOO INTENSE.”

(((Fox News’))) eye-vey witness and crisis ( bad) actor Mark Walsh with his pet negroid handler standing behind.

Great show – and thanks for all your efforts. You keep us all going.

RIP All the victims of jews.

7 years ago

“The Terror Bankers” – To end Terror, end Terror Banking! This morning 11am: Chris Dorsey (Sept. 3rd) clip featured.

Robert Heimdal
Reply to  Bob in DC
7 years ago

I enjoy your shows pretty much Bob. I’ll be listening. Keep the good work 😉

7 years ago

What a roundtable!! Could not have been more enjoyable! Was great and inspiring to learn a little about each of the participants’ lives and some of personal choices. Love you guys. All should listen. (I know, I need to scrape that Trump bumper sticker off of my car.}

John from Canada
Reply to  marycatherine
7 years ago

Just cover it up with a Renegade sticker

7 years ago

What a great roundtable! I loved hearing from Shieldey as well.

7 years ago

Anyone heard of this guy? He has some pretty insightful, insights.

7 years ago

Hats off to Robert Reyvolt on Incendiary Radio for referencing the Dawson interview and giving Fetzer an opportunity to reference Dawson’s slander of him. Fetzer made a tit of himself over the Jade Helm non event but that doesn’t invalidate his work on 9/11 and JFK. Dawson joins the wall of shame!!!

Reply to  Eamonn
7 years ago

I am so confused as the guy that lived in isriael married a jewess and more then life likely was recruited is more trustworthy then a Native American sick of us shit.

By the way he was just called names with zero counter proof past not wanting to look at his research no wonder he gets pissed and left country bumpkin vill….. Nice to hear the call for dumb Americans to get angry after all the indignation at ry being tired of stupid

It does get flat earth stupid after a while and makes one sure half the “die hards” work for gov ag prop

Biff Bangboom
Reply to  Cobra
7 years ago

Were you blind drunk when you wrote this or do you just always write like you’re constantly inebriated?

Sir Algernon Farnsworth
7 years ago

Great article and video on suppression of Free speech and excellent examples of cognitive dissonance at play.

7 years ago

Pilots for 9/11 truth some time shortly after the 9/11 event had the fact on their website that it was impossible for the “plane” that hit the twin towers to have happened. They gave detailed information to the fact that the aircraft and the speed would have caused the plane to break up in flight at that altitude. Then, some time later all that information disappeared and even their website was gone or had minimal information with no mention of what they previously had reported.

Circus Maximus
Reply to  nickerbooker
7 years ago

Here’s a sponsored video by Pilots for 911 Truth that breaks down the Pentagon incident and destroys the official narrative of how the damage was done.

Reply to  Circus Maximus
7 years ago

I see it is quite long. Thanks for this link, I will watch.

7 years ago

Watch Chelsea Handler do her Peruvian ayawaska experience. If flying thousands of miles to a remote jungle and drinking nasty crap and vomiting and getting diarrhea is wonderful in an effort to get high, then you are a moron.

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