Renegade Roundtable: Nowhere to Run, Nowhere to Hide (12-22-18)

Kyle and Sinead talk about a whole slew of topics, including some solstice synchronicity, the big beautiful wall, busy bolsheviks, genocidal jews, prescription drugs, and more.

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Anthony Roberts

The anti White theme continues. After James’ rant, we have actor Penn Badgley (me neither), calling out hollywood for only casting “privileged a** White people.” So, all those jewish and black leading actors are secretly White, got it. Another psy-op anti White story is the black wrestler ordered to have his dreds cut off in front of everyone, by raycyst coach. Yessir massa! Don’t even get me started on “Virgin Island Vicky’s” n-rant lol. Talking of lips, there’s England soccer coach Gareth “Southgate.” He gets his mainly Black/mixed players to recuperate in water with inflatable unicorns and chickens. Whatever floats ya negroid! PS We have a drone shutting down Gatwick airport, and bringing chaos here. It could be those crazy vegan eco nazis again or… Read more »

Happy Yule, Anthony!


I know this might not seem believable, but since you bring it up, I actually flew out of Gatwick (back home to Germany) on the eve before the airport shut down! There’s a direct flight straight to Hamburg. While I’m at it, it’s also safe for me to mention another major synchronicity from my last few months in the Jewnited Kingdom: On Sinead’s show, she was reading about the process church and something related to dog blood, when she read out my exact location: East Grinstead, West Sussex, “the (former) global Scientology headquarters”. I couldn’t say anything (in the comments) at the time because it would have given away my location (I was literally taking a walk *towards* this mansion and listening to Sinead’s show,… Read more »

Tabitha Wolfram

After you both mentioned what the history of the bagel could be, it piqued my interest to discover its stolen origin. I found out that the bagel is based on the bublik or bubliki. Bublik is a traditional Central and Eastern European bread roll. It is very similar to a bagel, but somewhat bigger and has a wider hole. Bubliks often also have a much denser and chewier texture than bagels. From what I can gather, jews started baking something very similiar to bubliki without dairy products as bubliki contains milk and butter. In addition to the bagel, the bialy (not as well known outside of NY) gets its name from the Polish town, Bialystok. Max Bialystok is the name of the protagonist in… Read more »


I remember during one of the election debates Trump was arguing with Hillary and blurted out that Obama deported millions of people. That wasn’t exactly a winning argument but it obviously went over most people’s heads.

Yutaka Uno

It’s not true atl all that diversity is forced only in white coutries. Only ignorant people say that. They probably don’t even know it was whites themselves who started invading and destroying non-white cultures all over the world.


Invading? Surely you mean immigrating? Where is the appreciation for the diversity and cultural enrichment?

Ghost Man O; War

Your head is full of Jewish fables. Tip: Hollywood movies are not actual footage. That movie about Nero called Quo Vadis. Peter Ustinov wasn’t really Nero. He was an actor and played in other movies where he wasn’t Nero. See what I mean? Colonizing was the J bankers operations. “British” East India Co was owned and the profits were J’s. Paterson and wound up being a Rotschild operation. It started around 1588 circa and was named early on two companies that merged. The Turkey Company and the LEVANT co. founded on Sept. 11. hahah Coinky dinky don’t. Anyway, then the “Dutch” West Indies Co. was founded and owned by 19 J bankers and merchant/bankers. See how the false flag works. The Knights Templar were just… Read more »

Foster XL

Hey idiot, you forgot to add “males” after white! Obviously you haven’t done enough diversity & gender equality training yet!!!