Renegade Roundtable: Persevering Against the Pyramid Scheme Plantation (9-29-18)

Kyle and Sinead discuss some current events, advanced AI chess, some anti-White “pagan” musician, the need to fight and stand strong, the dimensional struggle, and much more.

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I’m glad Sinead came back!! She’s a super star in this Faux Nationalist white movement called Atl-kike and Trumptarded faggots! I know why the Nigga Report program was shut down…. TRUTH!!’

So much disgusting shit in our world (literally too) – and that Cyril Smith (fat SOB) is just one of the most disgusting tribe members – I wish too, Kyle, that he was still alive just so you could kill him!! Agggh – no wonder I feel sick to my stomach every day – thanks, Yids!!

Marshall Wilkinson

Awesome show guys


I must put in a word for “drinking piss” as it was rather inelegantly referred to. The drinking of orine (the true and etheric spelling of urine is with an “o”) is a wonderful gift we have been given by the True Creator. Orine is most definitely not a waste product. If it were, no one would have ever been born because the fetus is continually orinating and ingesting orine while in the womb. Indeed, all of us were “piss drinkers”: from the get go. Hundreds of accounts of people surviving while lost in the woods or desert by drinking orine also testify to the fact that it is not a waste product. Also, Army Rangers are taught to drink orine in survival situations. Orine… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Thanks for the info Renny, very interesting. Sinead did say she would resort to drinking “orine” in a life-or-death situ. Even i would have a “wee” dram, and i’m not even Scottish lol! It’s good to know for survival purposes.

I’d rather use my orine to fertilize my garden at this point but if I ever have a cancer I can’t cure, you better believe I’m trying it lol

At least urine is pretty sterile – I watched a show awhile ago, and these men from Alabama figured out a way to convert their urine into clear water! Mind you, I saw that awhile ago, and forgot exactly how they did that!

Anthony Roberts

Based “Kav” maga, Brett-sick sideshow guys. It’s good to know our, totally not controlled “leaders,” march with an army of anime-ted, A.I. (autistic intelligence) worriers, like that fat plucker from Rapekjavik, ready for combat. Phew, our women and children can rest easy.

PS I was going to call in, but didn’t want to disrupt your wonderful flow on #DateNight.

lol autistic intelligence! Intelligence autisized.


When there was talk about Roman god Vulcan, builder of robots, it reminded me of movie “War Games” (1983). It was about artificial intellligence that controlled thermonuclear warheads in case of ww3 and scientist, who created it, called Falken, which is of course phonetically very similar to Vulcan, who is also god of fire and destruction. That allusion was no doubt coincidental, as Hollywood likes to put movies secret hints and codes all the time. In that film a kid, who hacked into the supercomputer almost triggered nuclear world war.