Renegade Roundtable: Politics of Perversion & Business of Burning (7-28-18)

Kyle first talks about the recent pervert politics being promoted by Red Ice, then takes calls from Anthony, Heathen Vegan, and Urban. Topics include nihilistic narcissism, fires and weather as warfare and business, reaching through to people living in a stupor, and more.

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Entertaining and informative show Kyle. (On the “BAP” topic and their ideals) >the explorer/conquest meme The same people preaching these ideals are often slaves to something they either can’t escape (their past) or are trying to cower from (their present situation ie societal). Be aware those who proclaim themselves conquerors and have nothing to show for it. They prove themselves incapable of meeting the most important requirements of conquest, be it political, societal or sexual.. those requirements are consolidation, utilization and preservation. They pass themselves off as explorers because they run around blindly. They fancy themselves Empire builders but are incapable of hammering a nail. They present as men of steel but are clear of substance and fragile as glass. For all the talk of… Read more »

Heathen vegan

Great points MHIML,

Their talk is essentially an attempt to cover their obvious insecurities.


Generally, insecurity is a natural response to unknowns in the environment and future. The intended way to gain confidence is through lasting affirmation by creating a family which is the foundation of a strong and healthy society. They use the iconography of lions yet they are nothing like them since a pride is defined as “living in groups of related individuals with their *offspring”. The pride secures a territory for the benefit of the group and offspring, not for the purpose of filling their expansive psychological emptiness. It’s ironic Patrick suggested forming a Männerbund then urge people to avoid group ideals of NatSocs. At least use non NS terminology if you’re attempting appear serious. It’s telling that all the gymcels keep wanting to avoid the… Read more »


Razor rape is the primary reason the jews are the sick, perverted fucks they are. And now with three generations of “goy” in America having been cock-chopped, we are now sliding into a perversion that would have been completely unfathomable to the average American 100 years ago. Circumcision is the foundation of perversion.

Dear Renny, I was told that boys needed this for hygienic reasons, or they could die! I was lied to and deceived into allowing for my baby to have this horrible procedure done! I feel so terrible up to this day!


With regard to South Africans moving to Russia – they’re in for an experience. Curious to see how long they last. (You can watch channel 2 reports here with English subs – ) First off, they say it’s 15 000 people who are ready to move to Crimea and the Stavropol region. And then they mention the amount of MONEY that they have. Yeah, that damn Crimea that has NOTHING but a pathetic tourism sector to survive on is in a terrible need of cash, so much so that Putin’s mafia there (which before the war patriotically said Crimea was to be forever Ukrainian) is ready to give refuge to anyone – under one condition: bring along loads of cash – and a 100… Read more »

This White Genocide is so vile – I can hardly find words to describe it! I wish that I could help the Boers find a homeland in South Africa that would allow themselves to defend themselves with their own army – it’s just horrifying what these sick jews and their non-white accomplices have done and continue to do!


PART 2 OF THE COMMENT (With regard to South Africans moving to Russia…) – Then in the channel 2 report they show some good nigga who explains to Aryan morons that in SA “there are certain problems which often entail deaths of whites”. And it’s absolutely horrible, because nothing of the kind is going on in Russia – Putin’s media doesn’t report asiatics’ crime, so it doesn’t exist. So we’re basically saving the world again, because… the EVIL EUROPE won’t let them in. Right, and Russia is NOT Europe, Russia’s place is among the shit-colored nations that form the masonic BRICK that holds the whole world together. But, being kind christians, we’ll save the world again, no problem, if only to stick it to the… Read more »

Petter Gustafsson

In Europe, few realize how manny non-jews and non-muslims there are who are circumsized. I remember american girls in dating-forums and shows years ago being comfused when seeing european men naked. All previous boyfrien having ben cut…………….Theres so manny differences that you dont think of, so manny details.


Red Ice might be fucked up but Lana is still hot.


Always had uncomfortable feels when I saw her. Way too mannish for my liking but hey if trannies turn you on Alouicious then Lana’s your girl(?)…

John from NC

She looks like a character from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Close. It’s a character from the Jewish horror picture show

If you’re into crack whores I guess.