Renegade Roundtable: Predators Are The Priority (1-5-19)

Kyle and Sinead talk about a whole variety of important topics, like make up and make believe, fakes and frauds, pedos in power, and more. Then they take a good call from Gilly and another caller who talks about his back.

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Gilly Thorsson

Thanks for having me on. It was definitely a lively show…especially towards the end. 😂


Regarding muzzies with box cutters and false flags, I came across this incredibly creepy vid where a school class of young black kids are being made to chant rhythmically in a ritualistic manor. When? On the morning of 9/11. Guest of honor? George W Bush. What did the kids chant?

Kite. Hit. Steel. Plane. Must.

Anthony Roberts

Another great show and a good call from Gilly. To speak about past abuse, with a view to breaking the cycle, is very commendable. I salute your bravery, and the way you are trying to protect your children. We know there is a jewish timebomb in White families already, with step parents and homo couples now seen as the norm. How many more children will be damaged if we don’t act now? Sean, the other caller, made some good points, but left me equally confused, going from his book to x-rays, in one sentence. Nerves probably – i know the feeling. Perhaps he can try again sometime, if he was genuine, that is. PS How very dare you both! It takes hours to centre-part my… Read more »


On behalf of step-parents…

Often it is we who pick up the pieces.



Like our hosts, can’t easily discuss the issue of pedophilia either. Don’t know where I got this on the old hag.

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Duke on Sinead “You’re a liar” about Sandy Hook (he doesn’t subscribe to the Khazar theory either) Too late anyway David, it’s now 2019 and you can’t be sure the Khazar theory isn’t correct.

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Just think about the ongoing Sexualisation Agenda (Homosexuality, Transgender) in Schools and Kindergardens. How can parents sit still with that.


The Make Up Shit and Fashion are developed and controlled by all the Transgenders and their special leaders. They are turning men into women and women into men. Aim: they first confused peoples perception; some do not even know anymore how real men and real women look like. Hollyweird presented exclusiv Transgendert people. France just issued: Mother and Father do no exist anylonger but Elder1 and Elder2. We do not even know how many real men and women are out there; they were secretly producing plenty Transgenders. They wish to kill off the Family.