Renegade Roundtable: Programming the Revolution (12-1-17)

Kyle and his guest expert on controlled opposition discuss James Mason and Siege, Anton Levy, Charles Manson, and all the idiotic stuff being promoted by the right wing death squads. They then talk about some recent current events related to Trump, Russia, Britain First, Prince Harry, ‘based trannies’, and more idiocy.

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Hello, I am an associate and personal friend of James Mason, which I can substantiate with pictures and various images that we’ve taken together. I’ve had him listen to your recent podcast on him, Universal Order, and Manson, which he was quite befuddled by. He’d very much like to appear on your show if possible, to debate you guys, or to have a general discussion on what you think of him.

Heil Hitler
Ryan AW


Classic show again. BTW your description of Krav Maga is wrong, and those videos are all lies. The true Krav Maga technique is: if someone slights you, you clasp your collar, cry uncontrollably turn on you heel and run while cryinghysterically mumbling something about holoco$st visions and memories, and then open a lawsuit up against them for antisematism, white supremacy, racism, homophpbia, being a nazi, terrorism, more antisematism and for being a zyklon b sales rep.


you made me laugh 🙂




A. Wyatt Mann’s real name is Nick Bougas and he was in contact with Charles Manson (as well as Boyd Rice, Zeena LaVey (Anton Levey’s daughter), the Jew Adam Parfrey etc.) Really the so-called ‘movement’ that came after Hitler’s death is nothing to do with National Socialism. It’s a dysfunctional mess. Whites in the ‘movement’ are just as affected by the degeneracy of the post-1945 world as ‘normal’ Whites. That said, there’s really been nothing entirely perfect. The NSDAP were flawed, Hitler’s policy on the Jews was too lenient. For example the Nuremberg Laws counted 1/8th Jews as Germans. That would mean Jews like Sarkozy and Lenin would be counted as Aryans today. Additionally the first Supreme SA Leader was a Jew named Emil Maurice… Read more »


Supposedly, Nick Bougas drew the cartoons, and Wyatt Kaldenburg wrote them.


There were a few people inside the Reich which were butthurt by Hitler’s rise to power. Some of them so much they betrayed their country. Plus you had masons and who knows what other groups working against them.

As far as the war went the battle of Britain and Stalingrad were two huge mistakes. The former cost a lot of airpower while the latter cost not only the sixth army but the air of invincibility the Germans had until then. There were oilfields nearby which were of far greater importance and would have helped the German war machine a lot more than taking Stalingrad. They had a lot to lose and not much to gain from attacking the place. Never a good gamble.


David Irving explains this thoroughly in one of his talks. I will link to it later when home and on computer, on my phone at the moment.
Basically Herr Hitler was incapacitated through dysentery caused by WW1 gassing still plaguing him. Whilst he was incapacitated for a few weeks his generals went against his orders and attacked Stalingrad rather thanHerr Hitlers orders of a pincer movement and acquiring the caucus oil fields.


I would have shot the generals myself had I been Hitler. With their own sidearms.


109 times nations were too lenient with the jews. Either people get it, and do the right thing or they will suffer. And we are.

Anthony Roberts

Spot on guys. The jews take our very real White genocide situ, and control that narrative. It’s either all-out “terrorism” or just go mgtow/homo guys and drop out. All designed to leach energy, time and enthusiasm.

Looking at your slides, quick thoughts:
This is pure theatre. Breivik (brave-vik-ing), Manson, LSD, horror crimes etc. Helter skelter – the beatles (who were a Tavistock project), all designed to confuse, defuse and destroy the White family unit.

Also, there was a adult cartoon show called “family Guy.” There were 4 main characters: Peter, Joe, Cleveland and “Quagmire.” I always thought that was a strange name; now we know.

PS Great to hear Sinead. Renegade’s temporary loss is gain!


Does anyone else out there have these new LED streetlights? We just got them a few weeks ago. They are absolutely horrible. They have a very harsh glare about them and are quite uncomfortable if you look at them. The A.M.A. has actually issued a warning that these new lights can be harmful to your health and your eyes.
These new LED lights can actually damage the retina. They can also decrease melatonin production. This is just fucking insane. These jew bitches will stop at nothing.


There are a few streetlights in San Jose that use LED and they are just simply the worst! I love LED light bulbs but these streetlights are terrible. The overly bright blue light irritates my eyes and because of that I intentionally avoid walking under them.


I’m seeing LED head lights on about 15 – 20% of the cars on the road. The headlights are also very harsh. No doubt, within a couple of years, 80% or more of cars on the road will have LED’s, as most new models have them. These are the blue wave LED’s which are very dangerous for the eyes. For some reason, when I see them out of the corner of my eye, I can often see a blue or even purplish color to some of these LED lights. A lot of drivers complain that their LED head lights don’t have good illumination, so they’re wanting even brighter LED’s. Great. LED’s are uni-directional so will never produce the superior illumination of traditional street lights and… Read more »


This is indeed how they control. They push the extremist agendas so they can demonize the legitimate opposition exposing their genocide and race hatred. They create the narrative, they frame the issues you just have to choose. Notice how on both sides of the Atlantic countries have basically two political choices. They aren’t really choices because we live in a one party state in which we can choose only the window dressing of the one party state. UK Conservative or Labor? USA Republican (conservative) or Democrat (Labor/liberal) Like stupid children we are given the parameters in which we may express our political views in a non toxic (to them) environment. The press then creates BS topics of discussion or nonsense points of contention to set… Read more »

pj sinatra

ah hell, I thought a Groyper was Weinstein-inspired meme about groping the Goyim. So much for that.

If someone wants to build a Microwave Faraday Cage, all that needs to be done is to space the wire mesh to 1mm apart and Grounded. This corresponds the 1mm wave-length of the Microwave itself. The household Microwave Oven on its glass door has a 1mm mesh behind it to prevent microwave leakage through the looking glass 🙂

Natural Microwaves from the Water Molecule (CMBR) are of course, completely harmless.


Wire mesh definitely makes a very good Faraday cage. However, every microwave oven I’ve ever measured with an RF detector is leaking a considerable amount of microwave radiation. My guess is it’s not coming out where the mesh is but from around the edges of the door. No question about it, though, you use a microwave oven and you are getting fried a little bit yourself if you are anywhere near it. An excellent example of how wire mesh can block RF radiation can be seen in this video: I would encourage everyone with a “smart” meter to get a product like this. However, your “smart” meter is also causing a massive amount of dirty electricity in your house wiring which was designed to… Read more »


This is an excellent video showing how wire mesh can block RF radiation. Mesh is perfect if you only have one source of RF, such as a nearby cell tower. However, most everyone has multiple sources of RF in the house now — wi-fi, cordless phones, “smart” phones and now all the “smart” TV’s and “smart” fridges, etc. So if you put mesh on a wall to block RF from a cell tower, all the RF from the other devices in your house will reflect off the mesh and come right back at you so you get a double hit of RF. Therefore, I generally would recommend the use of RF absorbing materials rather than reflecting materials such as mesh. What a friggin’ fucked… Read more »

Harry Ballson

Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left-Hand Path Sex Magic – October 15, 2002

Zeena & Nikolas Schreck

This book was written by Anton’s daughter and her husband, who are both followers of the Left-hand Path (self-actualization).

An excellent read, as both are very knowledgeable. Zeena even mentions her father, amongst others.

And, as always, Mr. Whisker’s steals the show.

Harry Ballson

The FEDS will use other methods to entrap an individual as well. Therefore, one must NEVER let their guard down. As the FEDS have been stalking and attempting to entrap me for almost 2 decades, I have become quite familiar with their methodology. Two such examples are: 1. The RCMP and Victoria PD in BC created an elaborate scenario where they had two undercover police officers/agents pretend to bomb the BC Legislature building in Victoria, BC., with a homemade pressure cooker. These two FEDS were then let off due to “gross misconduct” by the RCMP. These same operatives then proceeded to attempt to befriend me at a local gym. Before actual contact was made, they hung around, thus ‘acclimatizing’ me to their presence, whilst simultaneously… Read more »


Very very good comment, the police are completely unscrupulous the masonic lodge reigns supreme in the police forces of the west and we know whose bidding they do. What you say about never say anything period is very very important I have tasted myself the hypocrisy they will twist anything no matter how trivial and stupid into a weapon against you. I have found “friends” and colleagues would stab me in the back with no compunction whatsoever. The longer I live the more I realize you can trust nobody period. Never speak to the police? I think that is brilliant advice. I am also very wary of all these people promoting the Nazi agenda, I think it is folly to try and wrap ourselves in… Read more »

Six Million Camels

Jew camels? I’ve made the same observation a while ago. Look at David Duchovny and Bill Maher. Both Jews who look like camels with same sounding voices and facial features/expressions!


Good stuff.


Hey, can somebody post the imgur-link which is mentoined 10 minutes in..
Cheers, good show!


Have a glance at “Whitechapel” even in wikipaedia, the place was absolutely heaving with the jew pestilence by the late 1800s.


Addendum: Also this is the time Jacob The Ripper, in and around 1888 no less. A very notable date OY KABALLA. I estimate that Jackie Rippenstein was most likely a tribesman. Some investigator had a pop that it might have been Diana Spencer’s Great Grandfather and cohenoid cohorts. Signs were that this was some kind of ritual murder, possibly all in keeping with the program.