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I don’t think it’s any accident that these hoaxes keep getting sloppier and sloppier. I think they are doing this not just for their own sick pleasure, but to further induce dissociation from reality. Now people are viewing laughing actors and are believing they’re “grieving parents.” Most humans cannot even recognize genuine human emotions anymore. That is very scary.

Do you think anyone is really falling for this one? Who, over the age of 5 would think this shit is real? I can understand someone not being able to understand how some details of this trick was pulled off, but overall – who doesn’t know it was staged?

you need to look around; lot of suckers out there

JohnSmithRGB – As part of the Sandy Hook coverup – “they” staged a fake distress call to the US Coast Guard so that subsequent Google searches for “Sandy Hook Hoax” would NOT reference people providing info on the Fake School Shooting. Here is that audio :https://www.youtube.com/watch?

They are using a similar strategy to misdirect Google searches for “Las Vegas Shooting Hoax” searches. Those searches yield moans about “victims families” crying about citizens reporting “fake news”.

The fact that they are doing that tells you that there is a growing number of people not buying the Ministry of Truth propaganda.

Some Mexicans at work said they knew right off the bat that the government is responsible for this. Their words.

Quite a few people who are of decent intelligence fell for it.. What stops them from seeing the truth is that the truth goes against so many things they believe in. With all the politicians and media playing along with the hoax and even fake pro-Whites who are supposedly anti-establishment it’s not easy for them to see the situation clearly. The truth in this scenario challenges the average persons entire world view. A persons world view is built up over a lifetime and is resistant to wholesale change. The average person might seem like a brainwashed lemming to us but they are not idiots. They were just fed a whole lot of bad information from birth. There’s a lot of people out there that can… Read more »
Although I was doubting the “Christmas Marked Terror” in Berlin they confused me with the official drawings of the crime scene to the point I didn’t know what to think. My fault was to take the little map they produced for real and the whole thing fell apart later when a more realistic map appeared on the internet. I had questioned many parts of the narrative but this awkward feeling of confusion intoxicated everything. It’s especially sad to say because I know the place and even though was made mad with one little drawing. It’s the real world experience of this experiment in which the participant has to say which line is longer than the other and I began to doubt my own perception. I… Read more »

Clearly they are! Why would you even need to ask that after experiencing the official story believers first hand in this comments section? There are only a small handful of people that think that no one died.

I have a hard time believing that an adult who has been paying attention can be that stupid. I guess I’m wrong though.

I wonder if there’s a correlation between obesity and Official Story belief among the commenters here.

Admiral Mullen stated this about the role of PSYOP in Afghanistan: “It’s what they believe to be true that matters. And when they believe that they are safer with”… US troops around and a puppet government in place – then we win.

It looks like they want the dummies to believe they are safer if everyone is disarmed….except the Regime, of course.

On that point, I have no clue. I mean, the creatures orchestrating this certainly wouldn’t have a problem killing folks, but on the other hand, people are so dumbed down, I don’t think actually killing people is a necessary component to pulling this off.

Everyone I know. They even believe WW3 and NK are real. Many many people fall for it, hence we have this fucking uphill struggle to even suggest to them this is fake, without being battered by a salvo of indignation and rage. God forbid anything affects their kumfurt and koziness. Nuffin yoo can du abo’ it, just keep doing yor jubb!

They’ve been trained from birth to view fake emotions as real by TV and movies.

People can be awakened rather quickly though if you show them the right material. One guy I know at work mentioned crazy muslim terrorists and I set him straight in about five minutes. I showed him a Peekay Truth video on orlando( yeah I know he’s a Jew but his videos on terror hoaxes are excellent) and the police tribute video put out just days afterwards where they were all dancing. It didn’t take him long to realize he’s been had.

Somebody is posing as Peekay Truth and is saying that whole thing was “Real” https://youtu.be/-6AoWWzUdds More damage control.

The real peekay channel had about 12k or 20k subscribers. This imposter is nothing like him. Peekay is still doing some commentating but not on his own channel. He called out vegas as bogus of course.

I used some peekay videos to show my sister and niece and nephew what the score is. The best thing about peekay is he is quite funny as he destroys the official version of events. You simply can not watch his videos and still believe in all the fake terror. I will have to save some videos of his if I can still find them.

Isn’t it interesting that the Peekay imposter is even using the real Peekay’s channel icon? That definitely shows intent. Of course, the real Peekay was banned from jew-toob.

Yeah I noticed that. He was shut down multiple times before he got sick of it. I don’t know what the imposter hopes to achieve. Peekay was famous for exposing hoaxes not parroting the Ministry of Truth. Anyone going there who heard about him won’t be impressed.

Here is an interview by Peekay talking about how he was silenced. https://youtu.be/LO_8SdWvLPA

Interesting interview. He got some heavy handed treatment considering the style of his videos. Like he said he couldn’t be accused of promoting violence or anything illegal. He simply ridiculed the official version.

Sinead, brilliant yet simple point you made! I couldn’t agree more. I have been mulling and saying the same thing for a while now, probably ever since Shady Ho(o)kum took place. People can’t distinguish a brick from crepe anymore. It’s sad/scary that less than .001 of the people are awake. I have lost many friends just discussing the facts of the hoaxes, such as why would a multi-millionaire sue a casino for pocket change after faking a fall? Mike Cronk, smirking while he talks about dead people. David Wheeler dressing up as a swat team member the day his child died in Newtown, and not even knowing how to carry a firearm. This country is beyond help. I am glad some people are awake, but… Read more »

SB 239 passed in California. It is now legal to knowingly transmit HIV!

Championed by gay senator (((Scott Weiner))) and Todd Gloria (confused gay jew programmed Kalergi Plan victim).

Genocidal jewish Privilege on full display. Disgusting.

It’s now a misdemeanor. And they are calling it a “modernization” of the HIV law. This just displays the level of control that the Shadow Gov has and how they use their homo & kike operatives to further their agenda.

Interesting idea about the blood drives after these events. Yes, the fucking jew-tards are seriously into blood. I would love to see Kyle do a show about blood. It would be fascinating.

Metzitzah. Kapparot. Animal sacrifices. Sick “kosher” slaughter. human sacrifices. Genocide the Amalekites. Jewish scapegoat ritual —but muh antesemitik blood libil !!!

A book for the folks consideration. “Compromised, Clinton Bush and the CIA.” Author, Terry Reed. This book contains everything John Smith was discussing on his previous broadcasts. The author was a pilot who got caught up in the whole Clinton mess. Stevo

It was shortly a topic and it’s really interesting to know that in Canada and Europe two prominent jewish Holocaust survivors, Henry Morgentaler and Simone Veil successfully promoted the right to abortion for the women in their host countries. Morgentaler even named it a lesson from his uniquely horrifying jewish experience to fight for this right in Canada. Of course abortion has been a communist/ jewish thing from the start with one prominent figure Friedrich Wolf, who wrote the play Cyankali/ Cyanide – also a movie – around 1930 in Germany. His son was the notorious GDR/ Stasi spy master Markus Wolf who is said to have worked for Homeland Security later. He had been able to turn huge parts of the population into voluntary… Read more »

They can reconfigure their approach all they want. More people wake up after every psyop. Should they decide to go real everyone will know it’s their own government killing them. They’d be better served doing psychoanalysis on themselves rather than on the public. Then we wouldn’t need this insanity.

It seemed the brother, Eric, was inspired by Dennis Hopper in “Apocalypse Now”. And the rest of the script seemed to borrow heavily from “A History of Violence”….

The Las Vegas Staged Atrocity was far less sophisticated than the fake Boston Firecracker Staged Atrocity. The Base of operations for the “Finish Line” segment of the Boston Firecracker Staged Atrocity was the Bank of American Financial Center located at the corner of Boyleston and Exeter streets.

Here is a short video that shows several of the techniques they used to portray the “Bombing”.


Another strange name game trifecta of 2012 was the Sandy Hook shooting, hurricane Sandy, and child rapist Sandusky.

Fema Las Vegas! (((Elvis))). Bleeding Las Vegas! (((cage)))? Show me the EVIDENCE!! LOL. Talking of Jerry Maguire, didn’t Tomahawk Cruise missile have a “Petty” moment in that ’96 jew flick? Just like the crisis actors – he was “free fallin.” Another superb discussion – thanks everyone.

PS Jon (homo?) Humanity has a link to another very interesting “Russian” doc on jewtube about suppression of Aryan symbols and free energy. May be disinfo, but worth a look.

It’s off topic but I think now we can see more clear what special role is created for the Polish people . That’s from Breitbart: ” Thousands of Catholics formed a human chain along the borders of Poland on the anniversary of an historic victory by Europe over the Ottoman Empire officially to pray for peace and “against the Islamisation of Europe”. Polish media reports hundreds of thousands of adherents participated in the “Rosary on the Borders” event on Saturday, October 7th, to mark the anniversary of the Battle of Lepanto, where “the Christian fleet overcame the Muslim armada, saving Europe from Islamisation”.” Healthy anti- immigration opposition is drawn into the war for Israel by the globalist Catholic structure which, while using the historic narrative… Read more »

Jean Baudrillard has a good perspective on these “simulated” events, and the way it is transmitted in the media. The Gulf War never really happened, at least not the way we imagined it, so these events by now don’t even need that much of a logisic. This is simply expectation and perception management. The Frankfurt school psychoanalysis movement provided much for the insight into the goyim psychology, what with the information harvested by psychologists and psychiatrists. I am sure all those case studies and client stories ended up in some circumcised lap. “Come now, relax and tell me about your life, goy”. . .

I heard some mention of a delay in the Las Vegas shooting being reported on the news media; though I do not recall what exactly I heard but yesterday I looked for Las Vegas local news for the day of the putative Paddock shooting, and there was nothing on the 11:00 pm or it may have been 11;30 pm news . One would expect that the local news provider would have heard of the shooting that supposedly began at 10 pm and would perhaps at least announce it and warn the public away from the area. Also, in one of the 2 photos I have seen repeatedly online purportedly of Stephen Craig Paddock , the younger of the 2 phots, he looks like Garfunkel [of… Read more »

Great show. I wasn’t aware of Trump buying into a CIA front company. The guy is heavily connected with all the wrong people.

The intelligence isn’t AI though some AI will be used for analysis and pattern recognition. The mindset of big brother and it’s operatives is basically psychopathic overcompensation. No amount of money or power satifies them because they won’t face up to their inferiority complexes. They remind me of a character in the movie Revolver played by Ray Liotta. He wanted people to fear him. He NEEDED people to fear him to feel important and worthy. In reality his reaction to his inferiority complexes just made him pathetic.

They do use computer modeling to simulate the effects of PSYOP on Target Audiences both as individuals and people in groups. The computer simulation applications are called “Individual, Organizational, and Societal” (IOS) modeling programs. These programs use “Computational Intelligence” (CI) also called “Soft Computing” which is a term given to inexact solutions to complex problems of human behavior (and other problems) that can’t be defined perfectly by an algorithm.

These programs attempt to model Reasoning, Learning, Planning, Perception, Knowledge Acquisition, Intelligent Search, Uncertainty Management, etc.

For example, there is something called the Psychological Operations Analysis Support Environment, known as PSYASE.

For simulation purposes I could see AI being useful. Strategy decisions are a different story when there are a lot of variables. Human brains are designed to deal with endless variables of real life. Building a computer model of that is a tough ask. It took nature millions of years. Trying to program intuition or creativity is not going to be easy either.

Computers can be useful but there’s a long way to go before they’ll match a human brain. If you hooked up all the computers in the world with a decent controlling program you could probably create something scary though.

As with computer Chess games, PSYOP simulation is advancing. Here is some insight into how these programs work relative to something like the Las Vegas event: Players in the simulation do not have direct access to the true state of the world. They instead form beliefs about what they think is the state of the world. Some players “believe” media sources. Some are skeptical to a certain degree. Some players do not believe media sources. Simulated players plan their behavior so as to maximize the reward they expect to receive, where the reward is a quantitative function defined over the state of the world and their selected action. For example, some players have definite political goals concerning civilian gun ownership. Some are uncommitted. Each simulated… Read more »

The Frankfurt skool of psychology was an info harvesting operation that has provided much insight into our fears and emotions. Also that they have steered us from the getgo we are all following the pied piper.

If a physical riot happens all the “authorities” have to do is open up a stand for free iphone credit, and everyone will be on their knees sucking the State cock once again.

People are trained from birth. Everyone who I come across falls for the narrative hook line and sinker. Tell them its fake and just watch their faces.

Start by telling them something they already know like the government and media is lying to them in general. Then show them a good expose video or some bad crisis acting. It was bad acting that got me.

A bastard of a good point there. The whole predicament we are in and have been in since 1945 has been on the media stunt that some jews were turned into furniture and kitchen appliances i.e. the holohoax. Fast forward to today, we have NATO, UN and the Vienna convention as the jew safeguards implemented against Germany to allow them to continue their invasion of Palestine, and gradual disguised conquest of the world.

These “2nd amendment” follies just get sloppier! Indeed these people have multi trillion$ at their disposal, but they leave all these holes to “muddy the waters”, to “poison the well”, they’ve had practice for over 6,000 years to pull of a FF and then just put so many different “realities” out there – so it makes it impossible for any cogent analysis! Dozens of little miscues, that drive Us crazy, but Sheeple Mericans don’t even notice. It’s on purpose! Exhibit A: According to the official story – with that rapid fire rate.. the hotel room should have showed, several melted barrels, hundreds of rounds of red hot cartridge shells – the hotel room rug should be a mass of burns.. but strangely – it looks… Read more »

Kyle just proved once again he’s the best going. This show was firstly, informative, and secondly, his humor and plays on words kept me in stitches. Lastly, when Canadians call, he is the master of every situation. He’s tops my friends. If I were a millionaire I’d give him half. Maybe more. ahahahah

Fuck that filthy Ginsberg-lookalike JEW! Why do idiots still look to him for anything?

It’s hard to keep track of all the anti-White subversives. You might come across something they’ve said which you like and get sucked in. Maybe we need a list.

If you can’t just look at Weev & decide there & then you’re an idiot & getting “sucked in” by something he says again is idiocy considering all the garbage he’s spewed till now. I ain’t holding the hands of no idiot but if you want to waste your time making little lists for them then go for it.

There was no picture of him on that link. Just a reasonable sounding writing about Spencer. Someone reading it and not knowing weev could easily assume he’s legit. Maybe not someone of your superior intellect and powers of spotting anti-White subversives but normal people.

Btw just so you know, I wasn’t calling “you” an idiot, just speaking generally about people who seem to fall so easily for this crap 😉 And yes, my superior intellect has definitely been a useful asset, thanks! 😀

All the lead anti-White subversives have a crew of second tier subversives to vouch for them. Plus they cross promote each other and the Ministry of Truth will attack them to give them some extra credibility. People tend to act like sheep so if they see others taking people like weev seriously they will too. Which just enhances the effect further down the line. Not everyone will fall for it but their voices will be drowned out by the subversives who always work as a hive.