Renegade Roundtable: Punching to the Right and Left (1-20-18)

Kyle talks to Greater Thought, Rollie, Chris H, Tony, and Jeff about youth in the movement, cultural corruption, the mess of a movement, fake punches, shuttin’ it down, degenerate and genocidal music, and much more.

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It always amazes me how so many people are delusional in following cryptos like Aaron Genus, Richard Spencer and other senior members of the Alt-Right. These members are either promoting disgusting habits of smoking weed, or try to justify pornography for the means of the perverted. It is such a shame how follows remain stubborn in their attempt to defend these particular men. (((Alt-Right)))


Scott the Strategerist

Aaron Genus? Never heard of him.

He is a Black 17 year old ‘upcoming politician’ National Socialist. However, he is just another degenerate influence young man who gets so high on weed that he falls down his stairs, gets stitches and posts it on his Snapchat story.

Aaron. Aaron the pelvic thrusting homosexual isralite degenerate cockslider.

Skalgarir – Pelvis thrusting. Ahhh! I can’t believe we gave him this much attention. He’s one screwed up confused kid for sure.

A 17 year old black NS?
If he is a real NS, he should be either promoting #Blaxit, the Hotep movement, or both.
I don’t have twitter, but if you guys are already following him, hold his feet to the fire and encourage him to support his black brothers in their move to mama Ahhfrika or Ghana.
Better yet, to join them!
Blacks unite, and head home – we’ll do an equal exchange, the whites of South Africa for the blacks of America/Aus/Briton/Europe..
And their brother jews can be close by in Madagascar.

Scott the Strategerist

Thank you, Amber. It’s VERY hard for me to look at images of miscegenation. These girls have NO IDEA the preciousness of the genes they’re throwing in the trash in order to be conformist to the Jewsmedia’s narrative.

I feel the same Scott.
It breaks my heart having had such gorgeous girlfriends when I was a little girl, and these same beautiful women, now have children that look nothing like them, and are frequently asked ”are you their nanny”?
It’s sickening…
The mothers of these mongrelized children spend most of their lives in regret.
You can tell by looking at them.
It is a sorry state indeed.

Scott the Strategerist
Amber, so what does it take to reach them? What reached you? That’s really the ONLY question. We can be for/against democracy, capitalism, socialism, abortion, homosexuality, etc. NONE OF IT MATTERS UNLESS WE REACH WHITE WOMEN OF CHILD-BEARING AGE. Honestly? My opening line is to talk about numbers. “In 1950 whites were 30% of the world’s population. Today, white women of child-bearing age are barely 2% of the world’s population; and to get to 2%, you have to count a lot of people as ‘white’ whom you wouldn’t necessarily think of as white. Look in the mirror! Do you want your beauty to go away forever? Well, it will if you mate w/ Leroy/Jose/Ahmed. I say your beauty shouldn’t disappear forever and he says it… Read more »
I will have to think more about this.. honestly, I have very few girlfriends, but I do live on a farm, pretty isolated, very rural. The ”hippie” women in my ”community” turned against me when I spoke against feminism and islam a few years ago, most of my family too.. Unlike Goyette, I was very fortunate to have a father who told me in my early teens, ”Don’t you EVER bring home a black guy”. My father was very loving, very supportive, and had black friends – I never once thought of him as racist – but something forced him to verbally warn me. Only once did he make that statement, but it was with such conviction and in earnst that I never questioned him… Read more »

Amber, are you a member of Heathen Women? I’m thinking of joining, and if you’re not already a member, you might want to think of joining, too. There are SO FEW of us WN/NS women out there that we all really need to support one another.

Be well!

You sound like you are a wonderful daughter. Your Dad did a great job raising you. He is successful on that merit alone. Tell him OKC loves his brilliant daughter. I have to run. Check ya later, tator.

Now why would anyone of European heritage “help” or “nudge” an african “national socialist”? This is wasteful hand-holding. I don’t think a person like that, who seems to be the lowest of the low, even deserves discussion.

The kid just once attention and probably has a lust for Aryan men. I certainly wouldn’t spend any considerable time or energy on him. “Look at me, I’m different. I’m an anomaly”. That’s really all it is. You guys are giving him WAY too much credit.

“You guys are giving him WAY too much credit.” I apologize. I mean PEOPLE are giving him way too much credit. I can’t speak for the people in this thread.

The world will be free when the world wakes up to the jew. The jew is enslaving EVERYONE. Imagine a future, where only whites wake up to the jew, but the rest of the world still thinks ”muh holocaust, those evil whites!”……. it’s not going to work.
I don’t suggest ‘hand-holding’ or even befriending africans, but I’m not afraid to tell them the truth.

Anglin mentioned that his target demographic is teens. The strategy he uses like the other subversives is pretty simple. He makes some very good points at least some of the time. He bashes Jews. Then he throws in crap like White sharia. The effect is that he will lose a lot of supporters but still retain a core group. A lot of people that reject Anglin for White sharia or other stuff reject everything he says which is pro-White as well. Like a poster said in another comment section they throw out the baby with the bathwater. People judge the source of the information first and that heavily influences how they view the information. If you watch interviews with Charles Manson he also said a… Read more »

WhiteWolf – Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works. They want to make us look like psychotic, foaming at the mouth Hollywood Nazis, so that anything we say will be disregarded. Kyle has a really good point about us not even using their terminology, because it’s like guilt by association. Maybe we should create an alternative term for all of theirs. The whole really making me sick to my stomach.

They are doing what they are doing because we are winning the propaganda war.

There’s a very easy method to out controlled opposition or just very bad examples of pro-Whites. They are given media attention, usually lot’s of it. That’s it. That’s all it takes to spot a fake pro-White. He or she was made famous/infamous by big brother. That doesn’t mean that everything they say will harm us. Often it helps. It doesn’t mean that someone not given media is legitimate but it is a lot more likely.

Right. I’ve also become really good at spotting a Jew. My Jewdar is off the hook as the kids say. I’ll just go to an Alt-Kikes’s video and in the comments section, just paste a link to a famous Jew who looks identical. Example: Weev – Allen Ginsberg, Emily Youcis – Fran Drescher (a chunkier version of), Andrew Anglin – Jonathan Greenblatt, etc. I don’t even saying anything, just post the link.

It’s preying on the emotions.. speak to the angry, disenfranchised young white man who has probably watched his family disintegrate, his natural white mate be propagandized towards negros, mexicans and general whoredom, and a near total inability to see any kind of positive outcome for himself in the MSM and social (promoted and accepted) world at large. The youth (teenagers), are a powerful force, and generally have more energy than their elders which is why they must be carefully guided so they don’t learn the truth, the nature of their enslavement, and who is enslaving them. E-Motions… Energy in motion. When you control peoples emotions, you control them. I think this is what happened with Vegainator. I didn’t listen to his last show on here,… Read more »

I ment to continue about Vegainator, I think he got distracted with the hating women / women are the problem theme..
He’s angry and distraught, understandably, but obviously either misdirected, or redirecting (you).
Trash talking the other half of your race is clearly suicidal.
He could have been contrived the whole time, but I thought in the beginning he was genuine, just not my taste since he seemed to me to be too out of control of his emotions..
Overly sarcastic. I can tolerate a little here and there, but too much sarcasm really makes me question authenticity.

(In saying, by in the beginning, him being genuine – I am referring to his short Renegade career.
Judging by his prior to Renegade youtube vids, he was a total degenerate. – Which to me, is a testament to the levelheadedness, and general greatness of Kyle and Renegade overall.
Innerstanding that very few of us these days have been able to escape our teens / twenties unscathed by the zillions of promoted and encouraged social degenerate traps, but being unwavering in the protection, ultimate survival of our folk, Aryan man, woman and child, without sacrificing honor or integrity.)

Scott the Strategerist

Amber, I have no idea who you are. I assume, from your name, that you’re female. You could be 70 years old for all I know! Regardless, from your feminine perspective, what will it take to red-pill white women, of child-bearing age, on race? WITHOUT WHITE WOMEN WE’RE DOOMED TO EXTINCTION IN ONE GENERATION.

Hi, Scott. You didn’t ask me, but I’ll jump in anyway. 😊 A HUGE part of the problem is that many White men have become total wimps and totally refuse to confront or challenge kike domination in any way. This, in turn, fuels White female misandry and contempt. Those who rail endlessly blaming White females for the state we’re in are a disgrace to our race. We are in a truly pathetic racial state as Aryans when mongrelized promoters of the uber-Semitic ‘white Sharia’ (e.g., Weev and Anglin) are so heavily promoted amongst our own folk. All of these ‘men’ would’ve been rightly shot under a healthy regime like the NSDAP.

Goyette – Disclaimer: I believe White Sharia is perverse, disgusting and degenerate and it’s advocates should be dealt with severely. Okay, that being said, I think you making excuses for our women when you say that the reason our women are contemptful is because of men being wimps and refusal to deal with the JWO. Our women aren’t perfect either, but I don’t use that as an excuse for men’s bad behavior and I won’t stop me from dating a woman, just because she’s not a perfect shining example of white womenhood. We’ve ALL dropped the ball and we’ve ALL been compromised by modern culture. I feel like this is somewhat of a cop out.

I’m not making excuses for degenerate White women, Nate. I’m simply decrying the very curious and troublesome phenomenon of White men blaming their own women (and ‘liberalism’) for destroying America and Europe. What does this say about White men themselves? That they are now incapable of protecting their own women and children from the colored hordes and endless kike predations? Unfortunately, it may…

P.S. I would also like to sincerely thank Kyle and Sinead for providing a censorship-free platform here and at the Tribune. I have been banned from Stormfront (also known as Stormdrain, KosherFront and CensorFront), Kevin MacDonald’s mealy-mouthed TOO website, Occidental Dissent, and for simply asking White men to STEP UP and NAME THE JEW.

SF is a kosher platform. It always has been with Duke protected from criticism there. There are legitimate pro-Whites on SF but the place is crawling with trolls. Not enough trolls to legitimise Anglin and Spencer though. They tried but there was enough resistance to destroy that push. The numbers on there are way down on a couple of years ago.

Scott the Strategerist

How do you know the numbers are down? What’s your source? Alexa? Even if that’s accurate, might that not reflect the fact that The Right Stuff and the Daily Stormer both have their own forums now? Stormfront is seen as WN 1.0.

I used to be a poster on there. The numbers are probably half of what they were about 3 months before they got shutdown. I’m going by the numbers viewing the main threads. Even though SF is kosher I found it very educational. There were some really good posters on there at one stage that helped me see the game a lot clearer. TRS and DS is a newer crowd than SF. Most of the legitimate pro-Whites on SF aren’t into the alt-right. They might read those sites for laughs especially DS but they aren’t buying the act. Even Duke isn’t really fooling many now on there and he was considered legitimate by most for years. His shilling for Trump was pathetic beyond belief and… Read more »

“I’m simply decrying the very curious and troublesome phenomenon of White men blaming their own women (and ‘liberalism’) for destroying America and Europe.” I agree 100% with that. It’s disgusting, but that’s half the equation.

Scott the Strategerist

Goyette, I’m happy to do the literal protecting. It’s the damned hate crimes that are holding me back! Note how, when we weren’t burdened w/ them, we lynched blacks who couldn’t give a good answer to the question, “What business do you have w/ a white woman?”

Women are contemptful of weakness in men. Even women who claim to be feminists. They can’t help themselves in that regard. There is a catch for men (and women) in modern society though. There’s almost nothing that they can do to help Whites that won’t see them ostracised by society (especially by women who are recruited heavily by liberals) or even their family. Nobody is keen on being the outcast of their society. The problem with “diversity” at it’s root is that self-sacrifice for others has been promoted as a virtue for so long (to Whites) that they think it’s a White core value. In regards to sacrificing for your tribe/race it’s a White value but it’s been perverted to include foreigners which defeats the… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist

Goyette, I want all white female input, and especially that of white females of child-bearing age. So if I understand you, it’s the decline in white male masculinity that’s driving white women into the arms of what are really beasts? I mean, blacks have more testosterone than whites. That’s true. But they’re also evolutionary throw-backs, genetic deadends. Do you think Black Pigeon was right in his viral video, in which he said that women have no group-loyalty, but only seek out the strongest mate, regardless of race? Obviously I hope not!

Scott – in regards to the testosterone issue, yes, that is a MAJOR problem – re: the feminizing effects of BPA plastics, birth control hormones and pharmas in the water supply, etc. However, another major issue that is rarely addressed by White male fathers nowadays to their daughters are the DANGERS of befriending and mating with non-White subhumans. Of course these cowed, beaten down and brainwashed White men are unable to name the kike menace themselves, so they never impart any anti-jew knowledge or wisdom to their children, either. I should know – I just turned 30, and while I don’t have children yet, my own (doctor) father once told me it would ‘be okay if I married a black guy’. I was so shocked… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist
@Goyette, having been studying this for awhile now, I think I’m pretty close to my goal, which is to QUICKLY convert whites (and, yes, even some non-whites) to WN. The FIRST STEP is to instill a sense of racial consciousness. Only AFTER this is done do you talk about Jews. Now back to the first step: I have been beta-testing points to make to white women of mating age (who are the only people I really care about reaching). They do work. Look, we have plenty of 500-1000 pages. The problem is getting people who are indifferent, or hostile, or just not really readers, to read them. We need to distill our points, and we need to hit women IN THE HEART, as well as… Read more »

Hmmm, okay. 👉🏻

Scott the Strategerist


Goyette, I think you and I are on the same page as far as Scott’s inquiry of ”what will it take to red-pill white women, of child-bearing age, on race?” . . . I too just entered my thirties, and am planning on having a large family – however, just ‘popping out as many white kids as possible’ is NOT the answer. Scott implied further in the thread that 3+ children is the answer to our problems, to which I can only think – either he is oblivious to reality, retarded or hasn’t studied enough history. Honestly, my first reaction to that kind of notion is one of literal physical sickness.. I cannot help but think of the absolute horror and pain Magda Goebbels must… Read more »

Never stop telling the truth.

Amber – I know I’ll probably get hate for this, but here it goes. I think that what Veg meant and the way he said it are 2 different things. What he was trying to say is that the leaders in the movement have to exercise some authority to stop our people from doing destructive things to our race. He said women and men need to be controlled to an extent. And like an idiot, used the word DOMINATE. I don’t agree with what he’s saying and nobody wants to be controlled by any authority, especially in America, where individualism is of such importance. He really needs to watch how he says things and I 100% agree with Renegade’s decision to get rid of him.… Read more »

An interesting encounter on a show with Spencer on:

Always great to see fellow awake Aussies here.

Are you an Aussie too?

“National Socialist Justice Warrior”…. good one Rollie

Checking Jewish Privilege, I made that shit up the spot lol..

Kyle, when you mentioned “guilt by association” I realized what a big problem that is. So hard to get rid of that yuck. It’s almost as if a disclaimer is needed at every broadcast, every article: NOT AFFILIATED WITH…………. Fill in the blank. Crazy that when one might have shared some affinity on an issue with someone that one is then forever linked to the other. It’s that black and white mentality where all shades in between are ignored or marginalized. How many times have I heard you say (in regards to the “big tent” and those who want to force others under it) that you’d love to debate them, but they won’t. Therein is “guilt by association” stabilized. You are not given the platform… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist
*I* will debate Kyle, if that’s what he’s looking for. My issue? I think being overtly pro-NS is too steep a high to climb. We can accomplish virtually everything we want, in terms of a white ethnostate, just by invoking the Founding Fathers. The problem w/ trying to revive the NSDAP, the Klan or the Confederacy is that the Jewsmedia and the Dept of EdJewcation have so gaslit people on them that you spend all your time arguing about them, and not arguing about what’s going on today. Now having said that, we absolutely have to discuss the HoloHoax because they’re go-to argument is, “Whites can’t have an ethnic identity or homeland because Holocaust.” Rather than deflect, I say we have to take ’em head… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist

I’m kinda coming around to what you guys are saying, although for a somewhat different reason: the TRS fans are complete jerks. I just don’t want to be in a movement associated w/ them. They’re bad people, they come off badly, they turn off everyone, and I think, in the end, they’re precluding the creation of a WN movement that could actually get somewhere.

That’s the whole point of outfits like TRS and DS. Unless people are already pro-White they don’t want to be associated with them. They reject them and any pro-White things that they might say. Pro-Whites do the opposite or at least some do. They hear the pro-White messages and ignore the red flags. They see someone bashing the jews and being “attacked” by the media and they think he’s legitimate. What they fail to realize is that anyone being mentioned in the media is being promoted. If it’s positive media attention they are promoted as representing the official narrative side. If it’s negative attention they are promoted as representing the counter narrative side. Both official and counter narratives are controlled. That’s the framework people are… Read more »

Most, if not ALL outfits, are very cautious to NEVER mention Renegade Broadcasting, or utter Kyle or Sinead’s names..
If Renegade Tribune, or the Broadcasting network received more traffic, even if it was just out of casual curiosity – the ”movement” might actually go somewhere productive, quickly.
The msm, and all arms of the jewish owned anti-white propaganda machine need to keep narrating both sides of the conversation, as soon as they lose control of the interrogation process, or the narrative, their cheap, chinese communist slave labor sweater unravels string by string, all too easily.

Scott the Strategerist

Where IS Renegade trying to go? I am going to soon be in a position to do my own work, and my advice to awakened whites is/will be that, for rank-and-file whites, the MOST important thing to do is to mate w/, and of course only w/, other whites. We are the sum of our personal accomplishments and our offspring; and since most people will never do anything important with their lives, this means that the best thing the vast majority of whites can do is to (1) have 3+ children and (2) instill racial consciousness in other whites, including their own children. What do you think?

Sc the s might be an Anti White race infiltrator . The primary reason is he posts the word white , when he should post White ” RACE” . “white” just is defined as people with White skin when refering to humans . We all know Mediterranean races most J.,s for example.have white skin , so, he could be inferring that it would be acceptable to mate with Mediterranean races . He also does not mention that White race people that reproduce more than 3 kids per couple have over 500 years of most current ancestry that evolved North of the Alps ,with the exception of the descendent s of those White race people that moved away from those North of the Alps regions and… Read more »

I’ve noticed a trend of Renegade people being denegrated as ‘Renetards’ by the Alt Kike for calling out the cryptos amongst them. Of course, within the Alt Kke, (((Richard Spencer))) is considered a great beacon of intellectual thought, so I guess that’s no surprise.

Goyette – Richard Spencer is most likely a shill and shabbos goy, but putting the echos around him without any proof, looks paranoid.

I’m saying that because he doesn’t actually look Jewish and I’ve yet to see any proof of him actually being Jewish. There certainly is proof of him being a shill though. It just looks bad to an outsider seeing echos around everybody, when there isn’t proof for all of these claims. I’m sorry, but it makes us look paranoid to a lot of people.

Richard is a documented crypto-kike. We should all be eternally grateful to Sinead and the guys at /pol/ who delved into his family tree and exposed his charade. He’s so Jewish, he could even make aliya:

It’s not ‘paranoid’ if it’s the truth, Nate.

Goyette – Okay, it looks legit. I sit corrected.

Scott the Strategerist

@ Goyette, the Alt-Right online commenters do NOT tolerate any questioning of their leaders, like (((Mike Enoch))), (((Richard Spencer))) and (((Weev))). By “questioning,” I mean just asking an honest question. They then call you a “Jew” and/or a “shill.” It’s close-minded dogmatism.

Hearing from Greater thought was wonderful and uplifting. I hope to hear more from our young folk in the future. I have been pushing for my 18 year old son to call in and contribute, because I believe he has much to offer to our cause. They are our cause.

Round tables are the best, great work as usual guys.

America wasn’t created to be a country of immigrants. It was created as a White ethnostate by Whites. It didn’t even exist before Whites created it. The original Americans were not the Indian natives. They already had and still have their own identity. The original Americans were White and when Americans were still sane they thought of America as a White country. The self perception that people have is extremely important to how they behave. Here in Australia we had some anti-Whites suggesting moving Australia Day so as to not offend Aboriginals who see it as the start of White invasion. The two main parties actually defended keeping the day the same. One politician even went as far as saying that British settlement in Australia… Read more »
Scott the Strategerist

I’ll do you one better: the ORIGINAL inhabitants of the American continentS where white, w/ the earliest group being the Solutreans. They were displaced by immigrants from Siberia. Read about it here:

I agree with most of what you say WhiteWolf, however, upon further research, I sincerely question whether or not your first sentence is true or not. America was indeed inspired, founded, built, and created by white Europeans. As Scott suggests, I agree that Solutreans were most likely the first inhabitants here – again, what we would call Europeans. It was the 1776 founding, and the blanket lable of ”America” that is very dubious to me.. the 1700’s was a very nefarious time on the world stage in the darkened closets of the architects. Much like today, the jews (looking h’white), were uprising and creating ”proletariat revolutions” all over the world that saw mass the slaughter of Aryan men, women and children (French Revolution ring a… Read more »

Freemasonry is jewish.
”If you take judaism out of freemasonry, what is left?”

Scott the Strategerist

I have the following book in my library: “Judaism and Freemasonry,” by Vicomte Leon De Poncins. It lays it all out and is an easy, quick read, like the “Cliff’s Notes” version of E. Michael Jones’ book.

Recommended reading: Freemasonry; Ideology, Organization and Policy – Dieter Schwarz (a SS Manual For Secret Policing) Published by the Central Publishing House of the NSDAP, Berlin, 1944 A scan of an English translation of Dieter Schwarz’s phamplet “Die Freimaurerei – Weltanschauung, Organisation und Politik” or “Freemasonry: Ideology, Organization and Policy” translated. This book was printed by the SchutzStaffel ϟϟand issued to Waffen SS, Ghestapo and German command, it was also available to the general population. This short book summarizes and exposes the subversive, anti-western nature of Freemasonry and how they have conspired and were conspiring against the traditional Europe. It also goes into the Jewish dominance and influence over Freemasonry. Arguably Freemasonry is the Jewish revolutionary spirit in action. The book also goes into how… Read more »

”If you take judaism out of freemasonry, what is left?” – Covert homosexuality?

A documentary on the “alt right” and Eli Mosley by The New York Times, February 5th 2018