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Happy Warrior
2 years ago

I wanted to thank all of you for this network and all of your sites. It means a lot to me, and I am far from the only one. I wish you nothing but the best, and I appreciate everything you do.

2 years ago

The fisherman and bait analogy is perfect – using a lure, a flashy, but fake representation of something that’s naturally attractive to the Aryan. With recent events at renegade, I was thinking of how a great oak can be taken down by vines, because it blocks the sun, steals nutrients. One of the characters you talked about in your Firestarter show (linked to Woden’s Folk) was associated with a book on jewish mysticism, and wrote of it in a review with some of that reverence of a people intertwined with the alien people who want us hobbled, with atrophied roots and even in that diminished state, we’ve had a spark. Now, it seems many are drained of vitality, which I’m starting to think has a… Read more »

Reply to  Callwen
2 years ago

The vine analogy really makes sense. We have an invasive Asian vine that grows here and it is strangling all of the oak trees to death. Which member of Woden’s Folk wrote that book? That’s pretty damning!

Reply to  Sinny
2 years ago

I shared the pic in chat, but don’t see the review now – and Wulf’s blog is showing no content. But on Woden Folk kindred, I see they’re fully gung ho for zog’s army and vets (like Chris Kyle), which makes sense if they’re paling around with friends of Aquino. I still feel stunned by this, especially regarding HV, but it appears it’s a cell of some kind under same black flag banner.

Reply to  Callwen
2 years ago

If HV( and Charlotte) plus others are paid subversives then the first thing to do is figure out what they were trying to achieve on renegade. Personally I found both to be depressing and didn’t pay much attention to them. Maybe blackpilling was their gig.

Reply to  WhiteWolf
2 years ago

Just speculating here, but just like they created a ‘goyim goddess’ character, the thought crossed my mind that they’d send in fiery females (like Sinny, but loose cannons) — or over the top enthusiastic !!! and too-familiar to everyone types — that would attempt to lead into showy disasters to neutralize Renegade.

Anthony Roberts
2 years ago

A happy and safe new year to all Renegades. Thanks for taking my call K&S. Trust me to leave the room to make a cup of tea, and miss the format change announcement at the beginning – duh! I’m sure it will be a success and encourage more people to get active. We have to fight for the children!

2 years ago

Thanks to all the renegades out there. “For our children” should be our rallying cry. There is always hope!
Btw – anybody know the name of the song that came in at the outro? It’s so great, it makes me want to gas 6 million child rapists.

2 years ago

Hey Kyle did you mention a time you will be airing The Blitz? 8PM you’re time as usual?

Reply to  Nuada
2 years ago

Yes, 8PM. Maybe a bit later depending on our son’s bed time.

2 years ago

I am so glad that you raised the topic how to become a better show, which often means unfortunately elliminating people who don’t contribute much to the cause. It seems to be just open window of vulnerability, so that shills are able to infiltrate and turn the network into something completely opposite what it meant to be. It is like with diet – more you leave out of it, all the awful animal fats full of pain and suffering, needless refined carob-hydrates, like processed sugar, refined wheat, etc etc, often even eating little less then you need for your fulfillment, because it radicalizes your body into survival mode and your body repairs and replaces cells and tissues at much higher rate. Same thing is with… Read more »

2 years ago

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Reply to  golmash
2 years ago

Take your death worshipping elsewhere.comment image

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