Renegade Roundtable: The Respect-a-Bowl (9-30-17)

Kyle, Bill, Heathen Vegan, John Smith, Zack, and Rollie discuss the recent football controversy, the 100 year anniversary Bolshevik BS, and how respect (or the lack thereof) is an important aspect of our struggle.

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HeathenVegan, Bill & Kyle made this one of the best Roundtables ever. Very important topic, and well covered.

I’m glad you think so. 😀

The jews mock us with these symbolic pieces of cloth, of their satanic design. Just another tool to div&conq and control their obese, tattooed, mullet or shaven haired, beer & burger munching, patriotic cattle! And that’s just the British! Give up, watch the game, and die for zog Whitey; it’s cool to be kneelistic! We do need a political solution, but it needs to be delivered via a non-jewish route; our own modern NS pathway. At present, all roads lead to local gov’t offices, the lodge, or the church. Like HV said, we need to deliver this vital life-saving message, but in a new way ( not a 3rd way like (((Blair’s))) ’97 open gate deception btw ). PS Great roundtable gentlemen – much respect… Read more »

Glad you enjoyed it.

Yes, it seems a lot of the English followers of Renegade appear to be from the midlands area.

The ‘merican flag can take a flying fuck as far as I’m concerned.. Ditto for the Negro Football League and all it’s brain-dead fans. The jew Trump can take a massive flying fuck as well.

You can’t expect the masses to be brilliant. Mass psychology is a different beast from individual psychology.

Most White people do have racial pride and awareness but suppress it due to the kvetching by their “fellow white people” and traitors. If they were to realize that their fellow white people and traitors are acting against them deliberately you’d have a different dynamic. First though they need to realize that “diversity” is simply an insidious program of White genocide. That’s easier to point out than the who or how.

Hi Renegades,
The Jews never forget to remind the white Gentiles about the Holocaust. Likewise, we white folks must not allow the mass murders of 60 million white Russians from 1917-1953, to be forgotten. And the mass murders of 10 million more Eastern Europeans from 1918-1953, to be forgotten. The name for these mass murders is, “Megacaust”.
Kyle, I hope the day comes when you do a documentary video on the above-mentioned events. Please name the video, “Megacasust”. This would be a fine addition to Renegade Videos. I know you are busy. I hope the day will come when you can do a video on such an important subject.

Honestly, if blacks want to make a scene they should walk onto the field as a chain gang. The white players should have shotguns and escort the Negros to their designated positions. And just as the game begins the coach should walk onto the field and unchain them so they can play the game.

“This is what its like to be an oppressed minority in America… We run and throw balls for your entertainment and make but a modest sun doing so. How can we make the down payment on our second and third homes like this? Check your privilege white man because we’re playing for YOUR amusement.”

The American flag represents rebellion. Americans weren’t given independence from Britain, they declared it and had the muscle to keep it. They told the king to go f**k himself and fought off his troops for years.

I don’t necessarily disagree with that line of thinking. I KNOW America has a occult back round/ foundation that was kept secret from the masses. However, our founding fathers did (for their own reason, and more than likely selfish reason) brake away from the Rothschild control system. Our founding fathers were as intelligent as they were mysterious. And I believe we (Americans) remember them for all the wrong reasons.

Judging by the constitution they made they were serious about trying to prevent the government turning tyrannical at least.

Interesting discussion on respect. It’s a word/concept that means different things to different races and even individuals within a race. We respect people that have attributes/skills that are important to us. It’s why warrior races respect bravery in battle and soldiers in particular do. Scientists hold intelligence in high regard and will respect someone like Tesla regardless of his bravery. Fear and respect isn’t really related unless you value the ability to inspire fear in others. Basically the people or types of people you respect defines you as a person more than the word or concept of respect.

I do not like what the flag has represented for a long time now. I also hate the nfl scum, but its not because of the knee taking. The controversy does serve its purpose though in the eyes of the normie. In their eyes, the message is disrespect of the flag. Take a win whenever the chance arises.

What an absolutely stonking show old beans! Classic in content. The bottom line is that we have jews infesting our leadership. It is that simple.

Since “respect” was the main theme of the show, I thought I’d take this opportunity to express something that’s been on my mind ever since I found Renegade. It’s mostly about the word “nigger” and other terms I find demeaning and hurtful. I held this back a long time ’cause I feared I’d get ostracized here but it became too big to suppress.  The content on Renegade carries so much integrity, is so informed, international, and cutting edge. The philosophical and artistic offerings are a bounty of wisdom, beauty, and mastery. The history, geography, science, archeology and anthropology are in-depth and so well researched. The food and health awareness has its proof in the pudding. So much good and powerful content/output, and then, in a… Read more »

It is my wish that there were more voices here on this, but… It is as it is.


I would like to make a correction regarding Horatio Nelson.

when listening back for some reason I said Spanish armada , when although Nelson did fight the Spanish, he is obviously most famous for his efforts in the Napoleonic wars, especially the battle of Trafalgar where he was killed fighting a Franco-Spanish fleet, of the south coast of Spain. This of course had nothing to do with the Spanish armada and is a totally different time period.

This is an embarrassing mistake and Im sorry to fellow British nationalists for not being clear and concise with information.

Respect for your clarification! I deeply admire your attitude when it comes to those whites who have been out of work for generations now and have no voice, perspective, pride or chance to get real education to enable them to think free. Coming from a left family background I had the honour to meet some miners during the big strike back then who visited Germany when the end was just ahead. Those men where strong, upright and proud and they lost. What I saw many years later visiting the UK is the consequence and it is not beautiful but depressing. We have to see the cause of all of this and the potential beauty which is destroyed through oppression and dispossession. I can remember the… Read more »

A true National Socialist recognizes those who helped formulate his ideas, be they noble.
Great discussion guys.

The confederate flag is the flag of Whites in the US now. It has been attacked as the flag of White supremacy. White supremacy and White solidarity are the same thing.

It sure doesn’t help things that this movement is run by the Feds.

Not anymore. They’ve mostly outed themselves shilling for Trump. They’ve also backed the wrong horse.

So the FBI stopped doing FBI stuff? When did this happen?

They didn’t stop but pro-Whites are getting much more clued in to fake opposition these days. There is no movement as such for them to control. It’s just a huge number of people waking up to what’s going on. A growing number of people. There’s no stopping that growth either. Like I said the feds backed the wrong horse.

They did? Well, they’re well on their way to disarming us. Today there was another faked atrocity shooting in Las Vegas. The US signed a UN treaty promising to disarm US civilians by 2020. How do you think we’re going to do disarmed? These people are so fucking dumb they probably think these faked shootings are real. And the FEDS are doing it. By the way, it’s “LEGAL” for them to do this shit.

Check out Trumpet’s speech “the speed at which tye reacted was miraculous!” Miraculous indeed. Kind of like, stage set miraculous. It is almost as if they knew it was going to happen, *ahem*

Anglin, Delaney, Duke, Spencer, Linder, Cobb, Cantril and MANY MORE are all controlled by the Feds. A host here even talks glowingly about Linder (who is OBVIOUSLY a jew)…..and you’re telling me that “pro-Whites are getting much more clued in to fake opposition”????? Really? Which ones are getting clued in? I see a bunch of dummies who can’t even figure out the most obvious shit…like Hal Turner.

It was much worse years ago with people getting sucked in by those guys you mentioned. Most of the supporters those guys get now are agents themselves peddling their comrades. They cross promote each other quite heavily of course giving the appearance they have more support than they actually do.

The feds aren’t controlling everyone and you worry too much about them. They can’t be too bright taking the side of team anti-White. They have backed the wrong side.

At best it looks like many pro-Whites are confused and disorganized. The Feds are kicking the shit our of us. A host here even backs the obvious jew disinfo agent Jew D. Wood – a jew who was denied tenure at Clemson University because she was so incompetent. How the fuck can you be a pro-White and not even be able to distinguish whether or not some kikey avatar such as Jew D. Wood is a jew or not? And that’s not even taking into account her utterly fucking ridiculously obvious kikery and lying bullshit. Wood is a fucking israeli who spews utter bullshit and one of these hosts here takes her stool sample as being “science”. Judging from that I’d say the KIKES are… Read more »

You’re looking at it the wrong way. Things were MUCH worse years ago. Pro-White awareness of the game being played has stepped up a few notches and continues to improve. Looking at just this particular moment in time it might not look great. The trend however is in our favor and it is unstoppable. The feds can’t stop it and I’ll remind you again they have backed the wrong horse. You worry way too much.

I’m not “worried’. I’m simply observing. I am even seeing lots of “pro-Whites” who seem to believe the “OFFICIAL STORY” concerning the Las Vegas Staged Atrocity Shooting Hoax. The Kikes PRIMARY WEAPON is DECEPTION and STAGED EVENTS. Problem – Reaction – Solution. If a person does not fully understand this – then they are INCOMPETENT. You say things were “much worse”? Really? I see plenty of retards FOLLOWING FBI Stooges. You don’t have to be all that intelligent to figure out what’s going on, yet I see no discernible improvement as compared to the past. As an example – the host on the Monday Oct 2 show (Richard) cites various “Official Stories” in the news as though they are (or could be) real. What good… Read more »