Renegade Roundtable: Richard, Chris H., Tony, Alex, Steven W. – Austerity, Nationalism & Replacement Demographics (5-26-18)

Richard, Chris H., Tony, Alex & Steven W. contribute to this Roundtable. We consider a number of articles and topics including: economic conditions, birth rates, austerity, homelessness, unemployment, abusive monopolistic corporations, replacement demographics, differences among immigration policies of Eastern Europe & the reasons for this, infiltration throughout national cohesion, exclusively Jewish proponents of multiculturalism & ultra-liberal agendas, Eastern European tendencies toward secluded Jewish ancestry, the inherently Judaic nature of Communism, holocaust propaganda & standardized textbooks, ancestral ties to the Third Reich, WWII reparation payments to Jews from Romania and across Europe, thoughts on George Soros and more.

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They say in the USA there is not one state you can afford the rent an apartment with minimum wage monthly unless you use 30% on your income. After paying for food, gas, etc. There is really not much money. I don’t see why people tolerate working just to pay bills an buy shitty GMO food. We need a global general strike an a breeding strike among people until the global, centralized capitalist class of Jews is taken out of power an the big governments are starved out. Then would could retribalize all people an go back to small groups.

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Wouldn’t a breeding strike decrease our chances of maintaining an advantage in population? I’m not suggesting we pop babies out like Mexicans do but…Idk. We’re in a situation that needs to be rectified immediately.

Well, if we could make sure its quality over quantity an that the kids would not go along with the system allowing themselves to be used by it.


True. Also, we shouldn’t do so at the expense of finances either. As a father of three young children, the bills add up. I do see where you’re coming from though.


This is where community comes in. Shared burdens with other whites. Also get the children to learn gardening and start producing as much food as you can. It’ll offset costs, avoid new poisoned food, and potentially create surplus for harder times and to assist other whites who are on the same page, or who you attempt to get on the same page. If they are lost causes cut them loose and let them learn the hard way.



Absolutely disgusting ! Recently in Kyiv a pack of fuking muslims attacked a ukrainian pensioner and his grandkid in broad daylight. Where is the outrage. Our ancestors would cull these motherfuckers! No our people would. rather watch the UEFA final last night in Kyiv . Eastern europe is now getting fucked!!!!


Unfortunately, that’s one of the ways they distract the populace. They use sports and pop culture to distract from real problems of our genocide.

Chris H

UEFA is an offensive 4 letter word. Local cultural celebrations every year which include sports may be a good thing, however then people actually get involved, not sit behind a stupid television. The problem with sports is the commercialisation of it. Sport should be for playing, not for making money. I have no problem with there being say a World Cup etc, but this should be for young people to show off their skills. The rest of the world need not even know when it is or who won. It makes no difference to the general importance of anything.

Anthony Roberts

Thanks Richard and callers for the show. It’s only when you go to all our major cities, whatever White country, that you get to see the scale of the replacement population, and destruction of our culture and society. It is so sickening, and the shame should spur every White soul into action. But no, shrink back into our smart boxes and turn the soccer/soap on. If i don’t see it…lalala. Our young think it’s all normal of course. A lot of our 30-60 year olds know what is happening, but are too comfortable or just plain cowards, if you ask me. If/when they breed, they are consigning their grandchildren to a short, painful, miserable non-life. Our gods damn them! PS So the young White Irish… Read more »

The lifeless stares of the Irish women who celebrate the legalization of abortion in Ireland in their photographs, and the ruination of the Western peoples and cultures in general, reminds me of the following from the preface of the editorial “The Ultimate Goal of Communism” (or 共產主義的終極目的/gòngchǎnzhǔyì de zhōngjí mùdì in the original Mandarin Chinese): “The essence of communism is that it is a specter. It is made up of hatred and degenerate elements of the universe. It has a deep hatred for human beings and wants to destroy them. It is not satisfied with killing a man’s flesh body alone; after all, life does not terminate with the death of the physical body—people’s souls reincarnate. But when a person has absolutely abandoned his… Read more »

I wouldn’t be surprised if the legalization of abortion in Ireland is a part of the agenda of Project Ireland 2040, since it’s celebrated by a disproportionate amount of white, Irish women.


You might very well be on to something in regards to Agenda 2040.


I personally cannot see why anyone would want to bring a child into this shit-hole.

Anthony Roberts

“You only had one thing to do!” I hear that silent cry from the ghosts of my parents, grandparents, great gran…and all the couples from my line, going back 40,000 years, every night. Trust me to mess up by being born plain, poor and passive lol.

But i agree Renny, it’s a real crappy place and time right now. But the jews’ perversion of our values, and genocide of our folk, drive my internal anger (even though i’m not a violent person). I’m trying to make amends. It is all i have left to offer.

Foster XL

The you need to meet the right woman & be inspired to REALLY join the fight! 😉