Renegade Roundtable: Richard, Heathen Vegan, Tony – Migrant Quotas, Race & National Socialism (7-7-18)

Richard, Heathen Vegan & Tony contribute to this Roundtable. We consider the current stance from the Polish Government regarding the compulsory migrant quotes – Accepting zero migrants from the Middle East and North Africa. Many migrant related issues are discussed pertaining to the U.S., U.K. and Europe. The need to overcome this double standard regarding cohesion and community among one’s race is discussed – Moving past the conditioning which associates Europoid racial consciousness with shame or guilt. We address many abuses of the system within nations, whether by migrants, politicians, banks or corporations. Some additional topics include: restoring natural order, flight out of cities, conspiracy theories and what it takes to awaken people, loss of nationhood in our activities, market speculation, land, free speech, property, excessive capitalism and abusive free enterprise, the communist nanny state political landscape, lawmaking and mindset, and more.

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Anthony Roberts

We have to break the cycle of White guilt, shame and the resulting cowardice and passivity it induces.

We have the TRUTH, and it is our duty as Aryan men and women, to get it out to as many of our folk as possible.

Kyle and Sinead have lit the fire; now we all need to fan those flames to create a wild forest fire of righteous hate, that banish these beings from our lands for good!

PS You guys keep giving your time, but more people need to step up, including myself. Apart from Scarlett, where have all the ladies gone also?


Sorry, couldn’t help it. Off topic, but the power of the picture prompted a poem:

H.V.’S Face

The jaw gives tenancy to the mane of the man
where fibers of feeling alert their host
prompting attendance to protection mode

The forehead… prominent, determined, strong
house of third eye where vision sees
crown to eyes that look upon darkness
and therein see the necessary light

Nose and lips and cheeks and ears
wired in collusion to set things right
assessing, weighing, eventually deciding
movement is better than standing still

Demeanor… cautious, sharply focused
not without a glimpse of soul
soul within, driver of face
connector of heart to all that is

Soul, eternal, presently English,
ancient and heathen, intrinsically just
prototype of what humanity craves
warrior, leader, authentic, brave


Here’s an opportunity to cultivate Europoid racial consciousness through what’s called Folk Tithe (to use a hashtag I came across at Twitter):

Heathen vegan

Firstly, I would like to say, I do not think Seana is asking for a “tithe”, simply for help and donations in a difficult time. I do not believe this to be bad in anyway, so would like to keep Seana’s situation separate from my opinion on “tithes”. The idea of a “folk tithe” may seem appealing, but what does it actually mean? A tithe is traditionally, I believe at least, a certain percentage of wages to the church. I am unsure how this can be applied in our current situation, especially considering trust is a major issue. I mean, who is our “church” and what will they be doing with the cash? just look at the money plowed into Anglins court case, so much… Read more »

Wiktionary mentions the senses “a contribution to one’s religious community or congregation of worship” and “a small part or proportion” (and also the archaic sense for “a tenth” as well).

But still, thank you for your points.

Heathen vegan

Dont get me wrong, I am not against funding our movements, I just think a “tithe” idea is probably not the way to do it. Funding is a big problem in the “pro white” arena. There are a lot of unscrupulous people trying to “cash in” on peoples desperation, and this has left many with a bitter taste. I think for now just supporting places like Renegade, by sending Kyle some donations for his time and expenses is all we can do. For any bigger projects, we need ideas, and proof of ability to see it through, and it be effective. We need to get our heads together and work on ways to counter the system effectively and then get behind it with funding. Thanks… Read more »


Regarding the rhino and the “test tube babies” thing – I don’t believe it, this s scientism. What would convince me, is to see a time lapse of it, from single cell, growing in a test tube, all the way until birth. But I don’t see how an embryo could be kept at the right temperature, get oxygen, and be fed properly inside a tube. So until I see the time lapse, I am calling this out as a fake, scientism belief. Ever the sceptic, I believe proof is needed before belief in any concept.