Renegade Roundtable: Richard, Nick, Austin, Tony, Scarlett – Societal Indoctrination, Ethnic Awareness & Multicultural Dysfunction (7-21-18)

Richard, Nick, Austin, Tony and Scarlett contribute to this Roundtable.  We discuss the societal indoctrination in the schools.  Extensive brainwashing is currently underway within all levels of the education system, with their politically correct agendas and opinionated, overreaching influence upon young personalities.  We cite the inability for peaceful multicultural societies to exist.  There have been no examples of multi-ethnic or multi-cultural societies, in which the original population still live, and where there is a peaceful cohabitation.  We each address some of the changes within each of our localities and share some related perspectives.  Both the social conditioning and demographic changes, whether rural, college town or high-traffic metropolis regions, are becoming more noticeable in their long-term effects.  We address the hold which religion can maintain in preventing certain truths from being known.  The benefit among races to each discover their ethnic nationalism is likewise discussed.  Some various approaches and perceptions toward waking people up are mentioned, including which topics are most effective and when some might be addressed.  A few related points and insights may additionally be included.

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Anthony Roberts

Good discussion – thanks Richard and callers. We have to teach children to read, write and do maths from our own race and cultural perspective. This can be done from day one, with every activity.

Gradually, tell them about our enemy and their poisons, so this sick alphabet filth won’t stick, if they have to attend state indoctrination at 5-6. By around 11, they should know the basics of this racial fight for survival.

Other races (jews, Indians, Chinese), make sure their offspring have this protective shield, so are more at ease. Their children are just going for a new language perhaps, or sports, crafts, social or extra computer skills etc. Just enough to pass meaningless tests.


This is an Interview with Tia Coleman who allegedly lost 9 family members, including her husband and three children, in the duck boat accident in Branson, Missouri. Note the obvious use of the hoax codes “man” in Coleman and “son” in Branson. At no time in the 28 minute interview does Tia Coleman shed a single tear, although she wipes away tears that are clearly not there several times as all crisis actors do.

Even though I have read at least a little bit of how certain events were manufactured, what you typed made made me think about whether or not I have a human attachment of browsing for everyday news of events, that can possibly be false flags; that attachment can be related to the human attachment of sentimentality (or qíng/情 in Mandarin Chinese).


If it’s on the Electric jew (i.e., the boob tube), you can bet it’s fake.

Anthony Roberts

I thought the same thing Renny. As soon as you see the family photo, there’s no way. Just the combined obesity levels are gonna stop that duck from quacking! Blacks plus water plus no fried food on board equals zog bs! What captain says: ” lifejackets? Don’t bother, we won’t need them.”

wolf GT

whoops, I was refering to the Arcane Semantics show.

wolf GT

Great show. Scarlett has some great Ideas as ever yet her estimation of how racially pure European countries are where/ wishfull thinking. In general when say a black is born in Germany he is considered German. There are no official recordings of racial origin-(colour) would lead to an uproar. Can´t believe how many black women I see pushing prams- so often with two babies.


Is this true? I know what you are getting at, about citizenship, but the statistics I stated were reflecting actual ethnicity. I certainly don’t put it past “them” to doctor the numbers.

wolf GT

I dont have the (((official))) stats. I was going by observation. If I rememberc correctly you said something like 95% ethnic pure. I wasn´t trying to” get” at you.Thatgoes without saying. Enjo your participaion on theshows. Cheers.


Oh geez, I fear I spoke in a way you misunderstood due to geographical language barrier. I just meant I understood the point you were trying to make. Thanks for responding.