Renegade Roundtable: Righting Historical Wrongs (8-4-18)

Kyle speaks to himself, then Scarlett, Heathen Vegan, and Tony about some of the insanity unfolding in our world today and how it all relates to the travesty known as WW2 and the lies that were told about it. The Holocaust has been used as a smokescreen to hide the very real Hellstorm, destroy any resistance to their total takeover, and enfore their history and current tyranny by force of law.

Image from DDees.

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Scarlett I recommend The Myth of German Villainy for your son. That’s what I gave my teenage nephew. It’s an overview, and not graphic, perhaps a possibility for you to look into. I REALLY liked that one.


Thank you Calwen. However much I want my children to know the truth, I don’t want to completely traumatize them. I’ve already wept, vomited and been plagued by nightmares myself.


That’s what i was thinking, Hellstorm might be a lot to start with for a youngster.


I agree. Thing is, I’m constantly wavering between protecting the children and their innocence, and preparing them for the horrible threat of Bolshevism that is at our doorstep. I’m attempting to raise men, future heroes of our folk, not cowering weaklings.


I know what you’re saying, and you know best as the mom. I like the other recommendations and the giant tome March of the Titans is awesome and a great reference. The Myth of German Villainy has some inspiring images of Hitler and NS Germany.


Great show. Was scouring through the Daily Mail earlier to see what they are currently peddling (typically stuff which puts white women off childbirth, anti-Semitism in the Labour party, anything about Nazi’s etc etc) and come across this:- What seems to happen in this poisonous media sphere is that the actual criminal activity gets pushed to the backburner and a host of celebrity endorsed movements start to circulate (Me Too Movement) and promote the issue as a general widespread problem (which we indeed understand it is, especially in the power centres with Paedophilia). Then all kinds of less serious allegations get thrown into the mix (which in reality are still disgusting) and the waters eventually get mudded. It is so bad that you have… Read more »


They wiped it from the web as well lol

Ron Vibbentrop

This may be the quote that Heathen Vegan was looking for –
John Eisenhower, the General’s son, reported: “I saw absolutely no evidence of German abuse of the population… The attitude of the French was sobering indeed. Instead of bursting with enthusiasm they seemed not only indifferent but sullen. There was considerable cause for wondering whether these people wished to be ” ‘liberated.'”


The reason why Germany rolled over France in 1940 so easily is because, like much of the commonfolk of Europe, they agreed with Germany. It was the French government that hated Hitler, not French people. I wish I would’ve recorded it now, but my grandfather was an air force sargent during the Korean war, and he was stationed in France and Germany during the late 40s-early 50s, and I always loved hearing about how he was in service as a child. He would always tell stories about being over there. He said oddly enough, the Germans loved Americans. I guess because in the few years after the war, the Germans were taught how guilty they should be for being German and that they were the… Read more »


The Hogan’s Heroes “Nazis” are all Jews who came over like Einstein in the Haavara Agreement and never said anything about it. One of them came earlier in 1925, it’s not the bumbling fat ass one. All the FBI/CIA Hitler shit is from the Hollywood office. Confidence? Ask Frank Zappa about Hollywood and the Pentagon.