Renegade Roundtable: Rollie & Tom – Mowing the Weeds of Deception (6-23-18)

Rollie Quaid and Tom in CT roll right over a number of topics related to Rollie’s articles and the way information is being controlled and weaponized through deception.

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Was this a Rollie infomercial?


The theme was supposed be pledge drive which pretty much is infomercial . Tom’s idea was to make the show infomercial and my idea was to use A Purge: first election theme . Where there was a pustch, and I was seated as God Emperor of the world on a throne of severed heads . Every Govt would be a ROG (Rollie Occupied Government ) and I would my loyal readers will strip all the bankers’gold down to their gold teeth to make a statue devoted to me . But Tom was to stop me from pressing the crazy pedal all the way. We met meet in the middle and bit more lighthearted so we settled on pledge drive . I think a pledge drive… Read more »

Good effort, but i feel this type of show would have been better suited for a wildcard slot. Is Tom a new face/voice? I haven’t seen/heard him before, but he sounds quite experienced at hosting.

This is just my personal opinion, but all donations should go to Renegade/Kyle or buying Sinead’s healthy products at Rollie, your articles are a fine “contribution” to our fight. Anyhow, thank you both for the show.


You have the freedom to spend your money however you want and if you feel that the renegade audience should spend their money primarily on Kyles upkeep of the network I would totally agree with you . Kyle/ Sinead Did put this whole thing together and I have a lot of respect for them for that. But my case I cannot afford to spend money on sources for people that won’t give me anything in return . do you think that I should buy sources spend all my time that I could use in my family to write articles for our “struggle” and not have any compensation ? I could actually organize real protests to Pickett Capital hill about net neutrality being gutted. This is… Read more »

What sources do you have to buy that aren’t available for free online? Just curious. Maybe we can help you acquiring some. Just let us know.

acquire** wish there was an edit button on here.


I pay for Haaretz, New York Times , WAshington Post, Wired, and pay for about five audiobooks a week .

I actually literally lose hundreds of dollars each month for sources for articles .

I lost way more money by simply not working , I got turned down for a fight for my believes .

My early articles actually stated if you cannot send me money you could at least send me some sources if you’re one of my readers . No one is taking that call .


Actually I take that back Tom has been sitting me sources And Richard send me a picture of the hologram houlcast, I did the investigation for It.

If you give me a weird facts or some sort of trivia or even some sort of buried story I can flip it and turn into a bigger story that’s my talent.


John V still waiting for you send me a source, surprise me and be the first reader to send me one.

I’m hearing crickets , like “Kosher Crank Researchers, Come Out to Play!”

“Oh my god, Rollie actually filled out a freedom of information act request to try to prove that Kosher plants are meth labs. “

Yes I did I spent a lot of money doing that

If you had more grace in your presentation of asking for funds, people would be more willing to donate. Your aggressive attitude is off putting. Your work should speak for itself. If you’re doing a good job let people know where they can donate and leave it at that. Your bombardment of e-mails and propositions for funds is clearly not working.


John V, I don’t know if my proposition for funding his work or not, I lost my PayPal and patron Sun morning. the type of work I do. There is no way you could fund me. Anybody who’s making business around journalism is not gonna throw me a freebie . So most of material has to be from finding it on my own terms. I have no clue about certain things that are research and would need an expert in the field explain it to me . I do have a blind spot when it comes to economics I stay way from it. Like why is Assange obsessed with Julius Baer? My strategy sucks right , i’m going to make a YouTube channel just devoted… Read more »


I have noticed, over the months, that Rollie does have an exceptional mind. I was impressed early on. May his gifts be appreciated and somehow awarded, which can happen in many ways other than monetary. I say that knowing full-well what it takes to make ends meet in this world. On the fund-raising. I always have a hard time with it, from whatever outlet. To keep being asked when you can only give so much does not produce good feelings, and could cause one to pull away. Also, many activists have a lifetime of working for free; it is just the nature of the work. Over the years one learns to not give up day job and to create some kind of balance and security… Read more »


Liv, Thank you for committing how you feel in text form these are the sort of things that I need my listeners to say so I can gauge how they feel. This is actually the first time I did a show dedicated to funding me. It’s not a regular thing that I asked for money on a show I do include my PayPal account on every article because I deserve to get paid for my work, I am not a Marxist. The only free entertainment is state run entertainment. In my early articles I did include that if you cannot physically fund me because I know that we are all slaves to Wall Street to do one of two things. 1.) send me sources 2.)… Read more »


To clarify… It’s Liz, not Liv. All I can do is tell you how it feels on this end. You ask me to please “freaking help,” when you have no idea how I “freaking help,” every day in many ways, and sending $$ when I can and when I hardly have enough for my own family. I’ve been doing that for years to the places I most think it should go, often anonymous cash in a snail-mail envelope. You are one of many, and though very gifted, I have not had the inner call to sacrifice for you. It might have eventually come, but… I give you my honesty, and along with that a heartfelt wish that you get just compensation. I’d print up a… Read more »

Rollie Quaid

THe font on Renegade Broadcasting is not dyslexie font and dont know the difference between x, v, z on the comment section, Why would it make you feel bad for me to ask for money if its not in your inner calling to send me money? Then ignore the request. Sat show was call in show to voice your support or say how my work has helped. All that you heard was I want money? If you I should be compensated just say that and that way ppl that are loaded will say: Rollie has good fans and readers! He is worth funding. I never said your doing nothing, I said you are not a beauty and unique snowflake we are apart of the say… Read more »


Just let the work speak for itself and see what the next few weeks and months bring. The universe made a space for this to be stirred up. Each of us will receive exactly what we should from this encounter. I keep eyes open to recognize it when it comes.

Rollie Quaid

I was inspired by you to continue to write when you say just say “good job, Rollie.” Its like chicken noodle for my soul, when I read your comments at the tribune.

Please don’t send me money. I want you 4 things:
1.) Show case my work online.
2.)Use my work in the real world.
3.) Send me sources is as good as gold.
4.) Own the movie “Fight Club” to understand my life philosophy.

I’m hungary, no wants to even prank call Ben Sharipo’s radio show with me, expect my friends at 4chan.


I’ve never commented at The Tribune.

Will consider your requests.

Rollie, somehow I think we came out okay.

Rollie Quaid

I thought you were Liv from the Tribune, she comments regularly. It would hurt me if she thought I should funded after all that devotion to read my work.

Like on this one I found out the blue..

The Stone and Vilmer one is incomplete, I only released that one for a show for Richard for the same day.

Anyways, God bless Liz

For having dyslexia, your articles are free from grammatical errors and seem very coherent. It looks like you’re conquering the condition.


I can’t believe Rollie asked for money he expects to get paid for his work! I say we boycott him we stop listening to his shows and reading his articles . It’s 2018, We live in a marxist cultural society where everything should be free, except Obama phones of course!

I am organizing anarchist group against Rollie, anarchist group needs good central leader ship and needs to be funded . Go to PayPal and donate to this account so that we can collectively as non-conformist individuals flush Rollie down the tube,

( by the way I’m Rollie cousin so there might be a conflict of interest )