Renegade Roundtable: A Season of Celebration for the Chabad Mafia (12-22-17)

Kyle speaks with Tyler, a special guest, and Matthew North about a number of issues related to the rulership of our world by insane psychopaths, who have sophisticated tactics for manipulating the masses.

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Thatched Roof

1. David Duke is a CIA Asset; his father was military intelligence/CIA; both spent time in Laos, a Communist country, during the Vietnam war, teaching Communist military officers. Ties to Air America drug trafficking (CIA operation). One must be CIA to have this reach and influence. Duke is a compulsive gambler (psychopathic tendencies) who often spent hundreds of thousands of donations gambling. Duke is a compulsive womanizer, who did not differentiate between underage girls or their mothers, as he often leered and fondled any and all woman in his vicinity. 2. Lauren Southern (Simonsen) is of jewish origin, who is descended from jewish zionist rabbinical stock. Lauren states her family fled Europe to avoid NS forfeiture laws and imprisonment. Lauren’s ‘photo’ is her before her… Read more »


I have said it before as soon as someone in the truth movement starts to stink as most of them do now, a quick look into their history any sign of having worked in military intelligence or even a military career is a big danger signal, they will also most likely be masons.
Duke was a former clan man the clan was started by Albert Pike one of the worlds most senior masons ever.

Ghost Man O; War

The Book by R.P. Oliver, The Jewish Strategy he reads from papyrus from 41 A.D. from Claudius who wrote to the Greeks and Jews in Alexandria. It’s like 1500 b.c. writings from ‘Admonitions of Ipuwr’ and Merkader and the writings of Neferti, not Nefertiti but Neferti, and it speaks of the Jews flooding the place with Asiatics and “immigrants” and how Jews are abusing their already big privileges and then hammers, “You sent embassary’s to me when I’ve already laid out what I’ve laid out and you’re abusing your privilege already. Decease at once or you’ll see how stern a very friendly ruler can get.” This was building to the ass whipping they dealt on them in 70 a.d. Apparently they didn’t head the warning.… Read more »


You make a very good point, I have suspected for a long time that ((they)) know about the destructive power of lets just say a kind of emigration of people who are not our own since ancient times. I believe it was breeding with their slaves that caused much of the problem, a little too much wine and we know the rest. Their scribes and elders have recorded the destruction of the white ancient Egyptians, of Greece and many other white colonies in the ancient world. The elders having passed this knowledge on from generation to generation. We know why they guard their bloodlines so carefully. We can now ask ourselves who was it that started the slave trade in all earnestness to America? Do… Read more »


Its not hard to see how the jews enslave Whites, when not even Stormfront is free of their influence. I swear that place is crawling with shills and they are long standing members. I feel like I should stop posting there.


Before SF was shut down there was a big flair up amongst regular posters between legit pro-Whites and shills on there. Most of the pro-Whites ended up leaving seeing as they were heavily outnumbered. I wouldn’t invest too much time there.

Ghost Man O; War

I was at a Party earlier, and I said out of the blue in between entertaining the house and working the room, “GOD I love European women!” Everyone looked stunned. Then started laughing and a sweet European descent girl said, “I love European men!” I started taking about inventions and everyone was very impressed. TRADITION!!! Sinny kicked j ass in that song. That hilarious song, “I love ZOG” is great too. So funny!!! What a talent. You guys really are good folks. Nighty night from OKC. It’s icing outside like mad. The doggies are on the foot of the bed snoozing. All is well.


With all the talk of false truthers and deceivers out there. I remember some years back I was researching the Joy of Satan people, I found that one of their most senior people a High Priestess Maxine Dietrich (not her real name) was the wife of a top leader of the American nazi party. These people promote homosexuality with joy of gay sex and all kinds of rubbish. I remember the American Nazi Frank Collin who organised a march in a Jewish New York neighborhood was actually Jewish, I think this tells us a lot about the American Nazi party. I was looking at a picture of their leadership at a meeting it looked like the cast of one of those corny war films, polished… Read more »


Yeah, Joy of Satan will mess your mind up eventually. They are communists at heart and propagate Do as thou wilt and have the audacity to connect all this nonsense with National Socialism of Germany. Hitler would have sent these people in the camps for sure.


Because of the symbology of NS they are the easiest to fake. Put on some uniforms and fly the swastika and presto you are a Nazi.

Oh you are going to love this one, as you say here, “it’s totally based”: Apparently the Mormons are a threat to the Zionists because they have drawn up a better template for the Israelite’s as to what and who they are and the Zionists lose face in argument as criminals where-as the Mormons have “rules”. Oliver Cromwell’s (“Protestant Puritans” who murdered the Irish Catholics on Sept’11 1649 Drogheda and brought the “jews” back into England) descendants include the Romney Family, and apparently there are hundreds of them (you might want to look this up). Mitt Romney was formerly Latter Day Saints (LDS) but like John Kerry is a Mormon. Here is what was said to me on Twitter: “Think of Romneys in the plural,… Read more »


we’re gonna build a yuge menora and make americans pay for it

Concerning Pork, (the other White meat) the Blue Bloods, who really do bleed blue and are not the same genetically as us White Aryans, (the first white meat is you, Goys) eat domesticated pig (ham) on special occasions and holidays. When the wild Boar is genetically altered with Aryan DNA spliced with it, the result is what we know of as the domesticated pig. Supposedly, the Blue Bloods eat the domesticated pig with Aryan DNA in it in order to obtain our Aryan blood and DNA. Some say it helps them to maintain their Aryan looking features and looks because they are not Aryans, even though they do resemble us to the untrained eye. The parasite jew skips that process of eating pork (ham) when… Read more »

I made a FB post with pictures and the commercial, which will help you to see the point i’m attempting to make…

Here’s the scene from the movie of the blotched face crypto-jew parasite drinking the goyim’s blood to cure his splotches.

Very, very interesting. Nee?

Then jews have the chutzpah to cry Blood Libel (oy vey)

I even did a show (hour 2) explaining Pork, the other White Meat in further detail if anyone is interested in listening.

Sorry I made so many comments here, kyle. I just kept thinking of additional information I could add to my original thought. I promise you it will not be a waste of you and your Renegade readers and listeners time if they decide to look into what I posted in these comments.

Cheers Renegades!
Keep up the stellar work!
~William deHewitt


Seriously William you are posting some complete tosh. You are taking the piss big time with this rubbish. This is the kind of shit that even a master shit spewer like Alex Jones would think twice about having on his show.

Can you be more specific, Richard?
What is “complete tosh”?


Alex Jones pushes the Jewish narrative. He is leading people astray.

I helped get Brendon O’Connell out of jail in NZ. See my youtube. We got forensic evidence out of Mt Eaden Prison that NZ customs staged a 3kg drugs bust at auckland international airport a full month after the drugs came in, and held the drug dealer without charge whilst they searched for the customs officall that stole 400g of 90% cocaine. Massive human rights violations. Brendon came to NZ, he saw how corrupt it was and he conqured it. See my latest youtube video and 8chan thread exposing it. hojuruku on jewtube.

Hipster Ray

I love your shows, long time listener and am pretty much on the same wavelength, except when it comes to crypto-currencies. I’ve been following Bitcoin since it’s inception. I regularly make purchases with it and don’t have to pay ridiculous amounts of tax or having someone else control my money. While I understand Bitcoin and many alt-coins are now tainted with grubby jewish hands I will continue to follow it. The whole point of it is to detach from the jew-run banking system. It’s becoming popular and it seems like a gimmick but it’s not. Right when one falls another will take it’s place. People that use Coinbase or these expensive exhanges are going against everything Bitcoin stands for. It was intended for meeting locally… Read more »