Renegade Roundtable: Shaun Hosts (3-19-16)


On this edition of the Renegade RT, Shaun speaks with Sinead and then Kyle about what we’re seeing taking place at Renegade Broadcasting and with Sinead’s content. So many rumours and assumptions all straightened out on one show.

Andy, a previous Renegade Host, Norman and Jasper join Shaun to discuss a great many things.

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6 years ago

I just thought the site has been going down because of some hacker who can’t handle the truth and doesn’t want anyone else to hear it. Interesting show, thanks Shaun, Sinead, Kyle, Andy, etc.
Renegade lives forever, nothing will stop us from kicking jew ass. 🙂

6 years ago

I voted it was prolly a “natural” glitch. But … they stuffed you around after the event. Great you’re back up running and fighting the good fight!

6 years ago

@Shaun I listened to this on March 29. You spoke with Kyle about someone in the chat room the previous day who was investigating the server problems. I think that was me. I’m ‘forresttales’, a programmer, American, living in Ukraine. I am very glad the site is up, again. I see that Kyle has moved everything over to VPS, assuming that previously it was cloud-based. Incidentally, as i said in the chat session, i traced Kyle’s server account and contacted the company. Under pretense of being a prospective customer, they assured me that NOTHING WAS WRONG with their servers. When I asked them about Renegade being down, they asked me if I were the site master. I told them, no. They then informed me that… Read more »

Reply to  forresttales
6 years ago

Thanks mate, yeah it was you I was talking about in the chatroom. Cheers for your help. Kyle is the man that runs the websites so he will have already seen this message from you, in the case that he needs to get in contact.


6 years ago

Is there an explanation anywhere for John Friend leaving?! Thought it might be in this round table.

Reply to  Steed
6 years ago

He left because he thought there might end up conflict between the Trumpers and the non Trumpers I am guessing Steed. At least that’s my take on it. There was no reason to believe that anybody here had sour feelings against him, just because he was on the Trump train. It was entirely his decision.

Reply to  Shaun Surplus
6 years ago

Cheers Shaun. I was just curious (whatever the person who downvoted my comment might have thought). I like a lot of his stuff and don’t mind disagreeing with people on issues like Trump. Seems more like he wasn’t comfortable being associated with anti-Trumpers… kind of weird given that he saw through that AIPAC speech. Nevermind.

Reply to  Steed
6 years ago

I think he’s still on the trump train despite Aipac… It’s just words and all… but he’s totally on our side. uh uhm..

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