Renegade Roundtable: Shaun Hosts (9-24-16)


Shaun takes calls from David, Josh, Andrew, Chris Dorsey, Ralph, and Al. Topics include why professional sports (especially football) are absolutely retarded and why no one should ever support them, exposing jewish perfidy, the Constitution, and much more.

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Axe of Perun

I have said it many times before, but I guess it should be repeated : 1) Torah Jew : Believes the “Messiah” is supposed to show up and create Israel and the Jew World Order himself. In other words, according to them, Jews directly shouldn’t be involved in Zionism themselves. The Messiah should show up and do it on his own 2) Talmud and other Jews : Know that they themselves have to make their Biblical “prophecy” happen. The Jews themselves, collectively, are the Messiah and one particular person will then be selected as the King, the “real” Messiah. In other words, the guy who leads Israel or helps them and makes their dream come true : will be the Messiah. Both want the same… Read more »

Excellent description, Axe ! Only thing is, the Promised land is really control of the Entire Earth with a view to Armageddon (population reduction).

I’m going to Tweet this, cheers !

Here it is, i’ll be adding to it later:

Aussie Rules Football (AFL) Frank Lowy, a major player in 9/11 also Westfeild Shopping Complex’s !

Agreed to a certain extent Axe. I especially agree that nobody should give a fuck about which of the two branches think what… I will say however, Torah jews and Talmud jews are one and the same. Both, to be able to qualify for judaism, have to be practicing the talmud. Torah jews included. I know this, because I spoke to different Rabbi’s all over Melbourne and they all said the same thing. I implore anybody that can, to visit as many synagogues as possible, because you might be surprised on how much they DO say to you without holding back. Note: I use to talk to a jew at a pub, in a place called Roxburg Park and he didn’t hold back at all,… Read more »

John A

That was a great show folks! Glad to say I have despised football and all professional sports since long before I was a Jew-hating Nazi (tongue in cheek there). I wonder how many white men are so mesmerized with the Negro Felon League on the electric Jew, it’s a main obstacle in keeping them from waking up to reality? Hmmmm, we should definitely keep this high on the priority list of things that need to be exposed.

I agree. And let’s not forget all the white women busy cooking and serving the perfect snacks and drinks to their white men, to please them while they watch their black heroes play ball on the Jew-owned teams.

John A

Many women are just as bad as the men with their obsession for watching sports. They need our help too!

On the subject of pro-sports, Zach K Hubbard and a few others have decoded the numerology in the NFL and have Colts vs Vikings for the Super-bowl final. A $1 bet currently gives back $250, so if you want to make a bit of money for January/ February, its worth a look. This is on the basis that it is totally rigged and staged theatrical preformances planned out by masonic coaches and players.

John A

No shit!? I might have to throw a few shekels down on that. I’ve never gambled before, actually probably not a good idea….hmmm.

Karen in E Tenn

I don’t know if you are aware of this fact, but the most sinister aspect in my opinion, be it football baseball or basketball they are all 501C charities. This means that ticket sales, concessions, that jersey you bought, the foam finger you waved in the crowd what have you is all tax free. On top of this, they get the tax payers to pay to build their stadiums and they never pay a dime of that back. This is why they are almost all jew owned.


Interesting show, guys! Josh, you really are an inspiration! Being only 17 and seeing the BS they try to dirting your brain with, I wish I did at your age. In stead I just felt lost. And reading Mein Kampf in class! Wow, that takes balls! I wonder, how long will it take before the police and the public are asked to look for “homonid bipeds”? One thing I have noticed in summer sports like volleybal, track etc is that the women are nearly naked! Even where they are supposed to compete in pure ability, they still have to take their clothes off. Is that the only way to get people to watch, and if so what does that tell us? I remember when we… Read more »

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