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The Winged Messenger
5 years ago

The angry MGTOW’s who hate White women should join the FGTOW’s. That mnemonic, incidentally, means Faggots Going Their Own Way.
White women, from a very early age, are coming under attack from every subliminal source; they haven’t a clue what’s being done to them. Nationalist MGTOW’s should take the reigns. We need leaders, not whining rainbow fairies.
Stop blaming women, it will get you, and your race, nowhere fast. Come to their aid, they are swimming in a sea of chosenite sh*t. Don’t abandon your race ~ take a stand.

Flavius Julius
5 years ago

This one must still be on?

5 years ago

“It’s time to go full muslimmmm”

I lol’erd

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