Renegade Roundtable: Speaking of Struggle (11-4-17)

Kyle hosts and talks to Heathen Vegan, Joseph, Scarlett, and William about a number of issues, such as the loss of Paul Hickman, the ‘It’s Okay to Be White’ campaign, activism vs politics, the power of words and the need for action.

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It really is quite remarkable to see the level of self delusion that exists in Britain. The average Brit here actually seems to believe they have freedom of speech, well freedom of speech until you mention the chosen people of God or even words like Zionists now are a no no. It is pure intimidation and soviet era repression of the people, they don’t need to put a bullet in your head like they did in the soviet no they have more creative ways to destroy people, see what tyranny and pain they put poor Paul Hickman through. At best the people of Britain can be good little battery chickens useful to the Masonic hierarchy that answers to that blood soaked sandbox on the eastern… Read more »


Also what pisses me of are diminishing standards of averages. As time goes on, the new generations will not know what it is like to have a house, enough money coming in to have it paid off and shit tons of savings and wealth from your earnings being able to afford x amount of children and material things. Time is not on our side.


Rest in peace Paul Hickman your good deeds will not be forgotten. We will add his name to the long list of British martyrs who loved his people to the end and sacrificed all.

Thanks forgiving me the opportunity to be heard, Kyle.
We ran out of time before I could pay tribute to Paul Hickman. I feel it’s very important that we honor our fallen warriors.
So, Thank you for your hard and noble work, Paul Hickman!
Valhalla awaits you, Brother

Scott the Strategerist

Does it? I HATE what was done to Paul, but suicide is NOT the answer. Antifa/the Jews are LAUGHING!

I’m not one whom is pro-suicide, however YES… Valhalla does await him. I don’t care what the jew bible says about suicide! You and I were not in Paul’s shoes, therefore I will not question his action of taking his own life. Paul’s death made me want to call into this show even though I’ve not always been welcome here. I’ve put the misunderstandings I’ve had in the past with Renegade behind me and am trying to repair a broken bridge. Paul’s Death is the reason.
Furthermore, Paul was a noble White Aryan Warrior who did work that most of our Folk are too scared to do!
Heil Paul Hickman and Heil to all of our fallen!

Foster XL

Hear! Hear!

Scott, maybe you’d like to openly use your name and face to name the jew instead of depending on others to do it for you? Then let’s talk about how easy it is and how suicide is cowardly. Would you like to spend 3 years in jail for wrong think? Hopefully this will be another needed SHOVE to push people to action, instead of just consuming other people’s creations and depending on heroes to save you.




took the words out of my mouth.. & thankyou. May our gods be with 0/


Don’t forget tarnished, smeared, hounded like a criminal, unemployable and made into a public polecat

Anthony Roberts

It’s that inner anger inside me that quells the ever-present sadness. Our stolen birthright! I never heard Paul, but i feel so sorry for him and his family. I wished he had reached out to Renegade, to gain strength, friendship and possible financial help. RIP mate.


News report on “it’s ok to be white”. I could only laugh at this nonsense story. We need to start the “it’s ok to hate jews” meme.


No, “it’s ok to hate jews” is EXACTLY the wrong approach and it’s exactly what they want. In fact they are calling for their side to start doing just that to make “it’s ok to be White” look bad by association.


I disagree, I think more attention and vitriol that can be directed at the jew the better. Although now would be the time. I think the phrasing should be: “it is right to hate the jew.”


Kyle, thank you for explaining the loss of Paul Hickman. He did a fine job as a host on Renegade Broadcasting. I had no idea he was facing possible jail time for his speech and other activities on behalf of the White race. I will miss him.

Soapy Bigstorm

Hey Kyle. Great show. Love the Sunday wrap ups! You’ve got me curious. ..the roundabout diss on Tom Metzger. Do you two have some bad blood between you?
What was that about?

Maybe you could have Tom’s jewish lawyer on to talk about how he and Tom go down to Mexico to pick up hookers. How noble!


“let’s try to focus on lifting people up instead of putting them down. there are only a select few among us who know it all…I wonder if there necks hurt from the over full brains holding those heads up straight”

You forgot to send the memo, John.

Soapy Bigstorm

It was a simple question to Kyle.since he made the comment,that’s all. I was hoping he would respond himself.
I don’t listen to every show so I was wondering if I had missed some earlier conversation between the two of them.


There are no holocau$t memorials, they are markers of jewish despotism and dictatorship.

Birminghamistan Reconquistador

Wtf, Paul had a heart of gold, you could tell. I once heard him interview that nuke lies idiot, standing up for the other guest as that idiot took the piss out of her and was really rude. A real gent. I’m glad his voice made it onto the Terrorstorm, Dresden film. RIP

Circus Maximus

Paul Hickman Interview:

Harry Ballson

Mr. Whisker’s steals the show, again! Bravo Mr. Whisker’s. I would love to see a full length documentary done on the life of Mr. Whisker’s, including testimonials from Kyle, Sinead and those who have come into contact with Mr. Whisker’s over the years. ‘Mr. Whisker’s: A journey into the heart and mind of a Champion’ would be an apt title, as it describes the highs and lows of a simple house cat and his epic struggles against the tyranny and injustice of being a cat in the 21st century and the evils of catricide. Mr. Whisker’s has fought rainy days, frosty mornings and the loss and heartache of missed mousing opportunities. Also, how many times has Mr. Whisker’s been forced to eat a generic tuna,… Read more »

Lars Alfredsson

Keep up the good fight brothers and sisters!
We must secure our future!
Ps is there any far right marches happening in Britain in the near future?!