Renegade Roundtable: The Spirit of Resistance (4-7-18)

Kyle talks about a bunch of controlled opposition characters, jewish crimes in in Palestine, the unfolding genocide in South Africa, dead heroes who tried to warn and inform us, and so much more.

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Anthony Roberts

Either way Kyle, jew controlled opp will always present themselves. They form their own sites (for profit), and then proceed to blame everyone but the jew; or join Renegade for a few months but then show their true-jew agenda ( Sur, Nator, Rey, Beat, Wal,etc) Anyone following: Spencer, Anglin, Jones, Duke, Heimbach, Macdonald, McInnes, Southern, Lama&Hen, Varg, Robinson, Farage or (((politics))) in general, are jews, agents or just plain dumb!! I will keep on saying it: Renegade is the ONLY genuine true opposition to jewpremacy at this point….and (((they))) know it! PS Speaking of jiggy-boobs jew/agent Spencer: Was he further mocking the goyim when doing his recent karaoke number? An original promo video for that song (“Enjoy The Silence” by Depeche Mode) was shot on… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Fine summation, AR. Oh, and I saw that jackass Spencer mocking his followers as they even cheered their goon. He’s a regular puppet on a string for the traditional criminals of earth. In Canada there was a movement to try and protect white rights on speech about 20 or 30 years ago, they had a subverter and I forgot his name but the name of the group was The Heritage something or other. The vid was The Heritage Front Hoax. I think Zund exposed it. The guy looked, acted, and every effeminate mannerism was nearly identical to Spencer of todays. He went by the name of Grant Bristow. The parallels were really something to see. Same deal, different time and place. They use cookie cutters… Read more »


Was spencer doing that karaoke in a gay bar? He sucks at singing more than he sucks at pretending to be pro-White.

Ghost Man O; War

Great show, my man. You’re a virtuoso in this herculean task. I’ve watched you learn over 10 years, give or take and you have the tools and temperament to lead one fine day. You’ve grabbed the baton from us older men and women, now far surpassing us, and are pushing honesty and solid work from the past and present and are nearing the top. We rocks at the bottom will cheer YOU, the rock at the top, and be happy to contribute to your foundation. Look up there at the top, we must hold firm, for we proudly support him. All races and stripes can relate to you and you’ve really swelled into someone they could all get behind knowing their top dog knows when… Read more »


Thank you, Kyle, especially for the last five minutes. There is no reward big enough for those who risk everything. And thank you for posting “Rise of the Nazbols.” Quite a compilation and I’m learning more about who’s who. These are some sick puppies, serving deception and degeneracy. I feel the vid is extremely important and revealing in exposing these so-called alt-right heroes as jerks. I mean spiritually deficient, astoundingly IMMATURE, stuck, and certainly not part of the solution. Very anti-freedom, except for themselves, and overall disgusting. It’s so obvious that they’re paid to stir up, divide, cause chaos, and yet they themselves are standing still, or worse, going backwards and downwards. They may be using the excuse that this is satire/irony, but they are… Read more »


The first clue that the alt-right is controlled opposition is the name alt-right. It’s buying into the left-right paradigm. There is a difference of course between the two but it’s trying to suggest being pro-White is simply voting conservative. That of course is a guaranteed losing strategy. Racial survival and true nationalism should be the foundation of political thinking. If there is to be a left-right divide both should put their race first. A mother and father might have different views on raising their child but both will put their child first (unless they’ve swallowed the diversity kool-aid) and the same should be the case for politics. The question you need to ask yourself is “who defines the characteristics of left and right?”. Are the… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Kyle, when you said, “ZOG,…or JOG…..” Just yesterday out at the farm I said that to some friends. JOG. But ZOG is better. More demographic types would use it. But it reminded me of my late great son, big D. When only about 10 years old, give or take, we agreed on something like I pointed out we did on ZOG and JOB just above, and I said, “Sonny, brilliant minds think alike.” He replied, “Sure do Daddio, brilliant minds think alike, and ya know somethings, so do OURS.” hahahha He came to me when I was sitting on the couch after work and I mentioned something talking about how I was wrong about something or another and he said, “It’s okay Dad, the world… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

GMO;War: By fighting the enemy of nature, the jew, you honour your son. Your spirits will be together again one day – my condolences.


I’ve only started looking into the qanon thing but I can tell that is a big part of the reason Trump is blindly supported. Another reason is that the liberals are clearly insane now. Yeah I know it’s a one party system but the left is promoting full retard stuff like open borders, sanctuary cities plus all the gay and tranny stuff. Short of starting WW3 there’s nothing Trump or the gop can do that would make the democrats look like a good alternative. Especially now that he’s promised to do something on sanctuary cities very soon.

The q posts have been interesting over the last couple of days. Especially with the supposed Syria gas attack.