Renegade Roundtable: Struggling Onward to Victory (10-28-17)

Kyle speaks to Heathen Vegan, Scarlett, Chris H, Bill, and Rollie about a number of important topics, such as the destruction of the natural world, the negative effects of “civilization” upon the European, the disastrous impact of Christ-insanity, reaching our people, and much more.

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This was an amazing show. Scarlett and Heathen Vegan had me tearing up.

Heathen Vegan & Scarlett made this very powerful. I am having to listen back to fully appreciate it.

I am honestly getting shivers listening to this powerful show back again. \o

I think there are too few of us willing or able to act ( as demonstrated by only Kyle & John at AISAC! ) and too little time to wake a good majority of our poisoned folk up. Where are all the people who tune in live? In my 2 yrs of listening, apart from agents, christards and the odd nutter passing through, there only seems to be a small core of dedicated folk here. Do we need a new modern form of N.S? Maybe rebranded to attract our brightest and best pre-uni-damaged youth, with a simple set of spiritual, health and Aryan family values? What about: Natural Socialist or Natural Aryan Party? The black sun could be our banner to unite under. Using the… Read more »
“Adolf Hitler made his first speech to seven men (6 of which were NS founders) he then addressed audiences of 11, 25 and 47” Gottfried Feder Although I understand your sentiment, If we are not trying to alert the masses then ultimately we might as well run for the hills. Why endanger ourselves by openly talking about the problem? I think Scarlet showed a lot of bravery coming on and being totally open about her situation. She also shows us how the message is getting out, how people are coming to us, that many have written off. The bottom line is we need something in the real world. other wise we let our enemies portray us in the image they want, as is with the… Read more »

I totally agree with you HV; you both send out a powerful and courageous message. We have to get simple facts out to as many of our folk as possible, but time is running short. If they are too poisoned or comfortable to act in their best interests, we have to move forward without them. jews will keep creating our wounded, 14/88/degenerate/commie cont opp, and letting in invaders at the same time. Only after removing the parasite can we turn to the task of healing.

If we had more time and wasn’t so nervous, I would have touched on that more. Given the condition we are in, some of us will be left behind. In my family of six , perhaps only two or three of us will have what it takes , and guess what… I might not be among them. When the time comes, we will see who has not only the will but the physical and mental fitness to take part in the creation of our future. These sacrifices are necessary, and much preferred to me anyway, than this slow and ultimately, eternal death.

Anti-Whites don’t control the narrative in the same way they did before the net became huge. They have more spying power now and they have to play a level or two deeper. A perfect example is the 2016 US election. Trump was hailed as a White Nationalist and even “literally Hitler”. Why? Because big brother knows just how many people really get into “diversity” and it’s not a lot especially among Whites. Sure the ministry of truth media outlets bashed Trump but did so knowing full well he’d get credibility as an outsider to the system. It helped that anti-White subversives like Duke, Spencer and Anglin all gave their seal of approval to Trump for being good for Whites as well. The number of people… Read more »
Very powerful show. Not to sound ‘ new agy ‘ but thank you Scarlett for your humbling, hosest words. Slaying some of these personal demons is one of the most empowering feelings. I stopped smoking almost 4 years ago after a packet a day habbit.the experience it left me with was the knowledge that I can take on other demons. And I do agree that we will be forced to show our hand soon. This evil does not know how to temper itself and this could be an advantage for us. Would love to hear some of ‘ your ‘ views on the afterlife and the possibility of being reincarnted into the big machine wasting another life on being the fuel to jewish madness.

thankyou & very poignant for now, the pagan in me sometimes wants to give the bastads the end of days they want just for their own special ‘people. Abrahamics belong in the east, we are the west. Im also glad more a waking from the dupe, being brought up in a pushed christian household i rebelled & was made lepor for it. Thank Odin for that, blessings to renegades & crew, may our many gods & nature be with you 0/

A very good show, worthy of repeat listening. I’ve got to agree that the church and all organized religion is a waste of time and resources, but so many people make it the pinnacle of their existence. Tear it down and they won’t like you..LOL!

I’ve got to say though that the majority are just too comfortable living in their fake existence. Belief in the system has to falter.

Starting a political or non-political organization is risky. Infiltration by the Jews and pro-Jew Whites who get paid and promoted for getting racially-aware White people into unwittingly commit crimes is their standard operating procedure. Maybe, the lone wolf folks and positive pro-White groups can work together at this small window of time left.
I think our going the way of Russia is very close at hand. Not if, but when, the 2nd Amendment is repealed, the pace toward a Jew-Communist America will be much faster then we expected.

Russia might not be in great shape but psychologically Russians are in better shape than Americans from what I can tell. They haven’t had diversity shoved down their throats since birth. Plus Russians are an ethnic group. No-one is seriously going to accept an African as being Russian. Not now, not anytime soon.

You’ll never sell NS today as NS. If Hitler was around today he wouldn’t call it NS. He’d be more likely to call it National Globalism or National Liberalism- nationalism for the 21st century.

The National Socialists didn’t just walk into power with NSism. They sold their ideology first. Part of selling your ideology is naming it appropriately. NS won’t sell today as NS. Hitler only had the socialism in the name to capture the people getting sucked in by international socialism ie. the commies. He offered them a national version instead.

It doesn’t matter what we call it, it wouldn’t take our enemies long to realise what we were and use it against us. This being said I am not saying we just copy national socialism, more take inspiration from it. We have problems that they didn’t have, they had ones that we don’t. Their base philosophies though were correct and if we take the time to study them, they do have many answers to our questions. They showed us the way, but it is up to us to get there, in our way, for our age. I find it odd though that you believe the “socialism” aspect of NS is throw away and can be replaced at will. The socialism aspect of National Socialism is… Read more »

As far as NAMING NS then yes the socialist part was completely disposable. The ideology itself would have been identical regardless of the name.

Once a critical mass awakens to the Jew lies, and the lies against Hitler, against NS, the Holocaust fraud, and all the suppressed history of Jew communism and the Jew murder harvests of the two world wars, why would you want to use any name other than national socialism? Once the world realize that the wrong sought won, that Hitler had it perfectly right, NATIONAL SOCIALISM prevails. National Socialism for all free and independent nations. Throw off the Jew chains and let’s see what life on Earth can really be. I don’t want to wait 10 years. I want quick progression. How about you?

If you want to promote NS ideology now or something close to it then using a different name will help you.

Anti-Whites peddle White genocide and have been doing so actively for decades. They call it diversity. They do what works not what feels good.

Using the name NS might feel good but since the name is associated with war, fake gas chambers and lampshades it’s a hard sell. Call it National Globalism or some name you think will be easier to sell and selling the ideology becomes easier.

Think about the term “affirmative action” and how it made discrimination against Whites easier to sell. You have to do what works if you want results sooner rather than later.

“Once a critical mass awakens…”

Pure fantasy! But I’d expect that coming from one of Yahweh’s flock. How many times has it really happened in the entire history of mankind? Face it, the vast majority of human beings are followers – you of all people should know! All revolutions have been actioned by only a tiny percentage of the population who are willing to bear arms & get shit done. The masses will follow once again, just like they always do, after this small percentage do their work.

We aren’t trying to reach our enemies. Of course they’ll know if we are selling NS or something similar by another name. That doesn’t change the fact that calling it something else will make it easier to sell.

National Globalism might not appeal to you but it might appeal to someone who has bought into globalism but isn’t keen on White genocide. It doesn’t matter what you call it as long as it works. Here in Australia the conservatives are called the Liberals. The name hasn’t hurt them.

A drinking problem, a smoking problem, but you are without sin? You know, I saw a championship tennis player, a White European, wearing a crucifix around his neck as he won the world championship. I imagine he liked to meditate on what Jesus endured to carry out the will of God. Point is, just because Christianity seems insane to you doesn’t mean others aren’t deriving benefits from it. As you said, you smoke too much, you drink too much, you have your sins. Yet before you admitted these things you implied it prosperous the whole idea that you have any sins to cleanse. Actually, were humanity not so disposed to sinning the Jews would have no power: the Jew would be dead in the water!… Read more »

preposterous, not prosperous.

Yes, you are preposterous you blood drinking,. flesh eating Christ-tard. You worship a bloody, genitally-mutilated jew on a stick. Get the fuck out of here!

Such poignant hatred! Have you considered rabbi school?

The Christian deceivers who spread this poison among our people have during the later ages exhibited compassion, gentleness and great patience as a tool in spreading their evil.
Perhaps we could take note of this in dealing with our people who have fallen for Christianity and also be gentle, kind, patient in showing them the error of their ways and lead them to safety and sanity.

I agree. We have all been trapped in the same judaic nightmare, and few if any have been left unscathed, just in different ways. We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. I think we can help each other become more well rounded on our road to wellness as a people. Right thinking and right living need to go hand in hand. I have my areas to work on and others have theirs.

It was Revilo P Oliver who recognized that even when people leave this wicked religion and try to rebuild a new psyche, the residue of the mental poison that is Christianity can linger for many years in our mind.

Sure it does. It’s a system that forms the perception of the world and the self in so many layers and one has become aware of all of them, even the unconscious ones, the emotional layers as well as the “knowledge” one held for truth. It’s a process and often very disturbing and demanding. People who change everything in a second may be happy but perhaps they are just shallow.

People can change quickly when they accept that the cult they are in is messing with their heads. The residue part is because even the most retarded cults such as diversity will have some truths to them. They’ll always have a destructive twist but the fact they contain some truth makes it harder to completely let go of. People tend to give the cult credit for the truths contained in the cult rather than see that the truths are completely independent of the cult.

I was pointing out that the doctrine of original sin is a destructive world view, certainly not claiming to be without sin myself.

All the abrahamic cults are simply vehicles of power for the priests. Rabbi, priest or imam makes no difference. They are all peddling nonsense for a living. These days you have diversity officers as well peddling the latest nonsense.

People can believe that a magical sky Jew is helping them through life but in fact it’s just them talking to themselves and their image of the magical sky Jew. The magical sky Jew exists only in their head.

Pride is also a sin LisaP and that newborn baby is born with it. I dont really care how many times some tennis player gets on his knees to perform spiritual fellatio to some alien God. I mean really, by him playing tennis he is carrying out the will of God? I would like to know the name of this Tennis player, so I could see what the will of God looks like. Point is, it is not of our soul and will always be alien, regardless of if someone somewhere uses it for good (modern sports stars though are not great examples of this) it is cowardly and disempowering, it puts our fate in the hands of another. And before you cast your stones… Read more »

Umm, did you just compare our struggle for survival to a tennis match?

I would also contend that any benefits being derived from Christianity, whether now or into the far past, is due to the European spirit we, as a people, injected into it.I t was not, and is not beneficial in it’s original form. We were given a faulty, depraved system, and we made it better by being a part of it, because that is what we do. It is time our folk return to the spirituality made for us, by us , and stop just making the best of a faulty, degenerate world view designed to weaken us, which I dare say, it has done a very good job at.

Fuck off, LisaP, you Jewsus fucktard.

A drinking problem & a smoking problem are not “sins”. They are a drinking problem & a smoking problem. Problems can be solved. Problem solving is what white people do best. Pretending that an imaginary man in the sky is fixing problems through us is mental illness. Mental illness is a problem also…

If it helps at all Lisa I was a Christian for 35 years, five of them in identity. It all seemed so right to my mind I was raised with it the words are sweet and seemed true and so on, love, forgiveness, hope etc. The Old Testament was not written for us but for ((them)) it has programs and ideas/protocols that preserve their race and nationhood so in that sense it is beneficial to them. The New Testament was forced down our ancestors throats on the point of a sword for those who would not fall for the aggressive marketing and fantastic stories. The New Testament is pure deception and sorcery wrapped up in words of love and humility all of it false. As… Read more »