Renegade Roundtable: The Symbolic War (2-3-18)

Kyle hosts and talks to Scarlett, Matthew North, Nance, Rollie, and others about a variety of issues related to the political theater, the pan opticon, the anti-natural world, cube craziness, brothers wars, symbols, the stupor bowl and much more.


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Hi Scarlett. Just wanted to say I really relate to your plight. It’s one of the most difficult challenges in life when one is true to one’s self and in doing so has job and family relations threatened or terminated. Yours is not an unusual case, especially concerning family members. I have had to create distance because my extended hand has so frequently been slapped. Consequently, most of my family relationships have settled into a courteous superficiality. Just one method I’ve discovered for maintaining sanity. It’s sad that just telling the truth will frequently set one up for, if not martyrdom, some sort of banishment/isolation. Seems to come with the territory. So we seek out what affinity we can, and often it is virtual. Anyway,… Read more »
Thank you for the kind and encouraging words Liz. As you know, ours is a lonely road, and I think that’s why a lot of people who catch on to ” things” choose to turn it off in their minds and allow themselves to check out and go back to sleep. I’ve learned my lesson to pretty much keep my mouth shut at work. I said my piece and perhaps someone was listening and will find things out for themselves. As for my family, I feel compelled and duty bound to try and reach them, rather see them face old age and death in ignorance. It might sound crazy, but I am troubled and haunted by the thought that this could cause a separation between… Read more »

Thanks for responding, Scarlett. I’ve no certainty about the afterlife but have always thought it possible that whatever we do yields its influence everywhere, even if invisible.

With family, I guess each has to come at it in his or her own way. I’ve done the distancing (protective mode) because I was upsetting them too much, as well as myself.

“Compelled,” and “duty-bound” are strong words. They show your conviction, and they did not fall on deaf ears. Perhaps one day my own guidance will be to try again. Perhaps.

It’s interesting you should bring up ” self protection mode”. You see, it’s not a strong point of mine, and until relatively recently, I possessed almost no sense of self preservation. It’s only been in light of the current situation of our folk , and my realization and acceptance of the fact that my (past) Christ insanity would result in virtual suicide, both spiritually and otherwise. Still, it’s a daily process of training myself to understand the world is a dangerous place, full of dangerous people and things, and it is my sole responsibility to protect myself. I’m working on it.

You are so right about the dangers of the world. I find the protective stance is especially difficult for we who are prone to nurturing/trusting, and in our drive to set things right we sometimes leave ourselves out of the equation and end up depleted or disappointed. Jus’ my opinion, but the universe is a love-expansion, yet it does contain predatory elements. Perhaps they’re there to make us stronger. I only know they have kept me on-guard, not as tension but as awareness. Maybe one day there will be an existence where there will be nothing to protect against, but I do not see it now. So with those who throw challenges on my path, I am learning to not be a punching bag for… Read more »
Another “ Brothers War “ is out of the question!!! The last time, the wrong side won because they were many and all under ZOG. The one country that kicked out the Jews ( non Europeans and by definition non White ) had to fight their brethren whom they were trying to free from ZOG rule. This is why the Jewish press, media, and Hollywood to this day have to slander him to the point that they have made his name synonymous with Satan. But the facts still remain: Had he won Europe would be White, Bright, and free of parasites. And just maybe the Yellow, Tan, Brown, and Black people of the World would have followed the Nationalist model and advanced their cultures as… Read more »

For those who will say that England was an ally to Poland. Yes against Germany. But what good is that when they were being attacked by the the Soviets on the other side.

Weev with his latest attack on “skanks”.

Having a look through the comments sections of his videos he’s not fooling everyone. Also sadly many of his fans have some weird attraction to anime. He even went as far as to address the AQ on this video:

He’s definitely the most interesting character of the alt-right cast. Sometimes he’s making pro-White points so well you’d swear he’s on our side until he starts on about White sharia or right wing death squads.

(((Auernheimer))) simply behaves like a typical specimen of his ilk.

I only catch snippets of msn like you folk, but this FISA memo did make me think of Blair’s dodgy dossier on Saddam’s WMD. Part of it was from a UK mussie student’s work for his degree ( he may have been MI5 ). I think Powell eventually read it out to the UN in early 2003, leading to brave Dr David Kelly’s “suicide.” (((They))) then gave their media here the “45mins from doom” headline, to spook the sheep. Funny how the same script seems to be playing out. Brit intell, via MI6 Steele, providing bogus info to stir trouble and confusion. They do like their sequels and we know it’s all theatre with their paid actors to get us to civil/world war. PS Put… Read more »

Scotland took its name from an Irish clan called the Scotti.
Who conquered and ruled Scotland for a time.

I don’t know about this African queen stuff, I seriously doubt that tale has any basis in reality.

The north of Egypt was once part of Europe. Much like turkey before being taken over. Turkey today is 99.8% islam & no longer original greek.

I understand that but that fact does not prove that this queen arrived on these shores. That story just reeks of cultural Marxism to me.

I watched the state of union address just out of morbid curiosity. It was interesting when you consider that they use mobs like Cambridge Analytica to devise talking points. In many ways Trump was consistent with his campaign talking points. There was no real bashing of “Islamic terror” though. That crap really isn’t selling anymore. He made a small mention about protecting the second amendment but no mention of the first. He wants to trade amnesty for 1.8 million illegals for an end to chain migration. Only spouses and minor children to be accepted. He said the US needs immigration reform and that Americans are dreamers too. He wants a wall though no mention of Mexico paying for it. He wants to pull funding for… Read more »

Poland has shown its chauvinism. against ukrainians and germans. The polish president is signing into law a bill that would impose prison sentences for not daying that ukrainian nationalists committed crimes against poles with the germans between 1925-50. Complete antiukrainian antipathy. What kind of european brothers are poles for not getting along with theit neighbors to the west and east. Ukraine is very angry at this belligerent act of hostility toward its neighbor to the east. You can observe poles having strong antigerman and antiukrainian attitudes. Poles need to forget about the past. They are acting like jews always blaming their neighbors and even god.

Basically to deny. UKRAI IANS AS BANDERITES IS A CRIME! . utter nonsense and a jewish thought crime imposed.

44:10 Yes Viktor Schauberger said: COMPREHEND AND COPY NATURE. Back in the 1800’s. No dent in your mind Vegennance, but this has always been the case, only used in improper ways by our favourite (((scumbags))).

the nature path is the oldest pagan ‘religion’ and the oldest witch/cunning folk path. Hence why I didnt follow through with my tenure into the study of ‘Biomimicry’ which is actually a full blown paying field. It makes copy for solutions which is good to some degree but dosnt always pose the question if we should’. I prefer the old ways to any modernized concept of our place on our mother earth. Hence why I am a witch. Nature is my church.

druids/witches/cunning folk have been around allot longer than the 1800’s..

ooh almost forgot. I did paste these ref. in the live chat feed for anyone wanting to look at the actual feild of study/work “Biomimicry’ the creator of the field of recognized ‘study’/her (Janine’s) book another author on biomimicry architecture & an intro video by Janine
As I said previous after studying the course I was led to permaculture and focused on that at Oregon state/Melbourne Uni instead

Monumental show, and superb contrib by the guests. Classic in the gallery.