Renegade Roundtable: Commenting on Comments (11-11-17)

John and Bill discuss some issues and then get calls from Scarlett and Richard. Topics include: comments sections, reactions to shows, triggering topics, why some hosts might get booted by Kyle, Christianity and the cause, Paul Hickman, and more.

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I’m only half-way through the show so far and just have to speak out on behalf of commentators, the good the bad and the ugly, all of ’em. John, I like you much and it’s interesting to see that you react to the whole commenting thing as if it were a monster ready to devour you. And you say you likely won’t read the comments or respond to them. The comment section is the greatest form of free-flow ideas since the beginning of time, since we have access to almost anywhere. To reject it because of some jerks or some hostility is to throw out baby with bath-water and baby has the goods. Are we aiming toward broadcasting or toward communicating? I try to reach… Read more »

Just listened to second half. Bravo! Four powerful voices and the tapes played were also stirring. Most important point was naming Jewish Problem as base issue and yet showing the necessity of covering other important issues, both to attract new people and to give strength and health to those already on-board. Thanks to all of you.


I agree Liz

Comments can be a great way to educate others. Just remember you are not trying to convert the person you are debating, more the onlookers. Most people dont comment they just read and if you can put a good argument forward for your cause it will help bring people over to your ideas.

And remember if you cant argue your point, then you dont really have one.

Josef von Sternberg, son of Moses Sternberg or Moses Stern, was born in Austria Hungary but the jewish family moved to America when Sternberg was a child. Sternberg’s, “von” was later added to his name by Hollywood. Sternberg films sure are impressive but I would not recommend them if someone searches for artistic expressions of the German soul. Marlene Dietrich was truly anti-Nazi and of course active entertaining the American troops to help America defeat Germany. She believed that with all the jewish artists gone, Germany would not have any significant culture. Although she was not so very loved in Germany there is a Marlene Dietrich Platz in Berlin and she is promoted as a pure antifascist role model for young Germans. The anti- German… Read more »

Good show lady and gents. Your contributions to our fight is much appreciated; and comforting too.

PS It’s remembrance day here, where we honour our duped fallen warriors.
Guard the poppy.
Flood with poppy.
Mourn over poppy.
The jews mock us with their sick multiple agendas.

I saw a group of these poor souls today proudly wearing their red poppies, if only they knew what their masters think of them.

Never occurred to me: Poppy… the opium poppy. Red for the blood. Celebrate the heroin market every November. The real reason why the Western military is doing tours in Afghanistan.

“The Numbers”

Hello Kyle. Here is a great video for the Tribune. Hilarious.


OMG!! If this ain’t the best thing I’ve seen in years, I don’t know what is!! I’d sure like to share a cold one with that guy.


The one of him talking about the Orlando shooting hoax is pretty good too.

Nice one. Very nice one. I love the part where he said that the official deaths were reduced to 1.5million in TOTAL yet the kike number still stays at 6 million…. That is some mental jewmnastics. Honestly that never occurred to me, but well played that man.

I thank all involved very much for a presentation of useful information. I was spurred on to learn more about the work and death of the author of the White Man’s Bible, Ben Klassen, who died at the age of 75 in 1993, as well as info regarding the work & recent death of the young Paul Hickman. Before this show, I had been ignorant of these men. Their essence lives on! The truth can never be destroyed although at times it appears that way; so take heart! The White Man’s Bible is now available to read free online on numerous sites. And if you can’t read for hours online, you can order in bookform on Amazon or E-bay. Read the White Man’s Bible for… Read more »

I’m a globe earthist. I can understand people questioning the globe earth model but to date have not found a single flat earth model that fits observable movements in the sky. We are lied to a lot especially about the universe and big bang etc. The globe earth model seems legit though. It might have anomalies as people have claimed but the flat earth models have many more.

Why don’t you list the many flat earth anomalies for all of us. I could easily show you 12 out of hundreds that ball Earth is illogical and a totally ridiculous belief. No one has ever been able to counter them despite a $10,000.00 reward for anyone to do so scientifically and with logical reasoning. 1) Large masses of water like, the oceans and seas, curve over many km on a globe instead of being straight flat as we see it. 2) The ground you are on is spinning in space at more than 1,600 km/hr (1,000 mph) due to Earth’s ‘rotation’ in Ball Earth (BE) model. Has anyone felt such tremendous atmospheric hellstorms? Where is the spin, where, where? 3) A jetliner would not… Read more »
The link I posted on the “moon landing” would agree with you on point 5 on gravity in a way. Not that it doesn’t exist but that it’s not caused by the planets mass and is instead independent of it’s mass. I’ve posted the site before for those like yourself to get a different take on science that we’ve been taught. Regarding point 4 if you are on a jetliner doing 500km/h and decide to throw something to someone sitting behind you on the plane. Would it fly towards them at 500km/h? Now I know you could say that it was initially going 500km/h in the opposite direction. Would a little drone not fly around happily inside the jetliner until it’s battery ran out instead… Read more »
Properties of Inertia are quite easily pointed out. An observer on the ground notes that an Aircraft is passing over head. The Observers Reference is that of being Grounded. While on an Aircraft traveling at a constant velocity relative to the ground, there is no Physical sense of Motion, other than the Clouds and the Ground appears to be moving in relation to you, that being your point of reference is the Aircraft because you are in it. It’s just the visual reference between someone on the ground v’s someone on board an Aircraft are Reversed. They have an opposite perspective. Also, the aspect of acceleration and deceleration give rise to the feeling of motion where’as a constant velocity, you wont even spill your drink.… Read more »

Gravity is purely a mathematical phenomenon based on the assumption that a force (assumed to exist) holds together the orbit of celestial bodies (also assumed to exist as such). It appears in the equation F = G ((m1 x m2) / r^2) where G is the so called gravitational constant, that makes F the force to be the one that is keeping the “model” of the planets in orbit. There is nothing other than a mathematical assumption, which has spawned the constant because it fits the numbers, it has nothing to do with reality per se.

It should be noted, that I do not use all the Classical and Oversimplified (data omitted) “Applied Physics” touted by mainstream Public Sector “Professors” from “Universities”, who use a sort of Legal Jargonese of “Excepted Terminologies” (including “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” – B. Spinoza) in my Thesis’s, if I can be bothered to challenge mainstream Acadeeeeemia (deemed) who insist on absurd notions like an Electric Circuit runs according to a basic principle where it is said “Electrons travel along wires like cars on the Freeway” to produce “Work”.

@Paul Davey Oh it is noted πŸ˜‰ I recommend not to bother challenging the mainstream, they have made up their minds and would gladly go to their grave defending their epistemological errors and self deceit.

They are also a cult of zealots that have much to lose in the context of “the system” that feeds them. Prepare for the Inquisition.

Incidentally, you say you have a thesis, would it be possible to have a read?

@Skylgarir, I did attempt to contest Academia by phoning various Universities and speaking to three different departments of Physics. I based my starting point on the two very Foundation “Laws of Physics” (note “Laws”) with which one I had a serious issue with as an Electronics Wiz of sorts (self taught). This “Law” is “Like Charges Repel” and the Experiments done in the 1700’s which were used to formulate it were based on “Observation” and subsequent “Interpretation” of what was seen doing these experiments (Electrostatics). I contested the use of the word “Like” in that “Law” because it is Obviously Vague, wont stand up in a Court of Law, and leads to Circular Reasoning when as an Electronics Tech you understand, that Circuit Operation is… Read more »

In the link I posted they use a digital software model of the universe. It’s basically a theoretical framework where observed phenomena such as gravity are considered part of the universal “operating system”. The idea being to create a model with less contradictions than is currently the case. It’s an interesting way to look at it.

Oh no, I understand that, but what I am saying is the academica model is flawed from the root. Gravity is merely a consequence of the “necessity” of having a force between moving celestial objects in order that a reason is described for them orbiting each other, also presuming that planets exist. Now gravity has become some sort of force that “must” exist according to mass, which is another assumption, and that it is a property of mass. This is when you get all sorts of wacky theories like dark matter and space time bending, that is also based on the notion that we live on a sphere in infinite space, not a closed system. Gravity is a mathematical phenomenon, and only occurs on the… Read more »
Where is your list of ‘flat earth anomalies’? You don’t have one, have you? So (((they))) lied to us about gravity with the unverifiable gravity equation as Skylgarir pointed out. Now you wish to reinvent the gravity lie with some other BS concept. There is no such natural force ‘gravity’. To explain the rise and fall of objects, we only need refer to density/buoyancy effects, gravity is a totally superfluous fictitious concept. Point 4 is simple logic of jet movement relative to a supposed ‘rotation’ that proves the idiocy of a spinning ball Earth. Nothing to do with velocity vs acceleration which you seemed confused with. With a powerful telescope, Polaris could be seen in the northern low horizon sky of north Australia. But again,… Read more »
We wouldn’t need a powerful telescope to see Polaris on a flat earth. We’d be looking at the exact same stars. We don’t get to see the perfect motion around polaris because of the globe shape of the earth. In the southern hemisphere the stars circle around a totally different point in the sky. If you claim the sun is just 3000km away from earth I assume you think the moon is the same distance. If that were the case we’d see much more than just the one side facing us now. You’d be able to see pretty much all of it by observing it from different spots on the earth. That clearly isn’t the case. I don’t wish to reinvent gravity. Gravity exists here… Read more »
So, you lied about having ‘anomalies of flat earth’ and are not able to give any coherent response to the real hundreds of anomalies of a ‘Ball Earth’ of which I listed just 12. Yes, we do have time-lapse photography of the perfect circular motions of stars around Polaris. This is impossible to occur for a Ball Earth model. There is no logic to your claim to see the Moon as you described just because it is 3,000 km away. Could you see the top of a jetliner as it is flying just 20 km up? It is absurd to believe in existence of such ‘outer-space vacuum’ because then there would be nothing to prevent the sucking out of Earth’s atmospheric gases out into it.… Read more »
If you really believe the earth to be flat I’m not going to spend hours convincing you otherwise. Unless you propose a two sided disk there’s no reason why I wouldn’t be able to see Polaris from Australia or from anywhere on the planet on a flat earth. We wouldn’t see the top of the moon but we would see a lot more of it than we currently do if it was only 3000km away on a “disk” that’s much wider than that. As for being lied to about moon landings and such that’s a different story. The link I posted from a russian site has the most intersting version of events of the “moon landing” that I’ve ever read. Dark matter, big bang and… Read more »
When talking about things like gravity we have to make a distinction between what we can observe & what we allow our observations to convince ourselves of regarding things we can’t observe that we are told gravity affects. Just as micro-evolution does not “prove” macro-evolution, gravity observed by getting hit in the head by an apple does not “prove” that the entirety of the “universe” is held together by gravity. Also, just because something appears to “make logical sense” does not actually make it so – it is still always theoretical until you actually experience it for yourself ie. YOU fly up into space & completely circumnavigate the planet observing its complete form. Humans are easily convinced by “experts” and what “appears” to “makes logical… Read more »

To be correct in our use of language regarding all things that we have no personal experience of we should really always preface these things with “I believe (it to be true) that…”
Only after you gain enough personal experience of something that leads to a conclusive “truth” can you honestly say “I know that…”
Unquestioning belief is the ground you’re standing on before you step onto the first rung of a ladder to truth & knowledge.
Thought, theory & trying to “make logical sense” of things is the first rung of that ladder.
There are many rungs, some of which you never saw while standing on the ground.

These days we can’t really trust experts in most fields. The equations for gravity work locally at least so whether the theory they are based on is false the equations are at least useful. Outside of earth could be a different story altogether.

Electricity had it’s theories before Tesla came along and totally rocked the world. He saw it differently and made stuff that worked on his theories. Another guy who had similar thoughts was the creator of Coral Castle in Florida. He put out a pamphlet that might still be sold there describing his thoughts on the nature of electricity and magnetism. Would love to see the place one day.

As Tesla and others of the era discovered, electricity is a multi-phenomenon. Different contexts can isolate the different properties of it. Rapid uni-directional (push or pull) impulses can result in work being done purely through voltage. But again, the properties exhibited are different than the typical constant on DC or AC electrical phenomena. The coral castle work was performed using the opposite effect of the DC impulse. The opposite effect is purely magnetic. The equations for these phenomena I forget due to not having worked in this area for too many years and heavy metal poisoning, including lead which is in solder. The builder of coral castle would have absolutely comprehended what he was doing and the other potential electrical phenomena strictly from the mathematical… Read more »

Pointless to debate someone who ignores logic and scientific reasoning but yet claims ‘globe earth is logical’. The Sun and Moon is experientially observed to actually move above us but you rather believe their motions are caused by Earth’s ‘rotation’. We all can see that the sea horizon is impressively stunningly flat standing on a beach but you believe there is non-existent curvature. Are curved masses of water a logical idea? So, I do not simply believe for what I claim but you do.

There is no honesty nor intelligence from those who ignore truthful evidences as shown.

These arguments are mind numbing. Get a glass. Fill it with water until it gets to the rim. Next use a dropper vial to start adding a little more water at a time. The water will rise above the edges of the glass. The water shape will be convex. This is a hydrostatic phenomenon. That is an example of a curved mass of water. The issue of gravity is readily understood by any one who takes the time to research electrical and physical phenomena before the jews jew’d every thing. So the Victorian era was the peak. Gravity is an electrostatic phenomenon. Hence the charges of the two things being compared are the primary thing to consider; however, other factors such as wind, shape, etc… Read more »

My clear points about Flat Earth reality is ‘mind numbing’ to those who cannot overcome the (((globe programming))). You tried to confuse the flatness of masses of water with silly examples of small quantities that are affected by surface adhesive effects as in cups and glasses. That is disingenuously deceptive. Your claims of gravity being an ‘electrostatic phenomena’ is similarly an attempt to prop up a non-existent force. Why don’t you show us your electrostatic gravity formulas if you seem to claim these are well established? More jewish BS.

Galileo vs Vatican. 4araw is the Flat Earth Pontiff ! πŸ™‚

Wrong, Paul. Just someone who honors TRUTH when it is revealed though rational reasoning and scientific evidences and would tirelessly wield the weapon of TRUTH to crush to smithereens jewry domination and lies.

Gravity a non-existent force? Pick up a rock and let go of it. Does it stay there hanging in mid air or does it fall back to earth? If it falls back to earth then why? Without any force acting on it the rock would stay in mid air as happens in zero gravity. You can call the force acting on the rock whatever you want but clearly it exists and is commonly called gravity.

Density is what causes the rock to fall to Earth. Where is non-existent ‘gravity’ ever needed to explain falling bodies?

Your imagined ‘gravity’ force powerfully sticks oceans of water to the bottom of a spinning ball but won’t be powerful enough to even hold down a buzzing mosquito. Idiocy implied in this belief but are you intelligent enough to see this contradiction? Doubt it.

Density? Of what? Why would it force a rock down? You do realize that you need gravity for buoyancy to work don’t you?

Explain why ‘gravity’ is needed for buoyancy/density? So, the idiocy of’ ‘gravity’ force contradictions is simply ignored by you? Explain that instead of evading this ludicrous belief of yours, if you even realize that you have it.

Density/Buoyancy is a property of any object having mass and volume. This phenomena is illustrated by Archimedes Principle. Nowhere is ‘gravity’ ever needed.

Any floating object displaces its own weight of fluid. —  Archimedes of Syracuse

Why would it need to float? Without gravity everything would float in mid air not just water or any other fluid. If there was no gravity we could all walk on water. There would be no force pushing us down.

You can call the force whatever you want. Most people call it gravity. If can be measured and at least here on earth the formulas for gravity work. If you doubt it try jumping off a cliff and tell me there’s no gravity.

Why does buoyancy need gravity? “This can occur only in a non-inertial reference frame, which either has a gravitational field or is accelerating due to a force other than gravity defining a “downward” direction.” Without the gravity or similar accelerating force buoyancy doesn’t work. Gravity also works in a vacuum where no buoyancy is involved. The force is there and everyone can feel it. Arguing against the existence of gravity doesn’t help your flat earth argument. What causes it is up for debate though. We are told mass causes gravity. From what I’ve read that may indeed be a big lie and an experiment trying to prove it failed to show mass as causing gravity. Rather than accept the result they came up with… Read more »
The sun and moon move above us or we move beneath the sun and moon? There’s a difference. I never claimed the earth’s rotation caused the moon’s motions and I certainly wouldn’t claim that about the sun. I believe the planetary model of our solar system as far as the orbits and globe shape of the planets including earth. The observations made by countless amateur astronomers as well as professional ones would suggest that part is true. What keeps the planets and moon in their orbit? That’s where you can expect lies to be told because it’s hard to get definitive proof. Like the big bang theory. How can anyone go back billions of years to prove or disprove it? They can’t so any bs… Read more »

After much thought and deliberation, the Moon Landing is almost impossible given the sheer amount of factors involved, if you take them at their word. That is when you come down form the “ra-ra, we did it, we are so advanced and awesome” bullshit narrative.

People don’t realise how much of a dangerous and precarious situation space would be if it is as they say it is. Bobbing about in a vacuum is no game. The slightest rip or gap or hole and everyone gets sucked out a pinhole and turned inside out.

Simply from the basic logistics, the ML is ludicrous according to the way it is supposed to have happened.

The moon landing never occurred for a few basic reasons. The Van Allen Belt being one. The fact that the earth and the moon have different relative electrostatic charges, regardless of globe or flat earth model, which means that when things with a charge close to that of Earth, move close to the moon, at some point the electrostatic charge between them is able to overcome the air/semi-vacuum gap which will result in an equalization of charges and a visual akin to a lightening strike, which would disintegrate the smaller mass, that is any humans and their tin can. Some one might say, “Well what if something on Earth had a charge closer to what the moon has, and it was sent to the moon… Read more »


If you do your research, you’ll find that it was the Soviets who discovered the Radiation anomaly, and it was Van Allen, who, btw, was an advocate for the “Robotic Exploration of Space” for Economic and Practical reasons that got to give it his title, his name.
Half the problem is that when people see the word “Radiation” they tend to *freak* like a bunch of Paranoid Rodents in a Science Lab. Everywhere we go, yes, even with the seeming protection of an Atmosphere, we are bathed in Various forms of Radiation.
The subject of Radionics as quite fascinating, and by that I don’t just mean its supposed application in Health, but as a study of Energy that as yet not formally Excepted ..

@Hermit Also, again I go on what I have heard, that no one has been above 100K feet (I think its feet, or metres, can’t be sure, but it is something of this order). Even some aeronautics guy on a video said that the heat and fuel expense increases to a point where it (the logistics) bottoms out at around 100K above the surface. It was when they were testing the Blackbird, they found out that the heat when getting that far up and going that fast goes mad and starts melting everything.

Astronauts are strongly advised to thoroughly clear their nasal passages and eliminate any potential toward flatulence before hoping into a space suit, otherwise some unpleasant complication could arise. πŸ™‚ The suit should also be pressurized to One Atmosphere (the average air pressure at sea level) to prevent the blood boiling when beyond 60,000ft.

LOL, a good hard farthing sesh before getting into a space suit. I imagine NASA would prohibit the ingestion of baked beans or that pressure inside the suit would go apocalyptic!

I think the key term is “model”. With observable reality you don’t need a model. The only reason the form of our world is in dispute, is because the jew has deprived us of the freedom to touch the walls of our capacities and are not flying or teleporting around with Tesla and Schauberger tech in our own time and of our own accord to experience it.

Jews don’t control everything. Throw away the bible and your TV and their influence is reduced to mostly finance.

Right you are. Technically, no, they actually don’t control everything, but they don’t have to if everything is money based and they print the money.

I would go so far as to say ONLY finance. This is their way of conquest: to delude and dupe through tricks of perception and psyche. I mean, you look at any reason why any European leader has allowed the jew is because of their so called trading, which is the “boots on the ground” part of finance. The downfall of any European leadership has been to allow finance to supersede any kind of national socialist kinship among their people.

It’s the real reason that “racism” is such a heresy today. Racists place their race above money. Especially foreign money.

Well I would go so far as to say ALL money: the very Idea of money. Money is a wholly jew contrivance. I could go on about this all day long, but I won’t πŸ˜‰

Money itself isn’t really the problem if you control it. Giving the power to create money to private interests is always going to result in private interests running government. No one is going to let go of that power and wealth voluntarily.

The point of models is that they are useful. They allow for prediction. Some models are useful, all models are wrong (this gets at the fact that a model is a subset of reality and therefore can not include all factors known or unknown), but the point is, some are USEFUL and allow for repetitive accurate predictions.

I don’t mean to be offensive but I don’t think many people commenting on these things have done a lot of personal reading or thinking about these things.

I think you misunderstand me, but I accept that error on my part in not communicating properly. In short I said that you don’t require a model or speculation, if you are free to investigate the reality as your own experience, i.e. having a Tesla\Schauberger craft FOR EXAMPLE, choose the Superscience vehicle for yourself, please go crazy; meaning that we are not oppressed by the jew in what we can an cannot do. Models are useful, but why would you have to keep speculating what shape the Earth is if you can go and find out for yourself. The only reason we have this Ball\Board Earth debate is because no one can go to antarctica, no one can go to 100K miles up, no one… Read more »

Scarlett mentioned that the people you are talking to online are all human. When it comes to pro-White sites those “humans” are often anti-Whites who will happily condemn you and your family to a life in a Zimbabwe or South Africa type hell hole. They want White genocide. That is why there is always a lot of dramas in the comments section.