Renegade Roundtable: Taking Out the Trash (10-13-18)

Kyle and Sinead discuss Matt Heimbach’s return, Carolyn Emerick’s folk right, ongoing MGTOW madness, the panopticon prison and palantir, how we’re not taught how things work in our world, herbal solutions, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts
3 years ago

How much evidence and how many times do we have to tell our folk before they get the narrative about these controlled opposition “leaders?”

I get the point about our folk being under this mind virus, in all areas, but we also have a problem with apathy with “awakened” people too. Have we the time for all this during a genocide? As you say, it’s so frustrating but all we can do is keep putting out the truth, but then ACTING ON IT!!

PS Another great hosts show – cheers both. Woo-hoo! Fists in the air, Fatt’s bach! Looking forward to the Walmart scooter rally nsm meet-up!

3 years ago

Don’t worry guys Q said to vote republican and trust the plan. Then based Graham and god emperor Trump will save the day with help from judge Kav.

3 years ago
3 years ago

For your vaccine research Sinead:

He also goes into the invention of the original vaccination for smallpox (?) where the mad scientist injected his young son with cow pus from a cowpox sore, which disabled the kid for life yet was declared a success. Not sure if he covers that in this video or a different one. There’s lots to peruse at his channel. Don’t let the titles throw you: he’s NOT a bible lover and he IS a vegan.

3 years ago

Kyle talks about how he doesn’t like paying for attention like at a Hooters etc. I agree, and this brings to mind even the basic scheme/custom in this country of tipping for anything. When you think about it, if someone is depending on you to give them money which you are not billed for or for which you do only voluntarily in some exchange, you are now in a fake relationship with each other. The one who is wanting you to shower them with money is an actor performing for money, not your equal or friend. Once while visiting Natchez Mississipi I think, 4 of us stopped to eat at a restaurant called Slick Rick’s. It was very good and they served quality food, locally… Read more »

Reply to  Bob
3 years ago

BTW, if you go out one time to eat at a Mexican food restaurant and your bill is say $25, and then go out to a Japanese food/sushi restaurant another and the bill is $60 – why should the tip be more at the Japanese food place? Did the servers etc. work harder? What is the logic in this system of tipping on cost of food? This is why we just leave a standard tip and generally no more than $5 these days. I risked my life at work every day in a very hazardous skilled craft that required 4 years of education to learn and it really bugs me that we are supposed to throw excessive money at someone slinging food and drink etc.… Read more »

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