Renegade Roundtable: Terminating the Technological Holocaust of “Goyim” (1-27-18)

Kyle hosts and talks to Scarlett, Matthew North, Rollie Quaid, Nance, Chris H, Drew, and Nick Spero about a wide variety of subjects: remembering the Holocaust, political theater, mind control, sex robots, automation, ethics and technology, lighting the mood, wifi, and much more. This show is over 3 hours long.

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Anthony Roberts

Unless we take back control of our money, gov’t, media and academia – quickly, all these jew-made problems discussed tonight, will just keep growing until nature’s law is tipped.

What i’m realizing is: you will need a very simple message to break through all this tech zog-fog. Our people are so mind & body poisoned, they can’t see the jewish claw enslaving and killing them off.

Every year, dumber and more addicted, until they are just prey Eloi, technically-labotomized, travelling via hot dirty Musk tunnels in electric cattle trucks, to their Foxconn slave assembly job. On that cheerful note lol, great show, great minds, KEEP FIGHTING!!

Excellent example the Eloi, the only thing I would ad Anthony would be 75percent of the White race is already there and the other 24percent is in denile , and the rest are awake and trying in their own way to stop the White race GENOCIDE to prevent our extinction that is here now . We might not have the Almost pure White race numbers to reproduce enough to save our almost pure White race from oblivion.


Sorry for checking out on everyone in the last hour, but between a loss of voice, a clamoring 8 year old, and a husband wondering if he was done holding down the fort, I had little choice. It was a great show, and I feel honored to have participated. Thanks Kyle and all contributors.


I sure would like to see Nick and Drew host Round Tables in the future. This would give Kyle a break and bless those of us who miss these former host.


Great discussion. Good to hear from Nick and Drew.


In regards to lead’s ability to block electromagnetic wave, I can use my physics knowledge from college and describe a few matters about this.
Lead is one of the densest elements in existence which is used for radiation shielding. It can block gamma ray radiation which which has a frequency of about 10^20 Hz depending on the thickness of it.
Lead is used in the labs for this very purpose.
Interestingly, water is a very effective microwave obsorbant.


Andrew Norton Webber, the distilled water expert, has an interesting discussion about water and electricity at the 1:02:25 mark in the video linked below. He measured well water, reverse osmosis water, and distilled water with an ohm’s meter, which measures resistance to electricity. Distilled water had by far the highest ohm’s reading, meaning it was resistant to electricity. What was amazing was that when he tested himself on the ohm’s meter, Webber, who drinks at least one gallon of distilled water a day, had an even higher reading than the glass of distilled water.

Great Talk, people are being arrested here in Europe for ridiculous holohoax denial. And all those so called new age jew guru’s preaching about shifting to higher consciousness and hyper dimensional constructs while ignoring the jewish elephant in the room.


Raising one’s own consciousness and being able to see the elephant are interdependent.


As long as the elephant has power, it doesn’t care about being seen. That is the whole basis of their control: be seen and ignored.


A very enjoyable Roundtable with many interesting topics. With respect to Wi-Fi, several years ago I came across the work of Barrie Trower, a former Microwave Weapons expert with Royal Navy and a strong campaigner against Wi-Fi. I have linked below a paper that he wrote in 2013 (it is only 17 pages long, referenced to research and worth a read). Quoting the opening abstract reads as: “As stated by University Researchers, Government Scientists and International Scientific Advisors; a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth. Any genetic damage may pass to successive generations.” A pdf version of the paper can be found here:… Read more »


Excellent roundtable. Thanks to all.

Question for Rollie… Often when you’re on air we hear cute little voices in the background. I was just wondering if you’d offer a few sentences on how you feel about being a father and what are some of your opinions about your children? Maybe there’s just too much to say and we need a show on what being a father is like in this day and age. Thank you, especially for your intelligence, and that of the others who sat at The RoundTable. Knights, ALL.



Yes, I second that proposal. Love the background noise when Rollie calls in

Ghost Man O; War

I love hearing Rollie’s background loved ones. PRECIOUS. They let me know I’m listening to a ferocious but very caring and loving Dad. Enough of the mushy stuff. I…am….outa’ here. Love and hardcore strength to us everyone.


I just wanted to clarify the comment I made earlier about the RF protection paint. The technician at the paint company I talked with said their paint is guaranteed to 20 Ghz. He could not say whether or not it would be effective with higher frequencies. He said they don’t have the equipment to test beyond 20 Ghz because it is prohibitively expensive.. So the paint may protect you from 5G frequencies but, then again, it may not. Also, another big question I have about these paints is whether they are absorptive or reflective. Since most people have wi-fi and all appliances will soon be “smart”, the average household may well have 10 or more products emitting RF radiation. RF radiation will reflect off a… Read more »


As a side note, the “ice man” you referred to in the 3rd hour is a Dutch guy named Wim Hof. His breathing techniques have challenged science & have personally changed my life. Everyone should look into this guy and his techniques. There are a lot of documentaries on YT about him & plenty of instructional videos to learn from. I am always skeptical at first but I have found that the breathing techniques are especially helpful for meditation.
Check out 8:50 on this video:

Ghost Man O; War

Seemingly at least, Kyle and Sinny gravitate to the important nuggets we search for of history. Call it luck or destiny to be the type that finds the information that is useful quickly and be able to convey the nuts and bolts effectively so your listeners don’t have to re-invent another wheel or some such. I guess you either have it but ya don’t. Grand pappy said he got up an hour early and stayed up an hour later to equalize against those more gifted. I miss ol’ Pappy. I fight for his memory and my youngest son’s memory and my granddaughter. WE have to win this struggle. We’re making progress. Thanks for all your work and efforts, Renegade. Ha, Kyle just now said, “We… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

oops, on line 5 in the post just immediately above, I meant to say, “…..or you don’t.” I typed, “….but ya don’t.” Which makes no sense. ahahhahaa Sorry. I type 90 wpm and only 91 mistakes. Gotta’ run. Time to feed the horses and dogs. It’s my nightly ritual. I break out a nice late snack for them and turn the space heater out there either up or down accordingly. Love’s me pets.


Great point about the ‘net being a morality free zone. Autonomous cars and autonomous zones? The latter the name associated with pedos and burning man, and Steve Outrim (who Jan Irvin now thinks infiltrated him along with Joe), has a Zone of Separation project. One definition of ‘autonomy’ is moral independence, ‘do what thou wilt,’ but it’s not true freedom, just one to make slaves thing they’re free.


Nick Spero!!!! Please come back. Not to put down the new hosts but there’s no comparison with research and presentation anywhere in the realm white genocide resistance!!!

Ghost Man O; War

“OUR” flag is actually just a district flag of the E. India Co. See the 1700’s EIC flag, and 1800 EIC flag, and that’s all I need to tell you. EIC merged into Crown Co. in the late 1800’s by the way. Reminds me of Johnathon Williams book written in 1790’s called, Legions of Satan where he stated that Cornwallis told Washington at Yorktown I think it was that, “…now the holy war will ensue, and within 200 years the Jewish teachings will subvert the Christian teachings….the people will think they’re independent and really be working as the military block of the Crown….” Paraphrasing of course but it’s the jist of it all. Anyway, carry on good people. Great show by the way.


Lots of good topics covered, definitely worth a repeat listen or two. There are so many pressing topics that need to be prioritized on an individual basis. Most people place money and income at the very top. It’s hard to get people to move past that unless they are financially well off. The “system” seems to be working for people who have the money, unfortunately. The rest of us just piddle along and don’t have the time to analyse how fucked our situation REALLY is.


The chatter I’m hearing is that the main rollout of 5G will now be in the middle of this year. I don’t doubt it. Time is short. I think the only way to stop the 5G is to break the joo-joo magick spell. It’s staggering to think about it, but chances are very good that this summer there will be a small cell wireless antenna on your block — maybe even two of them — blasting you with millimeter waves in the frequencies of 24 – 100 Ghz.


You are not going to be having a 2.4 Ghz chip implanted in you in the future. It’s already in you. Thanks, jews!!!


Lol, is that boogie2988 in that picture? Very cute family!

Ghost Man O; War

Ahhhh yes. Always nice to see the Captain on the bridge calling the shots. The others do fine jobs but Kyle’s processor and memory is always running smooth and sorting it out very nicely. Just to let you know, Captain, the zombies out here are seeming to be snapping out of it. They really are. Now back to my post to chip away at the stone (stein) a bit more. Carry on men and women of good heart, and mind. I guess I’m a “regula'” Hitla’. hahhahaha Diiiiiiismissed!

Ghost Man O; War

This show was among the best on the interlink. Well managed and everyone chimed in with good info and each and every single one represented Renegade AND themselves quite well. Nighty Night. Kay Griggs interview is worth watching. I caught it about 10 years ago. Birch Soc. was founded by Rockefeller money. Mullins said owner of a cookie co. was bought out by National Biscuit Co. known better as Nabisco and he his brother, the Birch founder, one ran Birch and the other ran the branch of Nabisco called such and such Candy co. View all Mullins you can. When he got older he blurred a bit but exposed lots that almost all the newer “truth” people have just repackaged as their own. Watch Conspiracy… Read more »


The left-right paradigm is talked about a lot. What’s not talked about as is who decides what is left and what is right. Another thing not talked about is whether the individual platforms of the left or right belong under the same umbrella term. White nationalism for example isn’t a right wing ideology. Nationalism across the non-White world is still functioning normally regardless of how left or right wing the government is. Only in White countries is nationalism considered right wing. When I first heard of the term PC my first thought was who decides what is “correct”. More people need to think about what is left and right and why there’s little overlap. The ideas of both left and right should be evaluated individually.… Read more »


I saw an article about how millennials are losing their hair, reason given stress, but is it radiation? Why do they push the bald sick kids in our faces all the time? THX-1138, remember that movie about the future, they’re bald. THX, the sound thing by JWO’er G.Lucas. THX Jews!


Here’s a twentysomething talking about healing emf damage from the inside. I’ve started taking kelp supplements, which have iodine, and there are kelp wraps and other solutions mentioned here, for the emf radiation. One thing I might have to do is use an LED projector for the computer, another tip in this vid on healing electromag sensitivity from the inside. I feel baked a lot of the time and I stay very far from the computer and it’s on ethernet (not wifi).


Those reason could be true, but also contributing factors to early male baldness is excessive masturbation, little physical activity, bad diet and poor hygiene: all due to laziness of course and instant gratification culture, that is predominant in American chase to “pursuit of happiness”.

After looking closely at the picture above it appears that the 2 kids on the right are non White race . The 2 on the right could be mixed race with white skin ,we don’t know for sure . What we do know is they are not likely White race because White race people are almost always in good shape and don’t eat fast food accept if they are under durress to do so .Its just the way it is.


And you call yourself “Truthguy”? Firstly the 2 kids are on the “left” in the picture plus you really need to get out more if you haven’t seen the huge amount of fat white people who actually exist out there!!! Obviously your “truth” is very subjective but you can’t argue with FACTS!

Yes f guy I typed left but it came out right on the post,computer problem. Anyway, It is a True fact that there are a lot of white skinned people that are fat , But, ALL , claimed to be White race people are All ,in good to excellent shape ,even the older ones . Its just the way it’s always been , I suspect it is because of the genetics of White RACE people and the North of the Alps regions where the White race phenotypes evolved in .

Chris H

Atleast the robot is hhhwite. Although it has a black computer like complexion in its face. Not an ounce of fat on that robot though. Will the robot eat the fast food? We don’t know for sure. White people don’t eat fast food at all, no. Not even under duress. We keep ourselves in shape and are all top SS quality. Feel the liberation.