Renegade Roundtable: The Controlled Demolition of the White World (12-1-18)

Kyle speaks to Sean and Urban. Topics include: Renegade departures over the years, the un-natural disasters plaguing the White world, and how we are being attacked in so many other ways.

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Dear Kyle and Sinead et al., IDK if you would be open to someone pre-recording a podcast for you to broadcast but I’ve thought many times I’d like to do that mainly to just give good advice to our people, particularly young people, about what they can do to make a decent living and build up some means to really help our cause , our people! IDK about you but I’ve made some big mistakes from being stupidly and unrealistically positive and naive following people who were using me and milking my hard work. I don’t want anymore young white people wasting their time, their labor, their good will, intellect, or creativity! It makes me sick seeing clearly Aryan young men who were obviously crushed… Read more »

Danielle Marin

Konrad Rhodes, I would love to hear your prerecorded podcast! I can only imagine the things I would learn from you. I really appreciated what you had to say here & agree with all of the points you touch on, both past & present. It’s getting harder to know what we now know when there are still way too many under brainwashing. I continue to be frustrated that I still can’t get through to my own family.
I hope I get to hear what you have to say – it might be what I need to help my family “get it”. Thank you.


No worries, FUKUS (France, UK and US) and most of the other jewish puppets throughout Europe, Oceania and both American continents will surely become free, sovereign nations by the 2020s or 2030s; by extension, most of the world would be freed of jewish control and will quickly learn how terrible they truly are. Naturally this will lead to israhell’s demise and the reestablishment of Palestine, something that I believe the US and Europe should help them the Arabs accomplish by helping them to militarily overwhelm israel, in amend the West’s relationship with the Muslim world in exchange for respecting each others sovereignty, and possibly forge an alliance against world jewry which at that point would be mainly focused in Russia, China, and anywhere else they… Read more »


Sean, it is presumptuous to say, “Look, they want Israel they can have it; we’ll bring the Palestinians out of there and we’ll give them somewhere nice. We’ll find them somewhere decent; we’ll send them there.” How would you feel if some authority tried to separate you from YOUR homeland? Freedom does not dictate course of movement. The Palestinians expect and are entitled to the same free choice we have. And Urban saying, “Education is the only weapon that we have; it is the only tool we have to operate as things are now. … Talking about anything else is ridiculous at this point.” Education, as important a tool as it is, is NOT “the only weapon.” We have The Bill of Rights, which some… Read more »


[Not entirely on-topic] Hi Sinead and Kyle, I’ve been aware of the Jewish conspiracy against all non-Jews (now targeting whites, and disobedient Jews as well) for 1.5 years or so, though sadly, I haven’t been listening to you guys since I, like you guys, have had much trouble finding honest people on the internet. It pretty much started with Pizzagate, then 9/11, then online shills, then the Jewish conspiracy, then the Holocaust, then Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich (I still haven’t looked into that too much, tbh), and here I am now… I have wasted a lot of time downloading and archiving shit but I have learned that it is futile if you do not share it (though I intended to share it eventually…)… Read more »



>thank you guys for all that you have done so far, and I’m very sorry I didn’t trust or help you guys … I’ll try to do whatever I can to help. Stay strong, and keep up the fight!

And check out The Paulstal Service’s videos on (one of his videos is included in your “The Uncanny Valley” video on BitChute):

If you want a specific video in higher-quality (I probably have it in 720p or 480p) from The Paulstal Service I can re-upload it for you guys (or anyone), thanks again.


If you want to get rid of the jews from your nation, the last thing you want to do is to actually send them were they want to be in, in the first place which is Israel. It plays in perfectly in with the Greater Israel plan. The zionist jews want jews outside of Israel to mass migrate from Europe and the U.S to Israel as they are stealing more land from the Palestinians and have plans to steal further land from Syria, Lebanon and so on. Which is why you have zionist jews travelling the globe, trying to convince jews outside of Israel to move to Israel, this is why Israel implemented the so called ”law of return” law and now recently the ‘nation-state… Read more »


That is not true- in order to parasite, the parasite requires multiple host countries, so they can suck them dry from the inside and use the money to build Israel. Since parasites cannot parasite other parasites, parasites would have to get real jobs. It would quickly become a Jewish hell on earth without all that free money flowing in from host countries.

wolf GT

Interesting show. Was sad when I noticed that Axe of Perun´s work was taken down. That man is amazing. Does anybody know if his work is available else where?


I pinch myself everyday for not backing up those articles. I hope at least someone has them all somewhere.


Yes, losing Axe of Perun’s work was a let down, and I only had read a few of his pieces. I hope his work resurfaces somewhere..

wolf GT

Hi, odd thing is I spotted an atticle I had mised (from January) and wanted to down-load all of the older ones-shit I didn´t. Shortly afterwards it was all gone.

wolf GT

Well thanks alot, appreciate your reply.

wolf GT

Thanks for answering. Actually I found that page before. (Just checked)


How odd that these “wild fires” never target nigger ghettos and “hoods”. If that was the case I could believe it was a random “act of god”. As usual I imgaine jewish areas were perfectly safe, like they were back in the London Black Plague event, where no jewish quarters were affected, OH HOW STRANGE that is, perhaps g*d was looking out for his chosen mutants… Or perhaps they had a hand in it?… HmmmmmMMMMMMMMmmmmm. Perhaps there WAS a justification to the usual kike kicking episodes that ensued. BUT THEY DUN NUFFIN RONG OH THE OVENZ THE NIGHTMARE!!


Consistency of message is one the things that brought me to Renegade. It is also one of the reasons I have stuck by them and supported them. Less frequent programmes that are more in-depth and of higher quality is certainly something I will continue to support. I look forward to the Big Picture docu being completed as well as the Opioid docu.

Danielle Marin

urbanjunglegirl – i was so glad to listen to what you posted in your comment from that guy jamie who has the “aplanetruth” YT channel regarding the “fires”. it quickly reminded me of why i unsubbed his channel….Jesuit finger pointer – exactly!! and so true, too, what you said in take what you need & leave the rest! how many times did he say forget the rothschilds??


I find him to be very odd indeed.. He seems to be ”doing good work”, but that video was over the top in the ”it’s the jesuits, definitely not the jews, it’s the jesuits!”
What the hell is he smoking?
Someone who so vehemently ”knows the truth – and the truth is that it’s the jesuits” HAS to be controlled opp.
Very confusing world we’re in..
If you can’t see that it’s the jews at the top of the pyramid, your blind.
Seriously, the jesuits? wtf.
And he’s a promoter / fan (or used to be) of Deborah Tavares who says over and over it’s ”the Rothchilds”..
She also does good work, but is riding that ”end times” wave…
Christ insanity is such a bummer!


“If you shut the doors on the Jews, they climb through the windows” – Urban.

This is a little more subdued broadcast. But I do like the other kind too! I have a question. Why do I (duh) get a ‘subscription’ email after leaving a reply here?


Click on the bell sign next to the “post comment” button before posting.


To Urban Jungle Girl – are you posting anywhere?


Charlie and the UTUBE circuit? Every time I go to a White forum and click on a slightly older utube video, I get “video discontinued” or something like that. KAPUTT! VERBOTEN! COMPRENDE!
“People veer off” but they are still out there. The important thing is we left them lots to think about until they return. I left the fold a few times, but here I’m back in full force (like to think).


Kyle, you’re going to have to control these call in people a little more. They keep interjecting when you are making a point, and you end up giving them the floor. Just say something like,”just let me complete my point”, or something like that. IT’s a bit frustrating listening to people talking over one another to make a point.


On the comings and goings of people in our lives…

I think those we let stay are those we love and whom we allow to love us back. It is possible that trust is born of love. Trust is support. And who doesn’t need support?



Where I can find this video Urban Jungle Girl is talking about – Disclosure 2020, something about hyperboreans, north pole etc?


I would recommend that new people being brought onto the show go under pseudonyms (which many of you probably already do) and perhaps utilize cheap pre-paid cell phones when they call into podcasts on Renegade Broadcasting which I also assume has happened a lot.