Renegade Roundtable: The Methodical Manufacturing of Reality (5-19-18)

Kyle, Jeff, Scarlett, Shen, Rollie, and Chris H talk about a number of current events: some recent shooting psy ops, rise of the Nazbols, the destructiveness of jewish pornography and circumcision, the big “royal” wedding between jews, and a whole lot more.

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What’s the name of the band and tune played with the pipes coming out of the first break? It’s very uplifting. Really gets the blood going.

Also nowhere has raised my level of awareness of who’s who and what’s what and rekindled a love for my folk and our lands like Renegade. Before I only cared about Ireland now I see all the West in the same light. I only found you guys less than a year ago but my life has changed for the better because of your message.

Another great show. Thanks

There was also something about a movie (Deadpool 2, whatever that is) where a character was going to throttle a baby Hitler in his crib. So they have to keep TRYING to kill Hitler and all he stood for and stood against. Sending the message to us that we lost, accept the baby killers are in control basically.

On the other hand, this obsession with killing baby Hitler shows how they wish he’d never been born, and a desperation that they can’t undo what was done, the courageous attempt to stop the beast.

They do the same thing with Jesus. Jew’s always talk about how they hate Jesus but as we all know, Jesus was a Jewish creation to pollute the brains of the Roman’s initially and the white race on a broader scale. It’s simple reverse psychology. Jew’s don’t hate Hitler, look at all the white Goyim that killed each other because of Hitler. A great many Jews wish for another Hitler so they can repeat the harvest.

It looks like they’re pushing for a European vs Muslim fight. Again.

What do you mean by “Goyim that killed each other because of Hitler.”?

WWII. I’d say quite a few white goyim died in that war wouldn’t you agree? It was a massive harvest for the Jews. Why wouldn’t they want another Hitler?

That was not my question. Maybe I should have underlined the word “because”. Why do you say they died because of Hitler?

What he is saying boils down to this “don’t fight back, you will only lose, plus it hurts a lot more. similar to how play ground bullies work. No slave master is going to let his “property” go without a fight. Cursing those that try because they ultimately failed, in no way makes their actions pointless. There is little more inspiring than that of a man that regardless of odds and hardship stands up to his oppressor and says, “no more”.

There you go goy. It’s better to go out with a bang through warfare than a wimper by watching your people race mix themselves out of existence. Your extinction is inevitable, the latter method is just so boring. All you need is another racialist isolationist leader like Hitler and you have your recipe for war. Keep banging the war drum, keep up the good work Goyim!

Show Heathen Vegan some more respect. He is about the best we have in my opinion when it comes to refinding our own forgotten ways.

Why do you keep calling Heathen Vegan a goy/goyim? What makes you different than HV? Are you a Jew? No! Then you are nothing but a Goy so quit being a retarded dickhead. You sound absolutly ridiclous. Also if you think the Jews need another scape goat to destroy us you are deluded.

Are you going to answer my question? Why are you blaming Adolf Hitler for the deaths of all non Jews that died during WW2? That would obviously include the 12+ Million Germans massacred and starved in the years following the war in so called peace time.

“Goyim” is a jewish word. Only jews & non-jewish traitors/retards/useful idiots use it in any way other than complete mockery of the jew itself. Look at all the alt-right faggots who use it all the time & even name themselves with it & expect to be taken seriously. It should be just one of those obvious immediate red flags whenever you see/hear anyone use it more than once in a blue moon & in any way that doesn’t directly denigrate the jew.

@Nuada I’m not sure if you’re playing dumb or you just are, but I’ll take the bait. Adolf Hitler knew that the Jew’s controlled Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. We know this because he said this. Facing one of these superpowers would be a stiff enough task. Facing all of them would be suicide. We also know that Hitler considered the protocols of Zion to be authentic. UNIVERSAL WAR “3. We must be in a position to respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbors of that country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbors should also venture to stand collectively together against us, then we must offer resistance by a universal war.” We can only assume… Read more »

Hey Caligula, caught between a rock & a hard place what would YOU do? Fight knowing you might be facing uneven odds & possibly death or back down & continue being a downtrodden slave facing increasingly tyrannical control? THAT is the question & those are realistically your only 2 options! It’s easy to sit back & criticize others from afar but are YOU a man or a mouse?

Caligula so what are you saying is that Adolf Hitler should have avoided war and stepped down and gave power to the Zionist’s? Or that Germany would have been better off in the hands of a coward? Or are you suggesting Adolf Hitler was a Zionist agent? Or do you say he is an aggressor and blame him for starting WW2? If WW2 never happened? We most likely would have been minorities in our countries already by the turn of this century. The Kalergi plan would be near complete by now. What in your opinion should Adolf Hitler have done? In my opinion Adolf Hitler had no choice but to go to war. Should he have let the the massacre of Germans in Polish territory… Read more »

Why do you ridiculous Goyim always come up with the same response to every threat? If you fall into a lion cage your response always seems to be: “the best way out is to throw a rock at the lion.” How about using your stupid Goyim brains to come up with a better strategy? Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be. Just as the Dodo bird wasn’t smart enough to save the species from extinction, so too the tribes of Europe can not adapt to the ever changing world.

Thank you for the information that everyone here at Renegade should already know. Those quotes are all public information.

Caligula what a stupid arguement. If you fall into a lion cage your dead. You make it sound like Adolf Hitler took on the world in one go in 1939. There was a progression to the war. And the Jews made it clear, wheather fight or surrender they were going to die. And they kept to their threat. The Dodo bird went extinct because of over hunting and destruction of its environment. Not because it was stupid. I’ve heard that before but when I ask people to back up that claim they don’t. Can you back it up? Anyway, you still gave no solution on what you would have done. If you are unwilling to fight then why not just slit your wrist right now… Read more »

Obviously I am not a National Socialist. It is my job to get you to be a National Socialist. But first we must get ALL Aryans to be Nazis, that way, when you attempt to kick us out we will be totally justified in crushing you completely. It is more satisfying to completely destroy you than it is to watch you slowly fade into obscurity through miscegenation.

Is that your best trolling? Pretty pathetic!

“It is a jew. It believes even after repeated failure throughout all time that it has existed that it will be on top of the heap eventually, It will never understand that its policy of competition elimination will NEVER work. Competition is at the very heart of the greatest power bar none – NATURE. The kike will NEVER overcome this despite all its futile attempts. It believes that by eliminating the human competitors who have ALWAYS beat it it can somehow maintain a position of complete control over everything including Nature itself! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It will fail again & this time even more spectacularly than ever before! The odds are stacked way more against you kike & you don’t even realize it. You are the most… Read more »

@Foster XL
Your Aristocracy are Jews. The Elite of the world have been turned into Jews. Anybody with any power in the world are now Jewish. In short: All your base are belong to us.
Century after Century your people have killed each other in various fratricidal wars. Most of you are already mongrelized and you don’t even know it. Due to various disgenic programs implemented by us all that’s left of you are serfs at best. What chance do you think you have?

Caligula, your just a typical useless Kike. Unable to run the course without blowing your load too soon. It is exactly why the whole world is waking up to your crimes. Keep running your dumb mouth. If nothing else it’s entertaining.

When we take back what is ours. And we will. It’s a shame you won’t be around to see the glourious Swastika’s and golden statues of Ernst Zündel and other great persecuted Ethnic European’s that we will build all over our territories.

“All your base blah, blah, blah…”
It’s a pyramid you fool! The symbol you like so much but stole from others like everything else. Look at the REAL foundational base of that pyramid – it’s massive & it doesn’t “belong” to you despite all your “best” attempts at “owning” it! You somehow think that when we remove those foundations the little capstone will magically float in the air by itself? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That “El” on your forehead is really a big, fat “L” & it glows brighter with every word you type. It also boldly announces your fate in any REAL competition you will inevitably face kike! Keep dreaming…

Say He-She. For the first time the entire planet all at once sees the parasite on their balls gulping every fluid inside those balls. After our cigarette and the pat on your greasy head for the draining, the self fulfilling prophecy YOU created, we’ll have to commit insecticide. Keep beggin. Blacks know YOU enslaved them, whites know you blamed them for it when they freed them. India where 70 mil were force starved in the last two centuries by YOU (by the way, mein kampf is the number one selling book in that country of wayyy over a billion. China knows about their grandparents and cousins to the tune of 60 million, Russia and Europe knows of the 200 million YOUR vile ancestors murdered, Latino’s… Read more »
I’ve read book after book and many by your bearded boy buddy hero’s and they bragged about having their own daughters in almost all the ports turning tricks with anyone they could for “precious” metals. When we get in position and we will because all nations hate you, gold will be relegate to an industrial metal and what it took you 5000 years to lie, cheat and trade your mom and sisters and daughters pussies for, we will render it useless…in one stroke of a pen. A ball point pen just to honor Ann Fake. hahahahha Here’s the good part. With our new fiat, open season will begin and a new reality show will be on tap on the web channels 24/7 so almost all… Read more »
Razor rape is sick and perverted to its jewy core. Being razor raped makes you, in essence, jewish. (Not a jew, but like a jew.). Certainly, if you’ve been mutilated, your penis looks exactly like a jew penis, which is truly an abomination of nature. But more than just the way the pathetic jew–stump penis looks, the most profound effects of circumcision are in the mind. That horrific trauma is stored deep in the limbic system of the brain and effects you in negative ways for the rest of your life. I am convinced that 6000 years of genital mutilation is the main reason jews are the sick, demented, twisted, warped, devil creatures that they are. The only option after mutilation is restoration. If… Read more »

The “evil” Hitler youth program is vilified for supposedly corrupting young Germans into loving their own race. The same people who vilify that promote this:

comment image

No doubt this is my favorite crisis act-whore injury of all time. This jew piece of masturbatorial filth was allegedly shot in the back of the head and all the doct-whores did was put a couple of bandages over his hair.

After being shot in the head he and his friend who was shot in the leg jumped a 6 foot wall. They have some tough crisis actors these days.

Absolutely hysterical…… One day after allegedly being shot in the back of the head, Rome Shubert shows up for a baseball game. Of particular interest, note the player who has a large “33” drawn on his face. Obvious hoax code symbolism.

Making fun of atrocity. SNL last night:

With these mass shooting hoaxes there’s always some inconsistencies. This tends to confuse people and make them more suggestable. Part of it is just making fun of the public as well.

I haven’t looked much into the latest production but the lead character was wearing a gay rainbow heart badge, an iron cross and a hammer and sickle. That’s never going to be worn by anyone not suffering from multiple personalities. Anyone that doesn’t regularly watch tv would notice that immediately. People who do watch tv regularly probably won’t because tv shows and movies have a lot of these inconsistencies in the plotlines.

Apparently there’s nothing “essentially White about Britishness” these days.

To think they even have to pay a license fee to watch this crap in Airstrip One.

I always felt a bit uneasy about Brendon. Hearing him voice support for wrongspeech laws that supposedly put him in jail for three years is confirmation that my instincts are good. That whole episode and video that got him arrested in the first place was probably scripted.

What a great way to gain a goy following, ”Oh he went to jail because of so & so (insert any of the many anti-gentile laws). He MUST be on our side..”
90% Truth to 10% Poison keeps the shackles just loose enough..
Haven’t looked into them further, but I wonder if Monika Schaffer is playing the same card so we can all follow the lead of her rebel loud mouth ”off with their 6 million heads” brother.

Brendon also mentioned contacting people in the police department etc. Could be a way to flush out people with anti-semitic views. I don’t trust the guy.

I’m pretty sure a lot of the people that say something Jews don’t like and apologize are agents. People tend to follow what they see others do.

A lot of Jewish power rests on fake scenarios being passed off as real. Terror hoaxes is just a small part of it. If there’s not the right event happening to spin a desired narrative they’ll fake the event themselves. People trained to watch actors all day on TV and get emotionally involved in fictional worlds fall for even bad acting like with crisis actors. Discrimination is demonized for a reason. They talk about discrimination against other races or religions but the subconscious gets the idea that even discrimination in the broader sense is wrong too.