Renegade Roundtable: Trust and Tribal Unity (12-30-17)

Kyle talks to Heathen Vegan, Tyler, Vegannance, Scarlett, Rollie, and Txiki about the importance of trust and how little of it we can have these days, and how men and women have been pitted against each other to destroy our tribe.


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Excellent Roundtable! Perfect end of the year show. Renegade looks very healthy going into 2018

Thank you for creating a platform for both men and women to have a voice. I think that’s made a difference in 2017. And Happy New Year!

Why is it when women have rights there are men who think “women will run wild” ? Hey men sleep around a lot too. I think people shouldn’t be just sleeping around. Mgtow thinking is all about sex when it comes to women.

Only weak and low self-esteemed people need to control anyone imo. Renegade is the only network giving us the whole truth; and that’s why jews/agents have to attack our ladies, or even our esoteric thoughts & ideas, to create division.

My new year’s res is to start trusting my gut instinct more. I gave Vegainator the benefit of doubt after checking out his “exploits” before he joined us and did the USS Liberty flyer activism with K&S. He appears to be another lost young person going down the wrong track – sadly.

PS Happy new year to you all! May our gods bless you with health and courage for this ongoing struggle.

happy new year Anthony & all power to your gut. 🙂 You are definitely one of the level headed commentators on the shows & I look forward to reading yours. May our gods be with & a hail victory O/

Its not about control its about being an effective team. Women should be supporting their men, the BEST leader knows how to be a good follower. Whether you like it or not, reality is that in every relationship there will be dominance and submission, how sad and contemptible is a man who is forced to submit to his own woman.

go jack off elsewhere bob the knob.

So constructive

your not welcome.

So you’re not actually interested in bringing everyone together and being the tide that raises all ships of our people? You’re more into dividing us and shouting down an out side opinions.

Controlled opposition?

Besides the obvious phenotype characteristics of the jew you will also notice a less suttle facial characteristic, the smile doesn’t match the eyes (take notice). This will help one discern even a jew with mixed blood., I believe but cannot prove this to be their lack of a soul. I categorize this type as a spiritual psychopath whose status has been derived from their choseness.

Great show. As a woman, I love hearing more female voices.

Best wishes to all Renegades for the New Year.

Without trust and compassion, EVERYTHING will fail, there is no doubt about it. The Psychological war on us has seriously broken us, particularly wih our people, into a hostile bubbling pit of division and hostility, perfectly distracting us from the harm of what the Jewish internationalists are doing. The re-awakening of our tribal unity with our folk and culture will put an end to this destructive, unhealthy and demoralizing war that has waged for so long against our freedom. Happy Yule and Holidays to you all at Renegade Broadcasting for your excellent work! Cheers!

This is timely since Weev is now claiming he’s on a divine, holy, and Christian mission, after having chased CI off the Dailystormer. They’re going to pose this as Positive Christianity, which will blend in with White Sharia, of course, somehow.

You pray? To what? By the way you talk the talk you’d be very shocked if you walked my way believe me! Remember that old saying “…there’s always someone bigger!” 😉

TRUST. This is a very important subject that needs be revisited from time to time for the health of our community. I trusted Jesus Christ with everything that was in me; because I believed a lie. Confirmation bias of my life experiences and all the Evil and Perversion in the world defied the logic of a species that wanted to advance. I really believed that people were possessed of Devils. Why else would people who seem to be normal behave so insanely? But because I’m a lover of truth I found my way out. It’s all about SINCERITY. I don’t have a check list that people have to pass when I first meet them. I find out what their level of awareness is and see… Read more »

Excellent show. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to all of those guests. Happy New Year!

We definitely need to give women equal rights to men, and dare I say even say – give them a bit more special rights then men have, because they have special powers to give birth to children and have special powers to nurture them in their first living years? They have also much better political instincts then men, that’s why taking away women’s rights to vote is absolutely out of the question.

This is exactly what feminism is folks

“Im sure…”

Are you?

“You must…”

Must I?

I can also add to Bob, meat chugging insane cretin, that he was no idea what salubrious even means, and sometimes it is best for your heath not only be vegan but be temporarily in abstinence from food at all! Every medic knows that wounds heal much quicker, if you eat much less.

Only if between fasting you’re eating a lot of food, lol you dont get something from nothing.

Oh no, Mr Breatharian Bill 33, bringing his breatharian crap here yet again under the guise of “fasting”. C’mon Bill33, I’ve called you out on that breatharian BS several times before & linked the glaring debunking info. Some of us know that temporary fasting can be very beneficial if done correctly but your breatharian garbage is pure rubbish & downright dangerous. JUST STOP ALREADY!

LOL!!! WTF? Can we expose the corruption and forget the social justice crap? Its the technological digital age and both men and women are being programmed as individual automatons for the states genocidal agenda. My grandmother fed, worked and raised 5 children literally on 3 star quality food. My mother, her daughter, raised 5 children and worked 3 jobs while my father was working full time on their business that eventually paid off really well. So, a real women is rare. Im happy that most of the weaker women arent creating families and are choosing other fat, ugly, masculine type women to not procreate little faggots.
I think its a psyop the alt-kike? Ya think?

On the subject of trust and pro-White ‘leaders’, there’s an easy way to weed out some of them. If they are given media attention either good or bad then they are controlled. So guys like Spencer, Anglin and Duke are easily dismissed even before they promote Trump or White sharia.

Hey lets not eat meat and let our women run wild, lol are you insane or just more controlled opposition? I’m all for treating women well but men and women are not equal, our traditional societies are patriarchal. What Varg was talking about is the fact that no ancient European society sent their women to do their fighting for them. Putting women in danger is a poor strategy for long term survival of any people.

Your mistake is listening to Varg in the first place.

Well lets see here Varg has actually taken direct action in support of his beliefs, have you? lol

Oh no! Free range White women??? AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! They may even…..take of their bras! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

If they burn their bras, I’m not paying!

That would be weird for you since I’m sure you have to pay for any sight of breasts.

It is very disturbing that you refer to women as you would some type of animal. You are obviously some type of crypto feminist, and the reason Kyle is so weak when it comes to the role of women.

99% of people need authority, not only for their own safety, but for their own mental well being. Very few people would be happy with total freedom and independence. You really can’t argue that all this womens “liberation” has had a catastrophic effect of women.

Nice “statistic” you just pulled out of your well-hammered ass there “Bob”! LMFAO! Obvious douche is a troll!

Im sure you’re living the independent life, you grow all your own food, you have your own water supply, and you must even be producing your electricity, and you dont need any jew currency. When you get there then you can tell me how many people would truly appreciate and be happy living that way

You must also be producing all the supplements you’re taking to remain healthy with your unnatural vegan lifestyle choice.

well if you would like some authority’ & are ever in melbourne australia. I will introduce you to my baseball bat & you will find your knee caps floating down the south yarra river. Would be more than happy to oblige.
Also if you think kyle is so weak then get the f… off his station & go jack off to the the right faggoty mgtowe jewtubers. If you insult kyle or sinead, you insult all of us who are loyal to renagade.
Take a hike. Had it faggot nutjobs like yourself & no I am not nice when called for it.

ohhh the vegans are gonna get me!!! Are you eating alot of vegimite since you dont eat meat?

OOhh all the aggression are you sure you haven’t been sneaking a few Aussie lamb chops on your lentil sausage BBQ ? All those aggressive meat hormones tsk tsk.

no im an aryan & not a weak sack of shyte that has a weakness for semitc behaviors. May you always first & never have your thirst quenched & our gods leave your back. Ps former body builder who could leg press 400kg (naturally) & a powerlifting/weightlifting coach 25 years. Try again. & Im not your buddy, you are my enemy. Get bent.

Hey Bob, You dont need to interpret for me what Varg did or didnt say, the videos are still up. Varg claimed that no where in Norse literature were women mentioned as warriors, he lied. Why it is fine for Varg to have an opinion, if he decides to make up evidence to suit it, then it becomes deceit. You sound much like Jordanes, that fat Roman bureaucrat, but ironically ignore his work on the Goths. Where he says that Gothic women were among the first to engage in combat, Or how he gloats that Rome brought patriarchy to these Goths, who had let their women run amok. The Goths here being the same ones who had a hand in the fall of Rome and… Read more »
“Lets not forget the great Boadicea, Queen of the Icini, who nearly caused a major embarrassment to arrogant Rome.” Oh you mean the Boudica who’s rabble murdered some 70 000 Roman and British civilians and met with a Roman legion under Suetonious and I might add the Roman soldiers were heavily outnumbered. The Romans then proceeded to hack them to pieces (battle of watling street) Boudica was flogged and her daughters raped. I am sorry but your titillating fanciful stories of women warriors and pirates have a very slender and tenuous hold on reality. You also like to pour disdain and scorn on the Romans which further shows your ignorance, ((they)) hated the Romans with venom and many of us in the west are descended… Read more »
You dismiss what I say as if it were my opinion not recorded by the very people you admire, the Romans. Oh and Boudica’s daughters (around 12) were (Gang?) raped before she revolted and after she had gone through all of Romans law to appeal an arrogant decision. But I guess those mighty Romans were noble in raping (children) and confiscating land, and it served that little upstart right? And you say I promote Jewy ways. It was also noted by many Roman scholars that Boudica was Chosen by her folk to lead them. As fro your claim Romans faced the vipers, they were the ones who brought them here. Romans practiced unnatural war (i.e war Dominion not life). You can cite your interpritation of… Read more »
Did I use foul language at you?No Did I use personal insults against you? No DId I say something about Kyle NO But to your shame you try to drag Kyle into your attack on me. You know nothing about me and what I do has fuck all to do with you and shall remain so. You have made yourself a public figure, you are fair game not so? You are obviously very young I can tell from your naivety you say things like “unatural war ” as if war is somehow a fair contest of peoples. You are idealistic about women and life and animals you are far from reality. Strength, cunning and deceit rules as our enemy knows very well. Do you think… Read more »

I am 37 with a wife and children and you? a bitter old man?

You insulted my folk, which is more offensive to me than a hundred names.

But good attempt at derailing from my points. Also nice to see you use the old, “im so offended tactic” whilst taking the level of insult to a whole new level, this reminds me of a group, I cant seem to put my finger on right now.

Rest assured Richard, no one is going to worry about a bitter old fool, who if he ever managed to get a wife, she probably left him because he was such a miserable old faggot.

Stay safe, although I am sure you will being a coward by nature.

Fair enough cheers, enjoy the new year.

Maybe you are right Richard, maybe I am to caring for my own good. Your defeated response fills me with no comfort and I actually pity you now.

Do not take what I have said to heart, I am sure within you somewhere is something of value. It is a new year, why not take the opportunity to look at things a new without old and bitter perspectives.

be well

Heathen Vegan, good job !

I wonder what the Vatican Flag is doing on Mt Zion ?

comment image

There’s no point in filling the columns with a slanging match which I can do, that would lower the tone of the whole site.
But it’s good that two opposing views can be aired in public this is I believe the real value of these forums.
Your ideas (and mine) will be attacked, pulled and stretched if they are not sound will be found out, I have complete confidence in my views.

I’ll explain what the Vatican Flag means to me a little later ..

Why did Rome switch from Emperors to Popes, was it usurped, or was it a tactical move ?


Condemning idealism for a preference of a jew scripted ”reality”… ”Strength, cunning and deceit rules as our enemy knows very well.”
Very telling Richard.

Yes, being deceitful is not the Aryan way. It’s definitely a mainstay weapon of the enemy. I am willing to adapt to my enemy’s tactics in this war, but not to the point of losing my nature and therefore, shaming my folk and my ancestors. Certain things are simply not negotiable.

Vegan you are only showing exceptions to the law of nature not the base line. Did i say that no women have ever fought? Or that there were no great women leaders? No. I said it is a poor strategy for survival to send your women into danger, which of course you did not argue. Of course i must be fat because i eat meat right?? LMAO i climb trees for a living so im sure im actually in far better shape than someone who does not eat meat. Jordannes original works are now lost and you must view what fragments we have for what they are, an outsider making assumptions about a hostile people. Who ever said that you could not seek the advice… Read more »
Bob I understand you cannot reply, but I would like to atleast respond here, I will try though to keep it to a fashion that needs no reply from you. It is not just Jordanes, or some fragmented parts of Norse literature. Matriarchal ideas permeate our ancient societies. From numerous examples in texts to archaeological evidences, we have countless clues if we wish to see them. The idea that “women fighting is a losing strategy” is of course true, if the state is large and powerful. When out numbered though and in dire straights, it is best that anyone who can fights. I mean what is the point of the women staying away from the battle field, if when the men lose they are just… Read more »

Try healing a broken bone or laceration without eating meat! Oh but we know you’re not actually putting yourself into harms way, you’re living the soft comfortable life of a soyboy LMAO

Funny generic opinion you’ve got there Bob, and thanks for exposing your ignorance by using the faggy alt-right term “soyboy”. “Funny” because I train with a couple of vegan athletes who are HUGE & 2 of the most flexible & aerobically fit people I’ve ever met. Both have NO soy in their diets. I know I heard VeGAINator also say he doesn’t use soy products. All the vegan athletes I’ve known (and there’s a lot them around!) are some of the all-round fittest people I’ve come into contact with. It’s also a fact that they’ve all been so interested in how nutrition & fitness works together that they’ve all RESEARCHED these subjects in depth before making the decision to switch to what for all of… Read more »

I pray I meet you someday we will see who is talking shit and who is what

You go against rational logic and reality, everything that is required by the body to repair and grow new muscle is found in meat aka muscle. How simple do i have to make it for you? Not to mention the fact eating meat allowed Europeans to survive the harsh winters of the north and dairy gives us an advantage over non whites who cannot use it as a food source.

Maybe you’re just more controlled opposition

Could you make your comments any more generic? Yaaaaaawwwwn… Maybe you need to get off the internet & start reading some books or going back to school because your “rational logic and reality” ain’t really very rational, logical or real. Maybe you need to at least be honest with yourself & realize that your perceived opinions may look pretty transparent to someone with decades of real world learning, experience & qualifications in multiple fields of applied nutrition, sports science & various other fields of practice. However feel free to continue exposing your ignorance – it’s actually sadly entertaining for a few minutes to witness the persistence of someone with such a shallow understanding of the subject.

how about compound injuries sustained on the road including shattered hip, ripped off ligamentum teres, knee & broken neck at c5/6 with loss of internal ligaments ripped off by 75% clean (16 total) told would be stuck in a wheelchair??
Vegan 5 years now & yet again
You again are talking about out of your meat constipated ass’

Sure thing buddy

would send you my MRI reports (4 years worth plus documents of a 15 month on crutches unable to walk journey) but you probably cant read a MRI report. Not your buddy. Go to Red shyste you will be in fellow fashy company, loser.

Are you trying to say Vegans who break bones dont heal…….. I regret giving your intelligence the benefit of the doubt after such a statement.

These alt-right faggots always just end up making themselves look more & more stupid the more they comment. Believing themselves to be smart is definitely not the same as actually being smart & they all end up proving the age old adage that “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”. The internet has unfortunately convinced a lot of otherwise very average, insignificant know-it-alls to believe they can somehow have an impact on others around them. I almost pity them but most are so obnoxious I actually enjoy the guilty pleasure of seeing most of them very publicly reveal their utter lack of substance bit by bit by bit. “Bob” is an almost perfect cliché example.

Hear, hear Bob. Our people have been killing animals for food for thousands of years. This is clear from rock art and artifacts dating back thousands of years. It is well known that vegans and fruitarians testify that their sex drive and aggression hormones are very low on these diets. I am not dissing veganism in any way people have a right to eat what they like and eating raw fruit and veggies is extremely healthy. I can’t help thinking that our ((enemy)) will be happy with a low sex drive low aggression males who are in hand wringing neurosis at the idea of killing an animal. All their childhood Walt Disney programming of talking animated animal insanity twisting the minds of young boys with… Read more »

Love best wishes and a prosperous new year to all.

“If our Women loved our nation and us as men they would honor our insight and obey us, but they don’t.
I haven’t said all I wanted to say but it’s enough let the angry vaginas and lentil heads spew forth.”

How about doing us here all a favor and fuck off from this network in the new year?

I second that notion. You are not welcome here Richard (Dick) Go join the TRS forums with your fellow fags.

Very divisive, for someone who is actually trying to accomplish something.

Yet a somehow perfectly fitting response to an alt-right faggot pulling opinions out his worn out ass!

“Yet if you contradict them in their Opinions, they will take you for the very worst of Enemies.”
Marcus Aurelius on women

Funny and how very typical, when they hear something they don’t like well that’s it fuck off now. Someone here was referring to how a young man as having ” lost the affection of his partner and his children were ripped away from him”
The laws were engineered so that men can be dispatched for “losing affection” these laws are completely unnatural and are designed to be a weapon on society.
Amazing how those cultures were men are still regarded as the authority and leadership of a family not someone to be kicked around when they feel like, where a wife is obedient are those cultures that are breeding and growing out stripping us completely.

Judging by extreme vitriol with which you have responded, do you perhaps qualify for both of the above categories?

No Bob, sending women to war is a jew doctrine.

most meaters esp males will experience premature baldness for their semetic meat eating behavior… Now as a vegan I can actually smell the consumption of dead flesh from the skin of those who eat meat, dam fowl, not to mention rest. Varg the baffoon head is a toxic piece of shyte. His moranic commentary has destroyed the lives & relationships of many young men, I personally know of a young man with 3 children, head directed to having as many children as he could, following vargs mannerisms, managed to not only loose the affection of his partner but be ripped out of his childrens lives in the break up…. He is only 24. If you want to defend your boyfriend go watch jewtube, jewgle dosnt… Read more »

Its the lack of meat that is making all these “men” meek and passive and thats why they’re 100% ok with their women taking charge. You fools are playing right into the jews hands, please stop trying to lead others down your path to doom

Wrong yet again on the “lack of meat” thing. Go do some actual learning instead of wasting your time spouting the same old generic bullcrap we hear from idiots with no actual real-world facts to back up their cringy attempts at trying to sound relevant. Sad fuck.

lol are you kidding? Real world facts of not eating meat is vitamin b12 deficiency, you cannot survive and be healthy without supplements, and how dependent are you on the establishment in that scenario?

Oh dear, wrong yet again… Your ignorance shines out of every loose orifice.

Lets see what a man more capable and qualified than any one of you has to say about women.
“Truly that Man has a great deal to suffer, many Wiles to find out, a long time to Think, much Assistance to require, many Years to wait, many Women to search amongst, before he shall meet with one that will be govern’d by Reason.” – Marcus Aurelius

Women by their very nature are more emotional than rational, that is why men must be the leaders and women should support them and help, not hinder and seek to usurp, them.

You realize everyone here just thinks you’re a douchebag right?


I could care less what people who are emotion based think, you’ve lost the argument so thoroughly you can only turn to name calling. lol

Everyone still thinks you’re a douchebag though.

You guys are nuts about Christianity and obsessed with it, it’s not that deep, just calm down Tafriki Heathens, don’t behead us for not converting. Jesus Christ. A normal everyday Christian knows what the 10 commandments are and a few verses here and there, and to be honest they don’t think it’s that big of a crime. . A normal Catholic doesn’t know any verses. They go to Sunday mass and sing songs and listen to a Gospel and then a boring ass homily. It’s just not that serious. They keep the Sabbath, say grace at a meal or two a month. What you do is EMPOWER Israel with their biblical lies, and the altering of Bibles away from the KJV like Mormonism did with… Read more »

” Panthera was swell, Mary was a whore and Jesus is boiling excrement in hell right now. Sounds kinda Jewy yeah, we’ll it should it’s Talmudist.”

The reason they put that in the Talmud was to keep their own people away from it in case some of their people were so stupid they actually believed the Jesus BS mental poison
and harmed their people instead of us.

Not only was there not any Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, but Solomon is an abstraction from Sol_’o_mon meaning Immortal Soul. It was what made the Celtic Druidic Triads and later Culdees fierce opposition to the Romanic nincompoop Popes false teachings in their effort to loot.

If ya check Egyptian kings lineage and round about dates you’ll notice at the same time the mythical David and son Sol were to have lived, and they didn’t, at the exact same time round about Egypts king was Psuesennes, and his other two names weren’t important but one of them was DVD. DAVID! and HIS son WAS Siamon which means the exact same thing as Solomon. Funny huh? They also fought the same 3 enemies, the sea peoples, and two others of the exact same name. Same war results and everything. The Kikes just ripped off religions from everywhere. Please read, the Ass in the Lions skin also called, The Great Jewish Mask. It gives the lowdown. I think jesus DID agree because he… Read more »

If its foreign or semitic, it dosnt belong here. If it wasn’t for this virus our folk wouldn’t be cucked so low into this destructive cult nor allowing other races to come before their own ‘at all, not even a smidge.
Are you even white, i find it funny how most the time if it isn’t a jew pushing this on line it is usually a foreigner.
But overall the act of participating in any christ tard behavior yet alone the rest of it is akin to participating to the energy of the cult that has entrapped our white countries. Traitors!!!!!!!!!