Renegade Roundtable: Vegans Slaughter Sacred Cows (1-12-19)

Kyle and Sinead have a smorgasbord of topics for you: the shutdown and Trump’s wall, the disintegration of Talpiot Talk, Know More Jews, new products on Heathen Herbs, Odin being turned into the new Yahweh, the Canuck question, vegan shilling, Mami’s shit pile, Owen Benjamin, and much more.

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Varg has recently exposed himself as an op. There was some shady behavior on his behalf before, but now it is absolutely clear that he works for the other side.
In his latest video he promoted eating meat raw, because of supposed benefits of getting more vitamins and minerals, then from cooked one.

How friggin’ STUPID can you be? Doesn’t he know that raw meat also harmful bacteria and all kinds of parasites. Does he wants to get gut worms of something?? Absolutely idiotic and irresponsible of him.


varg say that there is no political solution. if there is no political solution , then why do Jews spend so much money and time to create and control political movements and parties?

Anthony Roberts

Basically, everything pro-White outside of Renegade is a co-opted cluster suck! Thankfully for us, you both have the clarity of thought to highlight who these people and groups really are, and so nip them in the bud. If you are White, genuine and really care about your race, please support these very human, beings. Thank you.


Zapoper is such a fool. He says he wants you back on point while at the same time says focusing on pedophilia (spreading awareness on the depth’s of its brutality, and who’s involved) is feeding the beast! Are the beasts not feeding on all our energy in some way on our journey to the truth. That’s such a BS and highly suspect reason/excuse to stop. I would not have read that report myself. I simply would not have been able to, it went beyond my imagination of what goes on. I’m really thankful that you did, and I commend you for doing so in such a tempered and exact voice. Everyone needs to, if not read the report, hear those broadcasts. We can clearly see… Read more »


Drug references in music have been around a long time. J.J. Cale’s song called Cocaine is hardly subliminal with it’s hard drug promotion. That came out in the mid 70’s.


About corsets, I’ve found that wearing a corset can be really helpful with anxiety and self confidence. It has a sort of deep pressure therapy feel that helps relieve anxiety, it helps you keep your posture, and at least for me it makes me feel a little better about myself and helps me be more confident. Certainly there’s a line between that and the weird fetishistic corseting some people are into, but it’s definitely not just a fetish thing. Also, that song you mentioned is called Habits by Tove Lo. It was super popular with my roommates a few years back, to the point that I recognized it instantly when Sinead paraphrased the lyrics. That was also a time when I was self medicating for… Read more »


I wonder if the corset works similarly to Temple Grandin’s “hug machine?


I forgot to congratulate SInead on her 6 pack abdomen. That is awesome! I prefer to be in shape and feel like I could kick someone’s ass rather than wear some device that could be lost, but I hear what your saying Paige, and I don’t mean to downplay the temporary relief one could get from wearing one. It’s like those dog vests that you can put on your dog when there is thunder, fireworks, or gunshots.
I guess with the corset it’s kind of like, fake it ’till you make it.


Corseting contributed to a malformed pelvis in developing females back when corseting was the norm. Ab exercises and core strengthening may give a similar feeling to that of a corset.


yikes, yeah I definitely wouldn’t agree with letting young girls wear corsets or anything like that. Even people who tightlace their corsets probably aren’t doing themselves any favours, personally if I wear mine it’s snug but not tight. Ab exercises and core strengthening offer a different feeling in my experience, certainly a good one but not one that functions in the same way as a corset.


Kyle, I peel the bananas BEFORE freezing. Works great. Saves time. Ready to use as needed. Also, just plain, they make a tasty popsicle.


Robert Heimdal

Trump has indeed “drained the swamp”. Not the Jewish swamp all his supporting fools were thinking about, actually he has made easier to separate the genuine people from the phonies in the so-called “Truth Movement”. Absolutely, those who still worship him are “The Swamp”.


The sacred letter Q supports Trump. He must be legitimate. 🙄


Brendan O’Connell IS part aboriginal. I recall him talking about in one of his videos a few years back. When you think about it, it’s really written all over his face.


Excellent show as usual. Packed with information about people in our movement past and present. Some would call these attacks. But I disagree. Questioning everyone and everything is the only path to the truth. You only violate the nonaggression principle when you slander them. In other words, LIE. The truth is only hate to those who hate the truth. Having said that, I’m not convinced that all of whom you criticize are “bad actors” or “working for the other side”. Some people are just wrong in their thinking from lack of information. I know I was for most of my adult life. Why do you think we call it the JQ? We’re essentially asking people have you overcome your mental block to question their one… Read more »


For whom don’t they critique?
But, don’t you dare critique them,
or you’ll be ban/blocked.
Very curious.


If I get banned so be it. But what good is it when one doesn’t know why? This is why I agree that you shouldn’t spank children when they’re too young to understand their transgressions. I have disagreed with Renegade in time past. I believe in spanking children. I believe in the globe earth. I drink alcohol and eat meat. I believe the male is the dominant sex among humans and better suited to govern. This is based on observations of nature and not religious doctrines. Just as I can not deny the obvious fact that the female is the dominant of spiders and the Praying Mantis. My point is, though we may disagree, that’s not grounds for enmity. So criticize me all you want.… Read more »


Tony, even though I hope you’ll one day stop eating animals, an act which sustains their suffering, I see the importance of your words. Unless we are able to challenge each other and respectively disagree, there will be no growth. I’m thinking ancient Athens, the dialogues, the mental exercises. Without that we’re dead in the water. This does not mean something understood as disinfo is to be respected or showcased, except for opportunity to point out what one disagrees with. Thank you, Tony. It does take some strength to put up with those who slam us, but just last night I was thinking, “How do Kyle and Sinead take it?” I mean so much is thrown at them and mostly they laugh it off. I… Read more »


You definitely can’t have thin skin in this movement. The criticism is going to come. In many ways I envy Kyle and Sinead for their having gained such insight in their youth. I’m ashamed to say I was completely brainwashed by this matrix we’re living in at their age. Maybe that’s why I’m not so quik to give up people ( meaning the masses ). Obviously leaders have to be challenged. The problem is I can’t always verify the claims against some that are criticized here. This isn’t to say the claims aren’t true, just that I haven’t verified them. This puts me in the awkward position of having to defend people I don’t want to defend just to get sources. So for me the… Read more »


Tony, the guilt is a natural feeling.
All beings hate torture and suffering and want to live just like we. Try starting out gradually, a few no-meat meals a week. Such a delicious harvest out there.

Just defend what you know to be true. We’re ALL in the position of trying to keep up. Believe me, there’s so much to keep an eye on, it’s overwhelming.

I defend the truth as I know it and cripple what looks false to me. I don’t know what else to do. No one can know everything, even though we try. Ha!!

Hang tough, Tony, you are intelligent and honest. That is such a wonderful place to stand.



Adam Green is a very jeewy sounding name, maybe pseudo. But the content is informative.
I realize after making the drum play~along videos, such as ‘Mr. Brownstone, My Michelle, Bottoms Up’ that they are degenerative. But I like the music.
I may be despised, maybe even hated, but, I still Love y’all!