Renegade Roundtable: What Motivates The Movement? (9-22-18)

Kyle speaks with Sean, Scarlett, and Drew about a number of issues, including: Red Ice’s promotion of Roosh, Daily Stormer’s hasbara, the plight of our people financially, compassion for our people, those who try to outjew the jew, and much more.


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Anthony Roberts

Methadone is just more controlled opposition imo. Here, try this slighty less toxic jew poison. Okay, it will prolong your suffering, and make us rich but hey, maga! Profit and the destruction of the White race is their only aim – for now.

A lot of our folk do put money and their family’s welfare before honour and the good of our folk. This judeo society has been carefully set up to reward weak Whites who operate on this lower chakra level, and sell out. Workmen conning the elderly and vulnerable is just one example.

PS Great show, and welcome back Drew! I also hope our gods send Scarlett’s son the strength to overcome his addiction and join us in gaining vengeance on these parasite perpetrators.


Kyle, thank you for staying hot on the trail of all the many shills we have to put up with. Your observations are a great help in breaking all this down and getting to who’s real and who’s suspect. It’s our divine right to dig and speculate and put under the magnifying glass all who come across our path. I hope you never give up this
endeavor, exhausting as it may be.



Well they deleted some of my comments in a top thread about Christianity and paganism on that video. They left some of my comments up there but two were gone. I wasn’t saying anything different in those two comments that I said in my other comments or what other people said in their comments. The only thing I noticed was in those two comments that were deleted I used the word Kike to describe the christian god and Jesus. So they censor the word kike in a thread of a video about the censoring of an arab womanizer who race mixes with white women. One of my oldest friends is latina and she giggles every time I say the word kike. It is sad when… Read more »

A little story here. I once knew a woman from Bolivia who had come to the States in her fifties and cleaned houses for a living. OK, so that’s kinda brave. But she was making $25 an hour cleaning house, tax free, of course. Most of her employers were Jewish, course she loved them. She was deeply fearful about not having her “papeles”, being legal that is. But guess what, no problem? No problem! Then she had a hernia and needed medical help, which she got from a Catholic hospital absolutely free of charge including the meds. Ehh man, no problem. She didn’t have insurance needless to say. But then she bought a condo. She got a condo worth, before the 2008 crash, $200,000 but… Read more »

That’s one example of privileged treatment, I believe.

That is disgusting! As a White German woman, I can never get a decent job, nor help with anything – I have been discriminated my whole life in this damn country – it’s so sick how all of these latinos-mestizos get everything free, and or really great jobs and benefits – and the RCC is so anti-white! Thanks, Sencha, btw, I love your podcasts!


Dear Scarlett, you are an ethical warrior. I can hear your passion prompted by your integrity and tenacity. You are facing much, but not without honor. And I, like you, say never accept any put-downs on any blue-collar workers or their contributions. They are the ones who help to turn the wheels of life and keep things in good working order and good repair. Also their contributions to beauty and aesthetics uplift, heal, and even point the way. Maybe in an ideal world, all would do a little blue collar and a little white collar. But such is classism in all its attending glory. All we have to do is ask ourselves where we’d be without blue-collar workers. Nothing would get built, fixed, or beautified.… Read more »

Why on earth would this Sean guy call in to shut down the expose of a non White rapist? It seems like any time that guy calls in, it’s to tell Kyle not to talk about subversives.

Roosh is on the list for the ovens!


“We’re not on the right”. We are just right. “Things have moved so damnably far left that just to get to the right, we only need to go to the center” – George Lincoln Rockwell


Roosh V also says his birthday is the same as Donald Trump. What a coincidence. I never thought I would see the day when red ice would have roosh on who does a livestream with the rebel with none other than leavant.

Krav Maga is ghey

Essentially, they are developing the mirror image of Feminism, that they would call I guess the manosphere, which goal is both about having men be males again, but at the same time also going beyond simply red pilling men about women and overreaching with the hatred, as if the men couldn’t see that we’ve all been duped?
Then there was this new angle of attack I saw, against boomers.
All this scapegoating is insanely divisive. Add on top of that the kids who were told to spy on their parents, for purely on ecological notions as it was being tested in the UK some years ago.
It’s man against woman, kids against parents, neighbor against neighbor, brother against brother.
The true nazisphere would have none of that poisonous crap.


That dude resembles Ted Bundy.


You mentioned “Right-wing” Jews. So I think of the ‘far-right’ Likud party of Netanyahu’s. Those Likud Marxists with their Kibbutzim communes which aren’t very popular there, (and I was there once) don’t represent anything I believe in. They call any system of strong-arm tactics far-right. Not true.