Renegade Roundtable: The White Side of the Force (1-6-18)

Kyle talks to Tom, Matthew North, and Heathen Vegan about a variety of topics, such as: Weev and other Alt Right scandals, the real story of Star Wars, the hijacking of ancient symbols and knowledge, Darth Vedas, RH- blood, anti-Zionism and much more.

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Thanks for having the balls, brains, courage and honour to speak out! “We covered this over and over again. How many other people have even talked about it? “Don’t punch right!” Who covered this. Weev was on the Red Ice New Year’s Eve Marathon. Weev is a GOD on the alt right, in pro white circles. Maybe his status is lowered a little bit now. Look at all the people who promoted him. Holy hell! It’s infuriating when a Jew gets to talk about white women that way and I see very few white men say anything about it. Where are your BALLS? Where is your COURAGE? Where is your HONOUR? It’s disgusting! Now all of those white boys out there, I won’t call them… Read more »

(((Weev))) and (((Anglin))) are following in the footsteps of (((Ilya Ehrenburg)))
The author of this disgusting, most hateful article to me is the devil in human disguise.

absolutely. alt-right = bolshevism. Very good comparison. Ehrenburg.

(((Ehrenburg))) reincarnate: “You’re a whore. That would normally be a forgivable thing. I’ve found the company of many prostitutes quite amicable, and whatever gods may be know it is impossible to meet a woman that isn’t one in this era. However, that you would sully the good name of European tradition, that you would would run around using it as a cloak for your harlotry makes you the an entirely contemptible whore. Your blasphemy against the history of Europe is to a level unforgivable through words alone, and you need to have your face bashed in by the fists of good men before a great horned shrine. On the far precipice of life, as a palsied chill ascends fast to put cold grasp upon those… Read more »
This was a mind-opener program! I’d heard a little about the Beta-failed-male “white sharia” thing a while back and dismissed it as a juvenile joke. Thanks to this program and Kyle’s expert (as always) research, I now understand that it is no joke, but is a typical, mentally ill, (((abrahamic-religious; i.e. (jew-christian-muslim) ))) misogynistic point of view – designed to fulfill their psychopathic fantasies (e.g. (((Weev’s))) disgusting threats to White women), pathological need to control any and all others, and further divide Ethnic Europeans; the jews greatest weapon is to continually divide Us – Ethnic Europeans – by any and all means at their disposal (It is absolutely essential that we, Ethnic Europeans, be aware of the massive campaigns to divide us; we absolutely must… Read more »

Lesson 1: Listen to Renegade. Lesson 2: Keep listening to Renegade. Lesson 3: Should have listened to Renegade you silly people.

Lesson 4: Devise a strategy to win the war against the enemy.
That’s what’s lacking.

Lesson 5: When we win this we need to thank all the people who told us we needed to devise a strategy.

The ones that actually devise a wining strategy will deserve a thanks and much more. 🙂

It’s funny how jews chose giant “blue” warriors and giant trees in the movie Avatar. In plain sight; to work their tricks and transfer guilt, after millennia of killing Aryans? They also make Whitey the greedy bad guys in it, of course.

PS Another really interesting RT – thank you. After all his hard work and 4 am’s, i’d like to donate to HV if that’s exceptable? How do i do that? Could he or someone let me know please. (wanted to help before you mentioned tips, btw)

Give HV 5yrs and he’ll be in his night attire, 9pm, “researching” laid on his bed, like the rest of us oldies lol! (sorry Sinead)

Its 8 PM Anthony! Lol 9 PM is sleep time.

‘jewsus H “chris”is’? No don’t need your donations anyway

Lol, you have great wealth with that brain of yours Chris. Keep producing those great thought-provoking shows for Renegade, and maybe the Solstice Sun will shine a gift to you, later in the year.

Ok thanks, just had to question. You know how it is. We just had a bit of a misunderstanding last year, but this is a new year. I know it is hard to easily just trust people. Thanks for responding anyway. I think it is a great thing if you support HV by the way. Have a good 2018.

Hey Anthony.

Although I am far from being rich monetarily, I am wealthy in other ways, namely having a loving family that allows me the time to do shows and there is always food on the table. I take it as compliment enough that you would be willing to part with some hard earned cash as a gesture of appreciation and support. But we (me and Aria) have not been in a position the last couple of months to donate to Kyle ourselves and though I am sure you already do donate to Kyle, I would appreciate if you have any extra sending it his way.

LOL, I have always been somewhat nocturnal, but im old enough to appreciate a nap when I can get one.

Instead of jew tokens perhaps send energy through intent. Instead of giving a fish, poke the quantum foam so that they may find a river of some. You get the drift. More of this topic to come.

Entertaining show all around Kyle had me cracking up the first hour. Great caller and guests in the second hour. Thumbs up.

The Jews are in control of the United States just as they gained control of Germany after WW1 and other European countries under their Communism and still control today after WW11 with their Jewish communism, socialism or whatever one calls it by any other name.

Stormfront and the Daily Stormer weren’t shut down for anything they did or said. They were shut down for one reason and one reason only. To give them street cred among would would be pro-Whites(and the wider public). They see the system cracking down on them and assume they are legitimate. It’s just like how Trump was promoted by being “attacked” by all the media outlets. Most people assume then he must be against the system when in fact it’s just anti-Whites playing a level deeper. The problem for us isn’t so much pro-Whites falling for the (((alt-right))). Most don’t despite what it looks like. They get called out as shills quite often by actual pro-Whites. The problem is other Whites thinking that they represent… Read more »
Of course I can only speak for myself, but for me, as a European, a German, this whole (((alt right))) thing is nothing but one huge distraction scam. How many “alt rights” are there? How can you tell one from the other, the good guys from the bad guys? To me it’s crystal clear that there is no real opposition, neither in the US, nor in Europe, because this (((system))) is based on lies and deceptions only and thus the (((system))) will go down with the truth being spoken freely and cannot tolerate any kind of real opposition. In the FRG NGO there is the Zionist Right like AfD, Pegida, Identitäre etc, and in all other European countries you won’t find anything else but Judeo… Read more »

There are as many heads to the Hydra as necessary for the jew to keep throwing down false alleys. The answer is not anything that exists within the (((system))).

Exactly, Skalgarir, there is no political solution in this (((system))). I have to agree with Kristian ‘Varg’ Vikernes at least in this respect.

Yes Liz, It is an either/or situation. Politics is artificial law, Physics is Natural Law. It all concerns social organisation. I know which one works bes, and always has done. For me any man made system is fallible regardless how immaculate the logic, simply because it is: man made, and what is worse, is that it MUST be ENFORCED by other mortal flesh monkeys that consider themselves better. One such group that contrived the jew-dicial system is one such deleterious kanker cluster that must be vanquished.

What’s a “kanker cluster”, Skalgarir? I partially agree with your words, but … we urgently need a system that is based on laws, on Laws of Nature, like in German National Socialism, because common sense, natural education, reason and a decent sense of honour are unfortunately not as widespread as are induced ignorance, consistent irresponsibility and overall infamousness among the masses of brainwashed slaves. What humankind is suffering from since centuries or even millennia and increasingly so is anti-natural, upside down, inverted and perverted laws, made by the arch-enemies of nations, peoples, humankind in general. Even commonly accepted physics, as taught in schools and universities, is based upon cabbalism and thus far from being able to describe, depict or validate the real laws of nature.… Read more »

Even the name alt-right is a distraction. It’s obvious that the left and right are part of the same control structure.

By the same token Jews, Christians and Muslims are being played against each other just as the left and right are. All the talk about whether freemasons, Jesuits, Jews or the vatican have more control is a distraction. At the top they are all one structure. They are all abrahamic cults used to control populations. That’s the real truth they are hiding.

Sorry, can you post a link to “The Jedi Question and the Galactic Lie’?? I can’t find it. I did notice that the Kylo Ren guy is very Jewish/semetic looking. And I got the feeling that the film portrays him as not really being evil, but just misguided. While all the Dark side masters have blue eyes. Anyway, great show.

I’m not a Jew, I’m an Aryan. I’m not a Jew, I’m an Aryan.🎵

When Israel is criticized it’s always criticized as a “racist” ethnostate. Anti-White subversives like Duke play into the same narrative as well reinforcing the “racist” is bad narrative.

Recently Israel has been deporting some Africans. It’s hypocritical to criticize them for that as a pro-White when that is what you’d like to see in White countries. Yeah I know Jews are very hypocritical like that but they are experts and most Whites are not. Plus you are effectively arguing against your own position.

It’s okay to expose their double standards while holding your own position

Exposing their double standards is one thing. Criticizing them for being racist when you are a racist is hypocrisy.

Yea but the term “racist” is just a nonsense term, it was meant to be a snappy anti-white term, like hatespeech, fascist, antisemitic and nazi that subversives and self righteous cretins like to throw at whites in their usual projections. They don’t mean anything, except fascist, but those who use it have not a single iota of what it means.

Oh, and one more thing. I don’t know if this Weev guy is Jewish or not, but I noticed something about him I didn’t like. He will laugh about things that are mean. I can’t remember if he was talking about the treatment of women or Jews or whoever, but being mean is not funny or cute. Another thing, in one video he talks to the audience while he is eating. This is subtle, but is condescending and rude. It’s like someone who keeps their seat when they shake your hand. That is rude. When shaking someone’s hand you stand up and look them in the eye. Anyway, keep up the good work.

His mother publicly said that he’s Jewish and he says/does rude things because he’s a piece of shit.

Re the word druid, it means ‘oak’ people of the oak. There is no Indian connection. There is only current connection due to the current druid practice is based on on the research of its founder in the ’50’s’ who also worked for the east India company aswell as studied in Buddhism. There is zero connection to the old druid & celts. The word druid again is ‘Dru ‘the oak’ Re the horned god he is als the wild god of the fae folk referred to as the white son of the mist, guardian of the annwfn (the silver webs of laylines over earth) cult of ‘ellen of the ways’ reindeer that were once in & protected by giant white women in the britains. Gwyn… Read more »

Joke: (((The Chosen-Ones))) in (((Hollywood))) Were Always-Saying: “Kyle-of-Renegade is EVIL!!!” “Kyle-of-Renegade is Our-Enemy!!!” “Kyle-of-Renegade is a ‘Nazi’!!!”…
— So When (((Disney))) were “Brain-Storming” on a NAME for Their NEW “Dark-Side, White, Nazi” — They SAID: “I Know: ‘Kyl-o-Ren’!!!” 🙂

The last tune at the end of this show, did you manage to find out what it is Kyle ? Many thanks .. ..