Renegade Roundtable: When Will It Be Enough? (2-10-18)

Kyle speaks to Chris H, Rollie, and Heathen Vegan about the many ways in which we are getting screwed by the worst of the worst, who are obviously conspiring against us, yet they are free to continue full steam ahead and people are to afraid to even say anything about it.

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Our problem is that 99% of our folk are followers. Doesn’t matter which country you are in, USSA, JewK, Europe, Australia… Like Goyette posted earlier in the thread, our kin are so genetically diluted, as well as neutered, spayed, sprayed, demoralized and propagandized into actual wrong think and passive acceptance of total filth and pollution as ”everyday life, live and let live”. The longer we wait for ”the masses” to wake up, the nearer all of our heads draw towards the guillotines, in whatever form they take.. individual prison cells, a gang rape murder, your house burned down on top of you, or as one jew told us, ”They’ll turn you into burger. Imagine ten guys just shooting right through your walls..” With so many… Read more »
Regarding Jan’s latest research, I wonder if these guys are mormons. Clint lives in Utah, and both his other guests record themselves in front of a wall of books in a similar style that a quick YouTube search shows other mormons do. Also, the books on his last guest’s shelf appear to be different mormon texts – the colors with gold-embossed titles. I don’t know anything about mormonism, but the last show made me think of the One-World Religion goal, and corralling the straying ones back into the Abrahamic fold. Jan mentioned the Quran also being one of the books (of the 12 Tribes). I don’t know what’s going on, but he’s disparaging of pagans and he’s been saying read the New Testament, and all… Read more »

The Tartary info in itself may not be bad Callwen. It is the agenda to use this information for other ends. I find it sad if people feel put off by the Tartary information, however at this point so much of it is tainted for me that I completely understand people staying clear from it. As long as the true histories come forward that is what matters. Perhaps the alternative is being used on purpose to muddy the Tartary information. At the same time I don’t see it as a high priority, but also not something to dismiss. Essentially something that may have alot of truth in it seems to have been used as another distraction. This is the sad state of affairs for me.

Alexandr S mentions the Tartars a few times in Gulag Archipelago, and I am interested, but I agree with you, it doesn’t seem like a priority. I don’t think we’ll get to a true picture of history and timelines — and all the empires, cultures and peoples’ lost until we overcome this Mediator / Media of reality that comes in many shapes. I’d like to a show on it if you did one sometime. I’d like to see a full reckoning of all the cultures across Russia in particular and Eastern Europe that met tragic ends with the (((Bolshevik))) revolution. And their lives be honored.

Jan’s latest show on the Salem witch hunts is amazing. I’ve been fascinated how they use the ‘wtichhunt’ cry to divert away from judeo-communist subversion of America or recently the paedo agenda. Arthur Miller’s Crucible was based on the trials, and he was an active comintern agent, which he lied about when it was investigated.

Looks like she’s an actress though and Jewish, so on second thought….beware.

Dam! Ya know, I listened to the first 40 min or so, and oddly lost interest.. I wondered why for a split second, but didn’t really think much of it, in fact, I figured I would ”for sure” listen to it later since the topic seemed interesting..
The idea of ”Puritans” being jews seems to make sense, probably because evil is a synonym for jew.

They discuss how the Puritans followed just the OT and were early slavers out of Barbados, and that Harvard was founded by Puritans looking to create ‘the new Jerusalem’ and they created scientism and ‘spectral evidence.’ He relates that to the rise of the scientific hierarchy and things like quantum theory. It’s compelling, I just wonder what / if any agendas or diversions are brewing here – time will tell.

Oh come on, the jew is doing this for our own good. For our own good! Look at the protocols, they just want to be nice because we apparently can’t run our own nations.

Joking aside these demented scum have to be taken out, somehow. IF anything makes me mad more than anything is the way our own people just robotically and brainlessly just rattle out their edjewcated programs. Just like in They Live, we have to stop the transmission from kike central so we can get through to them and snap them out of the bullshit.

Spot on NDR. The “greater good” indeed. NO one asks for WHOSE greater good though.

I was at my girlfriend’s last night, and she was watching the tranny O-limp-dicks. I was amazed at the number of competitors that had a jewy look about them. The most depressing was the German ice dancing pair. You would hope for a beautiful Aryan couple but, of course, it wasn’t. It was just a couple of long-nosed cock choppers. I could only think of Hellstorm.

Look at the guy in the Korean ice skating pair. Get a load of that snoz. He has to be a jew. There was also a wardrobe malfunction. Scripted or just an accident???? Who knows, but then again, who cares? The O-limp-dicks are a total waste of time.

I’m coming to think it’s too late for most White folk under 35. You young Renegades are the brilliant exceptions (protected by neg blood?) They have been: vaccine damaged, fluoridated, E-numbered, gmo’d, microwaved and now chemtrailed. Together with tv, jew-school and soc media, they are so deep in a slave-slumber – it’s unreal. I feel your exasperation kyle. I despair with my inability to wake our young up too. Folk my age and older, instinctively know there is something seriously wrong, but are scared or just want to see out their 20-30 yrs left. Very cowardly and disappointing imo. PS Musk – a combo of old missile tech launches, that flop into the ocean, and cgi bs. Looking at the YT comment section from our… Read more »

CNN anchor confronts Holocaust denier running for Congress:
See the comments on here and on any Holocaust video. Young White men are dominating the comments. It’s the boomer generation that is hopeless. We’re seeing hope in the new generations probably thanks to the Internet.
This Arthur Jones probably is controlled opposition but that’s beside the point.
But maybe the young people online are keyboard warriors. Even still they are having an impact because these mainstream videos get hundreds of thousands of views and people end up seeing the comments sections.

We had a perfect blue sky with full sun. Then I noticed a chem trail. I went inside for a quick lunch + tea. By the time I was outside, the sky was cloudy and the sun was barely piercing through. Something else I’d like to share is this quite excellent video I found on RT: TheTruth8 – Who Rules the world?: Jewish Psychopaths Behind the Scenes This is really good for spreading with friends, family, and strangers. You’ve got to stop being afraid of identifying the culprits by name and type. They depend on your cowardice. When you take the offensive and identify them, they become the cowards. Try it and see. First they’ll try the tactic of going heavily on the offensive… Read more »

I’m not convinced on chem trails. Why spray chemicals out so high in the atmosphere when you can’t be sure where they’ll end up? Are you sure this isn’t another poison the well activity put out there to kookify our resistance?

Kookify? Fuck off.

Yea, it sounds so implausible and impractical. Much more implausible than 6 million child raper kikes being completely annihilated with no remains whatsoever, at the rate of 1 per 30 seconds over two years non-stop.
But planes spraying, oh no, that is just out of the question. My. God.

About chemtrails. They are killing the plants in my area of Southeastern Alaska. For the past two summers we’ve had hazy, cloudy warm days in July followed by a variety of plants turning brown and shriveling up. Also, the berries fail to mature. The normal summer weather here is either cool and rainy or warm and sunny. This is a temperate rain forest and it’s usually very lush and green in July. I feel we are being blasted by chemicals on those murky July days. It breaks my heart and infuriates me! I think they are especially targeting Alaska to get the goyim to believe in the CO2 global warming nonsense. On my walk today I saw chemtrails spreading out from one end of the… Read more »

This is scary to think they are hitting Alaska. I still haven’t seen a single trail on the big island of Hawaii since 2015 when I moved here. It might be too windy or too small and remote for them to worry about us.

“Why spray chemicals out so high in the atmosphere when you can’t be sure where they’ll end up?”

Gee, I don’t know, bro. Why did the Dole Food Company spray pesticides from planes throughout the mid-twentieth century in Central America, knowing full well that it caused sterility?,2-Dibromo-3-chloropropane#Lawsuits

If they could spray successfully in a general area then, what makes you think that they don’t have it down exactly now? Also, why do you think they would even care where it ends up?

What they are and why they are there is up for debate but their existence is beyond dispute and has been noticed by many people. Why would questioning them “kookify” anything? It’s not like you can’t easily point to the sky and show someone a chemtrail.

You’re right Amiens, boomers were asleep at the wheel (i’m just a tail-end boomer – 1964). They saw their fathers and uncles (greatest? brave yes! gen) duped into fighting for jews, and we should have reacted, and stopped the jewish filth development in its tracks.

I think the creativity and comments online are having an effect, but without a physical uprising from all White folk, the jews will never be removed. We know their lies and cunning will keep them seated in power. For every year that passes, we see less young folk being able to stand and fight on a physical & mental level. That is all i was inferring.

I heard the interview. Jones did not sound like controlled anything to me. He made some great points that the CNN anchor had no come back except to spew out CNN Jew cliches. I am a Boomer and fighting hard against white genocide.

If your listening to Alex Jones and giving a shit what CNN says, your following Talmudic protocol and chuggin’ right along WITH white genocide.

I would estimate at LEAST half (probably more) of the Ostensible ‘White’ ‘Americans’ living amongst us are the depressing result of dysgenic genetic riffraff (human garbage dumping) that occurred on our shores en masse post-1840 (following the War Between the States). Read what Henry Cabot Lodge had to say at the time regarding Europe, Eastern Europe and Eurasia filling ENDLESS ships of prisoners, troublemakers, socialists, societal dregs and misfit peasantry WHO WERE ALL DUMPED ON OUR SHORES INTENTIONALLY! This is IN ADDITION to the 20+ MILLION KIKES dumped by Tsarist Russia at the same time!!!! THEY NOW ALL CALL THEMSELVES ‘AMERICANS’! You can’t even talk about this openly without people getting really upset and screaming at you, btw. The ‘nation of immigrants’ blood libel was… Read more »

There was a nation that was so mentally beaten down that the men were committing mass suicide due to economic, planned food shortages and constant jewish propagandist input – Germany on the eve of the rise of the NSDAP and Hitler’s great reforms.

I’m not giving up on an entire swath of my volk. They convinced that life and our people are worth standing up for.

The younger people were born into multi-racial degenerate societies. They have no memory of anything better. We must paint a picture of something better. A vision that will inspire them and others. It’s not enough to look at the past as ideal or just criticize the present. We must offer them a vision of the future they want to be a part of. Predictive programming of a positive kind. Being against the current system isn’t enough. If you want people to follow your lead then you must be going somewhere they want to go to as well.

Possible new catch phrase… Jew’o engineering.. And yes a definite attack of the element of Air, which funny enough is associated with thinking/intelligence when it comes to correspondences not just astrological archetypes. I saw a sylph attacking some Jewtrails a few days back, I just was mesmerized by the slyphs work 🙂
Yep the world is sick, I wish more of our people wouldn’t be such ‘Willing’ dupes. Passiveness has been chosen to replace natural healthy ‘wrath’, soft belly’s for a spine. Mono hive over actually thinking for oneself. Sorry listened to this one later on the day. Good stuff Kyle.
Ps: Re red ice it’s Redshyste.

Nance, i remember Shawna mentioning crrow777 on YT a few days ago. I think he’s a shill (ex marine, doesn’t mention jews ), but he has vid of this orb firing something at a chemtrail. It could be his fake footage or even part of the chemtrail process itself; a secondary stage maybe?

Sorry, can’t link but its called:
UFO (ORB) Fires Its Gun Into Chemtrail!! Twice!

Hey Anthony 🙂 Hmm not sure about that one… Could also be a third thing them’ creating their own airshow (I’m pretty sure that is coming if it hasnt already) so to speak. Or could be legit. Hard to tell, I can only say my personal experience is when you see it in person it looks like something natural as in cloud formation pulling apart a unnatural trail or trails when it comes to slypths. These are essentially energies of the air in the old ways, just as the fae folk who can be of any of the 4 main elements, earth, water so on. Fire Salamanders are one of these seen in the flames of fire.. in folk lore Probably the best call you… Read more »
sorry Anthony, I should of searched on the footage first before my first instinctive answer. Upon seeing the footage it looks like they are weaponizing the chem trails further or directing them. The orbs look totally unnatural or not of our mother earth etc. I would bag & tag these orbs as weaponized air against both us & nature. These orbs are definitely not spirits of the air ‘slpyhs’. I searched deeper & funny enough found more footage of these same objects ‘weaponizing’ normal clouds & another even getting ripped apart by natural thunder strikes… here’s footage of the latter Keep a level head with those ufo channels, very much like the ‘X files’ distraction created by Fox run the honorary jew ‘Murdoch at… Read more »

Yes, my first instinct was man-made; but i’d love to think they were sent to help us fight the juden. Probably some type of controlled drone connected with the spraying, i think. Yours & Shawna’s comment just reminded of this vid i remember watching, as a newby to all of this madness.

You’re right about the new-age/ufo bs. I saw through Crrow at the same time as Eric Dubay and that Devin Madgy geezer – all shills/agents (we def don’t live on a ball though). Still, they somehow got me to Renegade in mid ’15, so perhaps our gods/goddesses recognized “muh lack of intellectual rigour,” and intervened lol!

UPDATES: Hair force one.
Hair experts are saying Trump has had a full scalp cut and shut. The m-p-baldness top is switched and sown with the neck and back area – hence the giant bald area now at the back. He then has to cover this area with two wings of dyed puke yellow, sprayed-stiff hair. On tv, people pull the front, which is really his back hair. No wonder he is so anti-wind in his speeches lol.

Child rape ice cream companies:
UK Wall’s have a fbi list paedo logo and their tag-line is: “ICE Cream MaKes u HaPPY.” Notice the MK in caps.

You are right Kyle, Dane Wiggington is a gatekeeper working for the enemy. Ask yourself WHY he has called the police on activists promoting orgonite to fight chemtrails on the streets outside of his ”fear events” i’m working on getting the funds to buy you guys an Orgone Howitzer, they clear out EMF like a boss. I know it sounds retarded that orgonite should work, but it DOES. I run several pulsed devices and have a cloudbuster and we’ve been winning most of the fights with the sprayers for the last three years. They overcompensate the spraying when you start out, also alot of helicopter activity, both civilian and military. But we have clear skies more often than grey. And they haven’t killed me. Yet… Read more »

Hey Howitzer, where did you get your Orgone Howitzer from?
I bought the Rest Shield from Ken Rhola’s a few years ago. I’m not sure if I notice any difference..

Hi! I first bought one from but now i and other orgonite activists in Sweden build our own. Even smaller units work. You need this. 1. A zapper unit that pulses 15hz and have an outlet. I buy ’s ”basic clark zapper” But there are other vendors and you can build your own. 2. A Quartz crystal wound with copperwire in what is called a mobius knot, and in the end a contact. You can also buy this already done and its called a SP-Crystal or succor punch crystal. But learn to do it yourself its easy. 3. A barrell / pipe. I always go for copper and calibres between 30mm – 150mm Length for example 50-100cm but experiment with your own sizes,… Read more »

Ken Rohla should be avoided. He is interest in making money. May be an agent like Wiggington. I do this for free. I’ve never charged a penny for all the orgonite i give away. Too bad i’m not a rich man. Good luck sister!

Here you go for some supercharged orgone:

resin, whatever colour you fancy
aluminium filings
copper powder
charcoal dust
pyrite dust
quartz dust

the amounts are up to you, I don’t know of a way to measure the effect of having different mixes so 50/50 or 25/75 is a stab in the dark.

stir gently so that it is as evenly distributed as possible and
pour into a mold. Although I do know that the finer the ingredients the better it works, this stuff will sting your lips!

I meant powders to resin ratio 25 powder to 75 resin.

Hey Howitzer, I appreciate your response.. Just happened to stumble upon this little excerpt entitled “Orgone energy accumulator” on Metapedia’s entry for Albert Einstein (the jew scum may he burn in hell). Maybe you’ve read it before. Einstein was involved with Wilhelm Reich in “scientific” research into “Orgone energy accumulation”[43]. Wilhelm Reich was at the time seen as the leader of a cult of sex and anarchy and one of Reich’s books was entitled The Function of the Orgasm. Moreover, the word “Orgone” (that does not exist in the English language) is a portmanteau of the words “Orgasm” and “Ozone”. There can therefore be no doubt that Reich’s meaning of term “Orgone” must have been a sort of “nascent sexual energy” and that the Orgone… Read more »

I’ve only listened to a few minutes of the show so far but just have to share this trailer that I saw in the theater today. Just one more glaring example of the demise they are dishing out:

Now I remember why I don’t watch TV or anything out of Hollywood anymore. That looked retarded and the woman that’s supposed to be his wife looks like a tranny.

They are deliberately demeaning the White man by making him act like this in movies, by going sparko over some unnecessarily ugly dark “woman” like the twat in the trailer. I have no problem with the movie per se because that sort of thing is what the jew does, as a cancer eats up and destroys the healthy tissue, but I cannot abide our people that go along with this, or seriously allow their perceptions to base their truth on the mooovies. Knowing full well that a movie is a script. But it plays on the emotions you see. It is the emotional look and feel of the movie that works on you, that is why they are so concerned with the look and cinematography.… Read more »

If this does not disgust or make you facepalm at the sheer retardation of this mind poison then you are stealing my oxygen.

Yeah, and I just worry about the young ones. This is sold to them as cool and cutting edge, as their right to freedom. So hard to undo this onslaught. Still, we do what we can.


Just from that short clip, this looks to be the exact same shit as Porkys in the 80s, American Pie in the 90s etc etc etc, but much much more debased and perverse. The whole debauchery and hedonism, is now reduced to depravity and hideousness.

You say about the youth, but is there not something within them/us, that despite the appeal to peer ethos and current trend, something that cannot be tainted, or at the very least flags up a natural response to this is elicited within the youth?

Sorry, didn’t quite understand your question. Would you please rephrase it more simply?

I can try: what I mean is that despite it (movies) being as they are and that this is what the youth directly experience and is their reality, is there nothing within them that naturally reacts against this even if they are pressured by peers, society, to consume this garbage and internalise it. How much ice can you sell to an eskimo before they think something is wrong, is there no inexorable fundamental spark in our people that cannot be overwritten, suppressed, distracted? Everyone can be controlled, but everyone has SOME form of inner knowing (con-science) that will react against all the attempts to destroy it. Our survival mechanisms appear to have been shut down somehow. I know some part of it has to do… Read more »
Good question. The best answer I can think of is our DNA. Our genetic memory which guides us on a different path to other races. Despite all the propaganda and degeneracy around us we are still White. That movie and others like it are heavily promoted with manufactured hype and fake comments. I was reading the comments on that trailer and several people said it looked like a good movie and that they would be watching it. My guess is that 95% of those comments were fake. It convinces others to rate it much higher than they normally would. The Ash conformity experiment showed that most people can be influenced quite heavily if everyone else has a certain opinion. If there’s even just one dissenter… Read more »

Your shows are always great, this one was even better!

Crystals are very important substances that help us to activate inner stages, when we are not anymore to material world, because we are taught since childhood that without endless consuming of living matter (plant or animals based) we will not survive. There has been scientific evidence that people who survive lets say sinking ships and BELIEVE that they will make it, usually do, even with weeks without food or water drifting in lifeboats, but those who are of desperate mindset, die quickly, even from pure fear.

The greater Tartary idea from Russian language sources I’ve looked at are not CI and are quite anti-Semitic. The one I was reading mentioned Vedic philosophy as being the ancient philosophy of Whites. They mention the Indian version as being a corrupted version of the original. There was a claim that sanskrit is basically an ancient Russian/Slavic language. It would actually make sense that sanskrit would be a Slavic language. The closest group of Whites were Slavs. I just looked up some Sanskrit lessons on youtube. It was a bunch of Indians talking so it was hard to tell if it was Slavic because of their accent but the word for “speak” that the teacher used is the same as it is in Croatian and… Read more »

Have a look at some of the commenter’s posts 🙂

Yeah that seems to give more credence to sanskrit being a Slavic language.

It’s ironic that the NS went to India and took great interest in those writings and symbology while Hitler denounced Slavs.

The video I saw the teacher was saying pri-cha-ti which means speak or talk in Slavic languages. You also have a word which means similar in English. Preach.

Yeah but India isn’t “Europe” so it doesn’t count supposedly. Once in a while you post a good comment WhiteWolf, but it gets devalued by the majority of your other posts. Not sure if your comments here got down voted because it was you (some of your comments are barely readable at times) or because someone had a problem with the idea of Aryan Culture (actual Aryans, not brown “Aryans”) being outside of what could in any means be designated as “Europe”. Pretty pathetic to say the least if the latter were true.

I’m not fussed about voting on my comments. You shouldn’t read too much into it either way. That applies to anyone’s comments not just mine.

As for my comments being unreadable I’ll be the first to admit I really suck at writing.

”Hitler denounced Slavs.” ? Where did you get that from?

Everything is blamed on HItler, even the 432Hz to 440Hz change of the A note. Hitler is just so evil there was no evil before Hitler.