Renegade Roundtable: Richard, Scarlett, Shawna, Rollie – Within Jew Without Jew (3-10-18)

Richard Karolkiewiz hosts this Roundtable. As the show begins, the AIPAC Conference, war with Iran, the Jewish brain & occupied kosher nations are addressed for further discussion. Scarlett first joins the discussion followed by Rollie Quaid. Shawna additionally joins us during hour number two. Additional topics discussed include are not limited to: mind control & conditioning, gatekeeping, self-censorship, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech at AIPAC, eugenics, DNA variations, the power and alternatives in the IT industry, the nature of discussing Jewish power, the nature of systems of belief and positive and negative aspects of terms including Pro-Israel, Zionist, Globalist and Nationalist.

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Thanks to Richard for hosting, great show if I do say so myself. Richard did well at directing the conversation. Rollie always has good information that leads to interesting discussion and Shawna is spot on as usual.

Great show. So on point about the Jews being a hive mind for a demigod.

By the way, Alex Jones said his family invented Dr Pepper. I just looked up the inventor and he’s wearing a Freemasonic badge lol
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The quote from Alex Jones is near the end of this video

I feel compelled to elaborate on the very personal disclosure I shared concerning my husband and partner in life . I have certainly had questions and doubts , especially considering dubious points of origin in his parentage. However, he has proven to be supportive (albeit on the sidelines) of our cause and I have had some limited success in breaking through the programming to inspire some level of independent thought. To sum it up, I’m feeling a little unsure about sharing this incredibly personal information and just wanted to make clear how I’m currently feeling about the guy who holds down the fort while I do whatever I can to play my part in our struggle.

you are not alone in that struggle……and thank you for sharing it !

Untold millions of white women have unknowingly householded with jew fuck-tards. It is all part of the parasitic aspect of the problem. The whole idea that jews make up 2 to 3% of the population is completely wrong. There are untold millions and millions and millions of cryptos slithering around this planet. Look at Amerikan blacks. Given the jew-tard domination of the slave trade, no doubt a huge percentage of blacks have kikeroach DNA. Jews are wanderers and have spread their corrupted DNA far and wide. Also, probably half or more of all babies born from sperm donors are jew-tards. Look at this sick, perverted jew sperm donor.

You are a good person Scarlett. All you can do is trust for now, but be vigilant for obvious signs that he is trying to sabotage your efforts. He also may not be aware himself.

Besides, i have the same angst looking in the mirror at my new “frizzy” longer locks. Hairyan or khazarian? Oy vey, i mean oh my, the shame!

Thank you for the kind words. My guy has some hard work ahead of him to cleanse himself of the programming, much of it trauma based. But definitely no sabatoge coming from him. He’s with us all the way, just needs some healing. I think it boils down to a young soul, as opposed to my own and many of us around here, who are old souls. I’m holding out hope that he , and others will have the time to grow and catch on.

You wonderful folk in the states are the last (relatively) free Aryans, on this plane. You have to keep saying the name “jew.”

The jews want your guns; the jews are satanic child rapists; the jews are behind vaccine, air, food and water poisons. With so few of us genuine folk protesting, you have to make it count, on that side of the perfectly flat pond.

PS Back here in yidland, the archons are giving us free bagelese jabs and sprinkling us in fairy-kosher-dust, yippeee!
A fine roundtable – cheers.

Arming teachers is truly one of the most retarded ideas of all time. Another thing that is truly retarded is when people start jizzing about how wonderful it is that gun sales sky rocket after one of these fake shootings. Who owns the gun and ammunition manufacturing companies? Fucking jews, of course. Buy a gun, make a jew richer. The jew butt-pluggers are not in the least afraid of all the guns the Amerikan people own. All they have to do is crank up the cell phone towers and all the patrio-tards with their stockpile of weapons are fried. It’s all about silent weapons for silent wars.

It was very uplifting to hear two women being audacious and rebellious. It felt to me like ye embodied the spirit of Boudicca. With defiance, logic and passion like that. Its no wonder our folk, at times, lived in matriarchal societies. I know its deadly serious but I always laugh at the irony of how they twist and use our words against us. The majority of Jews are Semites through conversion not blood. It is they who are the most antisemitic people of all. When called an antisemite I used to replay, yes and that I was proud to be one. However that was playing the game the way they wanted me to. I have no bad blood towards actual Semites. The Arabs etc. So… Read more »

Once one realizes that we have all been jewifified we are then on the road to recovery.

Toddler gets six vaccines at once. Fuck these jew bastards to hell.

All the talk about censorship online is forgetting that in the US at least you still have the first amendment. Google, Youtube, Twitter and faceberg are not the internet. They are simply sites that a lot of people use. They do have the right to kick people off their platforms. Scarlett mentioned that a lot of videos are still on youtube that she thought would be removed. That’s because the removal of accounts is trying to get people fired up to demand the government step in and regulate internet sites in the US which are protected by the first amendment. It’s simply the problem, reaction and solution ploy. Their solution involves the government interfering in what people allow on their websites. The web is still… Read more »
Oh, about “magic” which is group lies and street theater to fool the gullible, if they have pics dating back when they’re in their late teens showing them in goofball type posters in “mystical” positions with their hands out like they’re some ridiculous Copperfield or Houdini or any other two bit (shekel) pose like say,…..Barbara Marx Hubbard or Boy-ly P. Hall, ahhahaha, that one came to mind, they’re just lil’ jr. “magicians” groomed to “fool” people and go like Rogan would say, “I seen dat shit!!!”, are just turds. Magic is nonsense. I seen Peekay goofball even with old pics of him in those poses as a young man dressed in black. You know the drill guys and gals. ahahahah It’s just another way to… Read more »

Interesting comment on Jews and magic and the reference to the protocols. The make believe is more effective these days thanks to the TV.

Sorry, if i feel harsh, but only thing that makes white stock better, is to be better and stronger human being. You my think what you want about Kyle’s dictatorial ruler-ship of Renegade Broadcasting, but he made it work and I have no doubt that he spent many man hours to get it properly done. Renegade Tribune is wonderful outlet, that is probably the few outlets that I still enjoy reading, despite of information overload. UI am not worried about white race, be who you are, and you’ll be fine. Mother nature is ruthless but also very kind…

UI is of course “I”, sorry

I don’t feel like Kyle has been dictatorial at all, just being vigilant in the message being put forth on his network.

Jewrassic Liars identifies David Hogg in a another fake story. I don’t know if that’s so or not, but this video was ripped down from JewTube within one hour of it’s posting.

I doesn’t look like Zogg.

Great show. I want more. Where would one meet like minded people locally? Any idea where we can hear Hitler’s speeches. Most people have more time to listen than read, in this dog eat dog world.

There are plenty of YouTube videos with original national socialist speeches . I recommend listening with subtitles in German, it does the heart good.

I mean spoken in original language (German), with English subtitles.

But as far as finding people of like mind, I’m afraid we’re all in the same boat buddy, and it’s a hard(almost,but not quite impossible) task. Still trying to figure out myself. Just keep putting yourself out there, with no fear or care if they call you bat shit crazy, and you’ll manage to recognize a soul or two within your own circle that will declare themselves due to your own boldness. Good luck kinsman, it requires bravery of a special sort, and I wish you the best.