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6 years ago

…oy vey

6 years ago

Thank you for that great show. Very interesting to listen to. I’d like to complain about the anti-trumpism. At one point in the show, you say that Trump must be a scumbag since he is a businessman. At least, you are not officially suggesting that he has secretly met with the jews and decided together with them to embark on a fake populist campaign, with the understanding that he would speed up the race-replacement program if he gets elected. Bob Whitaker now says he’s running to keep Trump honest: “If Donald Trump sticks to his guns, I would drop out and support him. But I have watched for fifty years while Republicans sewed up the nomination by talking the talk and then, regular as clockwork,… Read more »

6 years ago

What you have said here, did not go unspoken on the show Armor. Whilst some of us were acknowledging that Trump is a scumbag businessman, I think we also made it clear, that the Trump campaign benefits us in the way, that it is waking more people up to the white nationalist ideal, if you want to call it that.

Cheers for listening.

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