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White Rabbit
11 years ago

Kyle and Mike: you are ON FIRE in this broadcast. We love it. Also, Mike’s discussion of the Sixties, last night with Sigfried, was one of the best expositions of that era I’ve ever heard. I was there, but NOBODY has ever described the evil and subversion as well as you did. I have pushed this show to some influential thinkers who are on our side. Thanks for all you do!

Steven J Lewis
11 years ago

I am listening to the replay but I have to stop now and then because of the constant cutting out. Can I make a suggestion? Crap, no answer……………lol anyway I suggested to Charles and Fetch that they contact tanstaafl from the White Network (Carolyn Yeagers website) and ask how he set up their network which is done on their website, they can take calls, and its pretty much a clean sound, perhaps its time Renegade ditches Blogtalk, which is owned and ran by a Jew, and puts out some quality sound. Much easier on my ears. Thanks guys!

Reply to  Steven J Lewis
11 years ago

Hey Steven, we will look to upgrade soon. The problem is that our sound quality can be attacked wherever we go. There have been instances where our internet connections simply will not stop cutting out, making it difficult to do any kind of radio. I agree that BTR is terrible quality.

11 years ago

Another inspiring show. Kyle, you have a good idea where I live in Connecticut, Obama country but I think people are seeing through the lies. I’m printing up some copies of the Manifesto and passing them around town. Even if we get i or 2 that get a rise out of it I feel it will be worth it. Michael, you are a true inspiration to the movement, keep up the great work.
A suggestion, have t-shirts printed up, the summer is upon us and would be a great way to raise funds and spread the word.

11 years ago

What is happening in this world is a sick fucking joke. I honestly was ignorant of all of the Caucasian genocide happening around the world. It is only going to get worse too. It’s inevitable…and it might be the worst right here in Amerika when the shit hits the fan. It’s time to wake up and start doing something about this travesty…

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