The Return of Tyr: Dieudonné & Génération Identitaire (2-3-15)


On this show I will be talking about the French comedian Dieudonné, Génération Identitaire, and the 68ers/baby boomers.

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J Middleton

White nationalists and patriots in Europe and America should be skeptical of this movement. I think that Génération Identitaire is a European manifestation of the Libertarian movement despite its advertised national identity platform. And we know for sure that Jews have a lot of influence in the libertarian movement. As soon as I heard the quote about “national socialist reign of terror” in Europe my Jew alarm went off loudly.


They are French nationalists, do you expect them to be happy with their country being invaded by the Germans during WWII? I’m not willing to put all my chips in with them, no movement is perfect on every issue or subject, but they look promising compared to some of the other parties/movements in France at this time.

J Middleton

ReturnOfTyr, here’s why I’m sceptical.

Their leaders openly reject white nationalism for this new form of more kosher friendly Identitarism. Why? There is nothing wrong with white nationalism unless we go by what the MSM tries to tell us. Notice how strongly they come out about Islam in public yet say nothing about Jewish influence, which is an even bigger problem. I understand your point about the French not being happy with the German invasion but I mentioned the quote about national socialism because reminding us of the evil Nazis all of the time instead of Communism and its creators is a tactic that’s been used by Jewish media and those that want to be politically correct and ignore the truth.


I do agree that it does not appear that they “name the jew” but that doesn’t come as a surprise to me considering how easy it is to end up in court even when implying something pertaining to the jews in France. I don’t think it’s so much that they are rejecting white nationalism per-se, but instead using a term that has already been seeded in their country that works better for them. Here’s a video of a member of Generation Identitaire meeting with British Nationalists. If memory serves me right he actually says something to the effect of “we’re all white nationalists, but we choose to use the term Identitaire, but we’re really describing the same thing” – They have been patrolling subways,… Read more »


Dieudonne has mocked the holocash story. Otherwise, the identitarian movement (I dont know if he’s a part of it) seems pretty kosher. Then there’s of course Sorals “Égalité et Réconciliation”, which seems less kosher, but still identitarian more than ethnonationalist(?). My French is rusty so it’s hard to follow what they exactly stand for.


I have seen no indication of Dieudonne being involved with GI, but he is definitely affiliated with Front National and Jean Marie Le-Pen. I’m not familiar with Sorals group, I have much left to learn about European Nationalism, and it can be difficult to sum up from a distance on top of the language barrier.