The Return of Tyr: Jeffrey Epstein and PROMIS (1-20-15)


On this episode I will be discussing the Jeffrey Epstein child sex scandal, and the computer software system stolen by the US government named PROMIS.

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John Jung

Hey Drew, another great broadcast. Jewy Epstein is a reprehensibly despicable despoiler of Aryan feminine youth and a loathsome rat faced worm pretending to be human. His ilk remind me of the USgov document where an operative describes the bolshevik leadership in revolutionary Russia as “Jews of the greasiest type”. As for PROMIS, the first I heard of this thing was a couple years back on Rense radio, where Mike Harris on his show Short End of the Stick made mention of it, although I don’t remember if he called it PROMIS. He described how US gov/ ZOG used it to disable Iraq’s anti air defenses during the first Gulf War. Apparently when US and Saddam were still allies, US sold Iraq computer hardware and… Read more »


Really, really great show, especially the first from-the-heart 30 mins rant/ramble.

thanks and well done


Songs used in the show:
Desent by Nader Sadek –
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Clips used in the show:
What did Bill Clinton Know? –
The Inslaw Affair –
PROMIS Software Linked to Several Murders –

Interesting comment John, I didn’t run across any information related to that in my searches, but it sounds very possible considering the capabilities of the software.