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9 years ago

Drew, Im probably twice your age , but Im always impressed by your insight. The story you told about the little black kid offering to help you rang true: When I was doing decorating/refurb work I hung out with a black Kenyan man who was a trained chef, we BOTH used to laff at niggers and their silly ways, and it was HIM I used to go for a drink with after work..
We always have to take into account the difference between the micro and the macro.
I’ll leave it there.
Carry on the good work

9 years ago

the dilemma of the Hard Core:

Would you rather have a drink with a dumbo retard anti-rayciss White than a jew-wise intelligent negro who laffs at niggers?

9 years ago

Answer: neither.

9 years ago

Once again, I find myself in agreement with BlutundBoden.
“the dilemma of the Hard Core”?
Typical Jewish politics…allow me to “choose” a choice I would not freely make.

Payday Monsanto
9 years ago

Most of these supremacist-leaning white nationalists are no less backward than the redneck hooded folk I once witnessed catch FIRE trying to light a fucking CROSS in bumblefuck maryland. Someone such as Don Advo would be the exception. If you find yourself thinking you are greater than any other race due to your skin color, chances are you are a MORON next to Don Advo. This is all a part of a larger process that has happened repeatedly throughout history. White people are mad right now. And they have all the reason in the world to be. They’re being dispossessed and genocided. Many people are justifiably balking right now at the increasingly ridiculous nonsense they are being confronted with. Their nations are under assault, again.… Read more »

9 years ago

If you can drink with him, you can have dinner with him. Maybe a regular Sunday game of one-on-one basketball. So why not have a drink with his sister who always comes to watch you two shoot hoops, and always smiles at you? Then why not let him have a drink with your sister, maybe make it a double date? Why not be best man at each other’s weddings? Now you can go to work and angrily retort to any rayciss comment you hear, “Hey! My brother-in-law is black! He’s not like those gangsta types!”
But you both are Jew-wise so Hymie loses, right?

9 years ago

Ha ha ha.

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