The Return of Tyr: Radical Traditionalism (1-6-15)

Tyr Fenrir

I read “Three Decades of Asatru Revival in America” by Stephen A. McNallen featured in the periodical
TYR Volume 2, and discuss Radical Traditionalism.

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6 years ago

Music featured on the show:
In Gowan Ring – Boat of the Moon
16 Horsepower – Outlaw Song

Also worth noting, Amazon has a pretty good deal on used copies of TYR Vol. 2 if you can’t afford to buy it new.

6 years ago

It is important to recognize that their are many 1000’s of us Pre-Christ. religious adherents of religions that evolved north of the Alps out here that are NOT re-constructionists . We learned of our families north of the Alps, Pre-Christ. religions and symbols , rituals , ect. from our great , great grand parents long before , the re-constructionist term asatru became popular in the rich controlled media in the 70’s . Do NOT , let the rich controlled media define your Pre-Christ. north of the Alps religion of your ancestors for you , ask your old family members, if they can’t tell you your history & religion just be non-religious- (NOT atheist), that is a rich controllers anti-White Christ. invented/defined word like heathen ,… Read more »

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