The Return of Tyr: Riding The Trump Train (3-14-16)


Drew has seen the error in his ways and changed his mind about a lot of things. On this show he talks about the need to support Trump, embrace great Aryan heroes like Milo, be cool with the big tent rainbow coalition, and much more.

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Brilliant. People will think you are dead serious in this one trollololo!


I didn’t. But as you can tell by my name I’ve got my finger of the Fashy pulse.


on not of!


These gay jews like milo and rape-fantasy brown people like roosh dont even claim to be on our side.
They dont even say they are pro white, they just attack some abstract concept like “feminism” and then they offer meninism instead.
They roll out an ideology update, making sure the sexual bolshevism can continue.
Its like Microsoft telling you to ditch Windows XP and try Windows 10 already.

Canaan Toward

Whenever you talk about the Alt Right you should play that Frankie Goes to Hollywood song; Relax.


Angelo Gage is the new Oscar Schindler.

Hugh Wyatt-Mann

We must secure the existence of our waifupillows and a future for robot buttbabies